Money and time are the greatest assets of an entrepreneur. A wise one uses these judiciously to ensure that more can be done with less (or even little strain on resources). Software development is one such area where the question of judicious use of resources, especially of the human mind, crops up ever-so-often. 


The big question is: 


Should We Build Or Buy Our Work-Centric Software?


The logical and clear answer is, it depends on you and your organization.




Even software development companies, sometimes, explore the option of going elsewhere for their needs. At first instance, this may seem odd to some because can't their experts just build their own software? Well, they could, if they wanted to, but perhaps they prefer to earmark their time and effort and instead deploy ready-made software to get specific tasks done, than wait for their own team to develop a solution. 


There may even be a small fee involved in buying software off-the-shelf, but companies are okay with it. It is the demand of the times, the business owners would think if such a thing happens. 


Yet, what if the need is company-centric or client-specific—something that hasn’t been catered to before? Should other businesses, too, look for ready-made software? How do you take a call on this matter where a slip-up could necessarily cost you thousands of dollars? 


The solution lies in discussing the same with your team.


Where Do We Fit In?


If you are facing this dilemma, and need the most feasible and cost-effective solution, we suggest you use our PowerPoint templates to frame the issue in a thorough, creative and attractive manner and discuss it in a presentation. 


We have reserved the ten best ready-made designs on Build vs Buy decision on software. With these, you can explore in detail the pros and cons of building and buying any of your work-centric software. 


These could be for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Human Resources Management (HRM), etc. The question is where do you get the base resource software from? Our build vs buy templates have the answer. Explore and make your decision today, with confidence and elan.

Template 1: Build Vs. Buy Analysis PPT Template

It is time to drop everything else and download this comprehensive 12-slide PPT presentation to employ the next software. An all-in-one compilation, this PowerPoint preset helps you explore particulars of purchases involved in buying or developing software from scratch. You can explore the advantages and disadvantages and also analyze the purchase on need-basis with this PPT slideshow. Download it now!


Build Vs Buy Analysisi PPT


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Template 2: Key Criteria For Build Vs. Buy Decision-Making Management PPT Template

With this PPT layout, you can identify criteria which must be met before registering new software with your organization. Compare the feasibility of the software in question, on factors like ROI, expertise, maintenance, customization, etc, with this ready-made PPT template. Don’t let this utility pass; download now! 


Build vs buy decision management with key criteria slide


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Template 3: Build Vs. Buy Decision-Making Model

A visual representation makes decision-making easy.This presentation helps you jot down the algorithm to be used in identifying your ideal choice of software development. Make informed decisions when it comes to spending a colossal amount with this PPT design. Download now!


Build vs buy decision making model Slide


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Template 4: Graph For Build Vs. Buy Decision Framework

Analyze your software development activities in light of marketing advantages and risks associated. With this template, identify whether you should go for a purchase, self-development, or a partnership deal based on expected business returns from the deployment of a particular software. Deploy this creative infographic template to get a visual comprehension of this study.


Graph for build vs buy decision framework PPT


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Template 5: Major Cost Factors For Build Vs. Buy Assessment

When it is a matter of robust software development, you mustn’t miss the follow-up expenses and the time on periodic updates and servicing. With this PPT design, you can address cost constraints that govern right decision-making between buying and building software from scratch. Discuss this idea with your team using our template today!


Major Cost Factors for Build vs Buy Assessment PPT


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Template 6: Software Build Vs. Buy Decision Making PPT Slide

Use this template to enlist the primary reasons for choosing between buying and building software for your projects.Identify reasons for building or directly purchasing software and weigh these in a logical manner. As this slide is completely editable, you can add your company-specific factors in addition to the generic factors already listed. Download now!


Software Build vs Buy Decision Making Slide


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Template 7: Build Vs. Buy Decision Management for IoT PPT Template

If you want to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) or are planning to upgrade your existing smart device set-up, use this PPT design to make an informed decision. Cite the pros and cons of building and buying software, and let your team add suggestions. Then, in light of this discussion that this presentation facilitates, take your final call. There is no reason to wait; download now!


Build vs buy decision management for IoT


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Template 8: Build Vs. Buy Decision Management For Cloud Framework

If software development is required for your cloud framework, this is the template to make the most feasible decision. Identify factors such as OS frameworks, OS protocols, SAAS, chat solutions, etc, to decide on either buying or building your most efficient software. Follow the download link below to claim this PPT.


Build vs buy decision management for cloud framework Template


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Template 9: Build Vs. Buy Icon For Software Development PPT Slide

If you are looking for an educational slide to explore these two ways of software project management i.e. build vs. buy, this infographic template is your go-to place. Highlight the need and importance of each of these modes and let your audience come up with votes and suggestions to take one side and get on with it. To start editing this PPT layout, visit the download link below.


Build vs buy icon for software development Template


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Template 10: Build Vs. Buy Icon With Dollar Note PPT Slide

As we now understand that buying or building software is not an easy decision, our PPT presentations can help you to arrive at a sensible decision, based on parameters that you thought were critical to you. For instance, with this PPT slide, you can stress the money matters involved in this transaction and, together with your team, look for the most cost-effective way to solve your software conundrum. Download now!


Build vs buy icon with dollar note PPT


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Make informed decisions about software and rest easy on all other subsequent calls as well. There is no better resource in the world to arrive at a decision than our build vs buy PPT Templates, as these allow you space and the time to key in factors important to you. 


PS: Automation testing is a crucial part of software development because it marks the ultimate test for a software before it is rolled out. If you want to imply its importance to your team with professional and meaningful PPT Templates, then check out this guide replete with 16 best designs.