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Presenting this set of slides with name - Data Migration Strategies Powerpoint Presentation Slides. It has PPT slides covering wide range of topics showcasing all the core areas of your business needs. This complete deck focuses on Data Migration Strategies Powerpoint Presentation Slides and consists of professionally designed templates with suitable graphics and appropriate content. This deck has total of twenty seven slides. Our designers have created customizable templates for your convenience. You can make the required changes in the templates like colour, text and font size. Other than this, content can be added or deleted from the slide as per the requirement. Get access to this professionally designed complete deck PPT presentation by clicking the download button below.

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Data migration refers to the process of transferring data from one system to another. The process is complicated yet calculated, which requires planning and execution. A company is usually involved in the process of data migration when it upgrades its system or software and consolidates data from multiple sources as a strategy to pave the way for success. To achieve efficiency and implement new strategies, organizations engage in data migration. While transferring data from one system to another, one must extract data carefully from one source and transfer it to the desired system in a compatible format. 

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The data must be migrated from one system to another without any loss. To ensure the data transfer takes place without any damage, you must have a clear idea of the data migration approach you are going with and subsequent steps. SlideTeam has prepared customizable PPT slides to help you outline the various processes involved in the data migration and extraordinarily demonstrate them. These PPT templates will design a ready-to-use layout for the data migration process and highlight the steps and approaches involved.

If you are interested in creating a roadmap for data migration, here are some customizable PPT templates for you!

Template 1: Data Migration Approach

Before you transfer your data, you must have an approach in mind what things you will do and what not. This template will provide you with a customizable layout for your data migration approach. Through the innovative icons, you can highlight the various steps involved in the data migration approach like analysis & discovery, extract & profile, cleanse, validate, load, and reconcile. You will get a clear idea of what things to do first while you migrate the data from one system to another.

Template 2: Data Migration Steps

The content you want to transfer goes through various stages before it lands in the desired system. This template will help you demonstrate the various steps through which data goes: the analysis stage, development stage, and go live support stage. You can easily filter out the data, which data should be transferred, and various other stages that are involved before transferring the data through this ready-to-use template.

Template 3: Simplified Illustration of Data Migration Steps

The data migration process is multifaceted and complex, which needs to be simplified for a better understanding. Through this template, you can easily demonstrate the less complicated version of the stages involved. You can highlight the various steps from deploy, update, process, and merge. As these templates are customizable, you are free to add whatever steps you think are essential according to you.

Template 4: Data Migration PowerPoint Template

As discussed earlier, the data migration process is complicated. This template will help you clarify the migration approach, data analysis, migration design, migration execution, migration testing, and conversion into production. The use of creative icons and designs helps make the slide captivating and interesting. This ready-to-use template allows you to quickly outline the processes involved.

Template 5: Data Migration Life Cycle

This ready-to-use PPT template can demonstrate the whole life cycle of data migration. The creative visuals on this slide will allow you to mention the source of the document, design templates, flow of design, execution of migration, and performance test. Grab the slide to enjoy the benefit of showing the whole lifecycle of the data migration process.

Template 6: Data Migration Four Step Process

Four fundamental processes are used to migrate data from one system to another. This PPT slide helps demonstrate the steps for extracting, transforming, loading, and validating data. This PowerPoint slide will help you understand the steps involved in extracting data from a system, transforming the target system, loading data into the target system, and validating those loads.

Template 7: Data Migration Process

Demonstrate the critical processes involved in data migration, such as assessing, planning, extracting, cleansing, loading, and verifying. As the data is being transferred from the old system, all media/ formats to the new system all media/ formats. You can define the process step by step with a creative layout, visuals, and graphs.

Template 8: Data Migration on Cloud

Organizations tend to migrate their data to the cloud, and a template to track the whole process is important. This template can demonstrate the various steps of the process, from creating a request to preparing and shipping, receiving and connecting, ingesting and returning, offloading and accessing, and erasing devices. It will help you highlight the whole process through a creative chart.

Template 9: Data Migration Step by Step Process

Prepare, practice, and perform are the three crucial steps involved in the data migration process. This template will help you highlight the sub-steps of preparing, practicing, and performing data migration. The slide provides you with the opportunity to examine the data involved in the process: initial data extraction from the legacy system, data mapping & normalization, conducting test migration, validation & adjusting, final data extraction from a legacy system, load to destination, final data validation, and go-live.

Template 10: Data Migration Flowchart Template

This flowchart will help you plan and supervise the data migration process. Its overview will help you plan better. You can highlight the various components like gathering requirements, data identification, migration plan, coding structure, data configuration, static data, dynamic data, cleansing data, and sub-master data. Get your hands on this template to illustrate the data migration process better.

In conclusion, the planning and execution of the data migration strategies are essential as they are complex and challenging processes. SlideTeam’s ready-to-use PPT templates are designed to help you plan the various steps and approaches involved in the data migration strategy. Monitoring and evaluating the whole process has become easy for the data migration process with ready-to-use PPT slides. To enjoy the perks like tracking the key performance indicators and evaluating the success of the migration against pre-defined goals.

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