Every company’s success story has one thing in common and that is the admiration for its employees’ efficiency. Goes without saying that the growth will suffer if the staff is unfamiliar with the needs of the company. 


This naturally puts a huge responsibility in the court of HRs and recruiters. And this is where a systematic staffing plan comes into use. 


But, what is a staffing plan?


A staffing plan attempts to achieve an understanding of the number as well as the kinds of the employees required to meet the current goals of the organization. A staffing plan helps decide what expertise should be looked for in the new candidates by the company. 




This professional tool helps decide who to recruit. It focuses on the aim, objective, and budget of the company. A staffing plan helps you figure out what resources you already have and what resources you will need for improvement. It also helps in the right utilization of all the company assets thus allowing you to make the right decisions. 


Therefore, for your ease, we have provided you with a list of PPT templates that will help you in the organization and implementation of your recruitment strategy. With these professionally designed staffing plan templates you do not have to start from scratch which will save your crucial time and energy.


So add value to your presentations, by downloading these templates now!


Template 1: Staffing Plan Pie Chart PPT Template 


This employee recruitment PPT template helps represent the staffing plan graphically with a pie chart. It lets you talk about the employee strength, annual employee hiring count, payroll, employee referral sources, etc. Download this key to perfection right away. 


Staffing Pie Chart Powerpoint Ppt Template Bundles


Download this template


Template 2: Hiring Status PowerPoint Deck


Deploy this recruitment status PowerPoint template to organize the procedure of hiring employees. This actionable PPT slide provides you with a hiring process worksheet, candidate management worksheet, and chart for displaying recruitment process stages. Organize the hiring schedule with the help of the hiring timeline slide. Download this template now!


Hiring Status PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles


Download this template


Template 3: Hiring Process PowerPoint Slides


Present your staff hiring strategy in an organized way with this PowerPoint presentation. This employee hiring PPT template lets you document the current vacancies and the job description. This slide also contains tables for recruitment and budget tracking. Get this engaging template now.


Hiring process powerpoint presentation slides


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Template 4: Recruitment Monitoring Process PPT Presentation Slide


Use this template to provide a layout of the recruitment process followed by your company. This staffing plan PowerPoint layout helps you put forth the information graphically with the help of the recruitment funnel. It also discusses the recruitment sources. Grab this customizable template today!


Recruitment Process Monitoring Powerpoint Presentation Slides


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Template 5: Talent Sourcing Recruitment Process PowerPoint Template


Strengthen the backbone of your company by sourcing talented recruits with the help of this impressive PPT template. Talk about the major steps in sourcing new hires, discuss goals, and finally appoint new executives. This expertly designed PowerPoint deck helps illustrate the methods and tips to attract the candidates. Employ this PPT template right away!  


Talent Sourcing Platform Recruitment Importance Process Comparison


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Template 6: Staffing Plan and Resourcing Procedure PPT Slide


Examine the requirements of the company and develop a staffing plan accordingly. This PPT deck is specifically designed to showcase the different sources of recruitment such as employee referrals, advertisements, campus placements, internal searches, and voluntary applicants. Use impressive icons and graphics to make the complicated data easier to decipher. Get it now!


Staffing Planning Resourcing And Procedure Powerpoint Presentation Slides


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Template 7: Recruitment Process PowerPoint Template


This PPT design lets you achieve your business objectives. Use this employee appointment layout to exhibit the number of current vacancies. Elucidate upon the application procedure as well as the follow-up interview rounds. Download this extensively designed PPT now.

Recruiting Process Powerpoint Presentation Slides


Download this template


Template 8: Staffing Plan PPT Layout


Employ this recruitment planning PPT theme to align your goals with your actions. This well-made PPT template helps you discuss the budget and hiring goal. This workforce planning PPT template also lets you organize the status of the hirings in progress. Get it now.


Staffing plan for various recruitment sources


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Template 9: Skill Levels PowerPoint Theme


Gain insight into the important aspects of the employee structure. Highlight the required resource and skill level. Use this employee appointment PPT layout to discuss the required duration with dates. Download this template from the link below. 


Staffing plan for required skill levels and duration


Download this template


Template 10: Staffing Requirement Plan PPT Layout 


Graphically illustrate the department-wise staffing requirements with the help of this employee demand PowerPoint theme. This template contains a professionally designed and customizable graph covering the departments and the number of staff required. Get this template now.


Staffing requirement plan with various departments


Download this template


Template 11: One-Page Staffing Recruitment Infographic PPT


This specific one-page infographic PPT template lets you put together a proposal for the provision of staff. It talks about workforce fulfillment needs. This staffing recruitment PPT design helps in putting forth the wages and terms and conditions. Download this effective layout and make things comparatively easier for yourself!


One page recruitment staffing proposal report presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


Template 12: One-page Staff Hiring Proposal PowerPoint Document


Use of this actionable staff hiring PPT layout will help you in organizing the employee hiring details with fee structure. State the different types of services offered by your company and list proposal acceptance details. This template is completely customizable which enables you to edit the color, text and font size with ease. Get this easy-to-use design now.


One page hiring staffing proposal report presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


Download this template


These staffing plan PPT templates can act as a guide for your organization to improve the recruitment process. With its help, you can smoothen up any rough edges in the hiring rulebook which can then be customized for different roles.


Download your requisites now!


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