What is a Project Management Playbook?



Playbook that keeps the project development on the track and combines the agenda of the project plan, status report, and resource matrix. It is called a project management playbook.


Check out this efficient project management playbook that will guide you in defining, assigning and monitoring activities of project. Also, the playbook aids in exhibiting the problem at the right time by triggering it next to the task.




What is the Purpose of the Project Management Playbook?



Playbook defines the complete guidelines while preparing the same for project management in the organization. It helps managers and stakeholders understand different tasks, durations, deliverables, project life-cycle, etc.



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Moreover, such a playbook for projects gives them a direction that brings leadership in accomplishing work on time. Thus, there are a lot of essential elements that require due care and notice for managing projects.


Henceforth, our ready-made project management playbook will provide you with dashboards, matrices, etc., to perform the best work.




Step-by-Step Guide in Drafting an Insightful Project Playbook for 2022



Draft of the project management playbook has five significant stages. Let us take a closure look at all of them.


# Stage 1 – Project Initiation

It is the first and foremost step in starting a project. At this stage, gather and display information about why your business wants to do this project. Also, what value does it provide to your firm. Project initiation offers the foundation for your business project, and thus the project manager conducts feasibility and financial study.



# Stage 2 – Project Planning

It is the second phase for your playbook and contains a lot of matrices describing deliverables and activities to be performed. Planning can be done using software or manually and is related to Gantt charts for the project environment. The project planning stage reports the progress and defines each task to complete the project in a certain period.



# Stage 3 – Project Execution

The third project management phase to include in the playbook determines the project status report to manage the progress. Moreover, it highlights how project change request is handled using a log. Guidelines for executing each task & activity with standardized deliverables are shown in the playbook.



# Stage 4 – Project Control

It is the fourth stage of project management, and it tracks vital milestones to ensure the project's progress. Consequently, our playbook offers a dashboard to monitor and control risk management plans to handle key project concerns. We have also included a project quality management log and schedule check for managing project activities.



# Stage 5 – Project Closure

It is the last stage of the project management playbook. It addresses lessons learned for post-project evaluation, determines a post-project closure checklist, highlights project acceptance documents to ensure successful approval, etc.




What Slides To Include While Drafting a Competent and Best Project Management Playbook?



This can be a complex process, but it can be worth if you get the proper guidelines for your project management playbook.


If you don't want to take on the responsibility of searching for essentials, you can use a competent and ready-made playbook that is 100% editable.


This can be a great way to get your projects on track.


Check out what is those vital for your playbook!



Slide 1: Project Management Playbook – Cover Page

Start your playbook presentation with a competent and insightful cover page. It will present your playbook title and company name with a remarkable image.


Thus, this slide displays the title, i.e., Project Management Playbook, and your company name.


Tell a story to audience about the reason for the need for a playbook and the necessary guidelines to follow. Grow their interest in you from this point of presentation.


After that, you can start with your playbook’s principal elements and the agenda of the project management playbook.



Project Management Playbook PowerPoint Template

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 2: Addressing Project Management Office Charter

Now, start presenting essential guidelines for the playbook. For preparing a project management playbook in your company, one has to highlight all these elements that we have compiled for you in this template.


Thus, this slide provides information regarding the project management office charter in terms of purpose, the mission of PMO, objectives of PMO, etc.


Moreover, the project management charter has the following objectives:


• Prepare project management maturity across the firm
• Full implementation of project portfolio management system
• Successful end-to-end project delivery
• Mentor & guide project team to ensure project management best practices, etc.


Likewise, one can add details of their PMO charter in the slide for seeking investment.



Project Management Playbook PowerPoint Template

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 3: Managing Several Project Portfolio for Initiation

Come straight to the point of discussion of your pitch deck. As businesses have a lot of projects undergoing at the same time. Hence, they have to keep an eye on every project.


Thus, this slide displays how to manage several project portfolios for initiation. There are a lot of things on which complete stats depends. These basis can be:


• Resources, schedule
• Budget, risk
• Value,
• Project manager, project owner, etc.


Consequently, one can present these details with their priority and status guidelines with the project's name. All this information assures the project's movement towards completion & exhibit each minor information clearly to the viewer.



Project Management Playbook PowerPoint Template

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 4: Determine Charter for Project Overview

Now comes showcasing the charter details for a comprehensive overview of the project. Hence, this slide provides information regarding the project charter, which gives a brief overview of:


• How the project is carried out
• Stakeholder’s involvement, etc.


Moreover, the project charter highlights the project name, project initiation date, completion date, and critical people associated, such as:


• Sponsors, business division head
• Technical lead, team member
• Finance manager, project manager, etc.


Also, the charter illustrates business requirements for developing a product for efficient handling of client calls and improved customer delight and sales. They are:


• Project scope, risks, and issues
• Deliverables, assumptions/dependencies, etc.


Likewise, one can display milestone schedules using this project charter in the playbook.



Project Management Playbook PowerPoint Template

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 5: Project Tasks Responsibility Assignment Matrix

State investors about the tasks and responsibilities for different projects in one of the slides of the playbook. Hence, this slide provides information regarding the responsibility assignment matrix that covers:


• Participation of various people – VP, product manager, content writer, CTO, CEO, etc.
• And associated roles in tasks/deliverables completion – execution, planning, control, etc.


Additionally, the tasks responsibility assignment matrix denotes stages of accountability, consultation, informed, and responsibility. All in different color circles.


The project tasks have five phases, and all of them have sub-category studies that are also shown in the matrix. Like feasibility & financial analysis, user testing, design UI, sprint planning, etc.



Project Management Playbook PowerPoint Template

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 6: Determine Project Status Report to Manage Progress

Next comes highlighting the progress of the projects in the playbook. The essential element in the playbook's slide provides information regarding the project status report that caters to:


• Project progress under a specific duration
• Tracks key phases, key risks
• Give insights on project management office checks, etc.


Moreover, the project status report highlights the overall picture with the minutest details regarding critical phases starting and final dates. Also, month-wise segregation of costs, benefits, resources, risks, deployment, testing, implementation, design, maintenance, etc.


The status report also illustrates the program's current status, key achievements, next steps, PMO checks, impacted stakeholders, etc.


Likewise, you can give a detailed view of the status of your project using these guidelines in your playbook.



Project Management Playbook Presentation PPT

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 7: Risk Management Plan to Handle Key Project Concerns

One must include a risk management plan for their projects in the playbook. Thus, this slide provides information regarding a risk management plan to detect and manage risk for:


• Successful project completion by limiting uncertainties associated with the project
• Implementing control tools whenever the need arises


Consequently, to handle key project concerns, the plan displays the project name, project manager details, report date, etc. Also, the matrix includes risk description, risk impact, severity, risk area, project impact, risk response, contingency plan, etc.


Likewise, it would be best to mention information regarding likelihood and severity status with a proper risk plan in your playbook.



Project Management Playbook Presentation PPT

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 8: Addressing Lessons Learned for Post Project Evaluation

Now, organizations must include one section of the lessons learned for their post-project evaluation phases. Hence, this slide provides information for the same that assists project teams in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.


Thus, include three categories in the matrix: risk, scope, and resources. Mention details for concern name, problem, impact, win/issue, recommendation/action, etc.


Similarly, every business should consider this guideline as vital for their project evaluation as it notes down the lessons for post & further projects.



Project Management Playbook Presentation PPT

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 9: Determine Post Project Closure Checklist

This slide in the playbook for project management provides information regarding the post-project checklist that helps in organizing:


• Paperwork
• Contracts & administration work to reduce risk to owners, suppliers, etc.


Furthermore, the post-project closure checklist contains particulars for:


• Project closure planning
• Premature project closure preparation
• Products hand-over
• Project evaluation
• Project closure recommendation, etc.


Likewise, a lot of information is showcased under each head, and their respective comments and status are mentioned. The checklist helps businesses effectively communicate project closure details to stakeholders & transfer responsibility to clients.



Project Management Playbook Presentation PPT

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 10: Post Project Assessment for Overall Effectiveness Assessment

Explain the project assessment details in your playbook. Hence, this slide provides information regarding post-assessment for overall project effectiveness through:


• Comparing planned costs and benefits
• Actual costs and benefits
• Workload distributions
• Progress of the tasks, etc.


To determine the overall project’s value.


Consequently, all these vital details are presented using tables, pie charts, matrixes, bar graphs, horizontal charts, etc.


The assessment of complete tasks, progress, costs, time duration, etc., is essential for firms indulging in many projects. It allows them to assess the effectiveness and take necessary actions in the future.



Project Management Playbook Presentation PPT

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template



Slide 11: Addressing Project Internal Communication Channels

Another vital element of the project management playbook is disclosing and checking internal communication channels. Thus, this slide exhibits various internal channels such as:


• Direct communication
• Electronic communication
• Project organization structure


Moreover, the structure highlights the process diagram from project start to project closure. The project organization includes structure for directing the project, its management, implementation, etc.


One can even illustrate channel names in the playbook to address and keep a check on the project’s internal communication channels.



Project Management Playbook Presentation PPT

Download this 100% Editable Playbook Template




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