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PowerPoint presentation slides

Introducing E-Banking PowerPoint Presentation Slides. This PPT presentation is a deck of 59 slides. The entirely customizable layout allows you to change the text, font, color, shape, and size of all the slides. This PowerPoint template works on Google Slide and is available in standard and widescreen display ratios. Further, you can access and convert this PPT slide deck into different file formats like PDF, PNG, and JPG

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Do you remember the last time you visited a physical bank branch to change your registered mobile number or personal details? Do you remember the last time you visited a bank for any financial operation?

If your answer to these questions is “no”, you have e-banking to thank!

If you’ve ever transferred money online, changed your ATM Pin on an app, or gotten an email copy of your account statement, you’ve enjoyed the benefits of e-banking. Revolut, Fidor, Simple, N26, and Monzo are just some of the well-known digital banks that allow customers to open an account on their phone in minutes, whenever and wherever they want.

Electronic banking is the use of computers, phones, and other technologies to facilitate banking transactions rather than through human interaction. Electronic banking includes  electronic funds transfer and mobile payments for retail purchases, automatic teller machines (ATMs), automatic paycheck deposits, and automated bill payment.

In the 21st century, banks have set up secure, encrypted access to their websites — and later to mobile apps — enabling clients to access their accounts, view account balances, transfer money among accounts, purchase certificates of deposit, and—if connected to a brokerage account—buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other securities.

Electronic banking has  reduced the need to move paper money and coins from one place to another, and humans are no longer required to facilitate every banking transaction. Companies and businesses can incorporate the use of electronic banking templates, which offer unparalleled convenience. SlideTeam has designed content-ready e-banking templates. This template can transform complex data into more straightforward and more understandable forms. They are 100% editable and customizable.

Template 1: Executive Summary PPT Template

An executive summary is designed to help executives and investors decide whether to go forth with the proposal.  With this PPT Template, help your clients make the decision. The slide contains a short statement that addresses the problem or proposal detailed in the complete document and features background information, a concise analysis and a conclusion. Use the bullet points provided to add information on challenges with revenue, fund transfers, or any other concern. Download Now!

Template 2: Financial Impact PPT Template

Use this PPT Template to tabulate and evaluate the impact of e-banking. Record  closing balance for up to five years in the given PPT Layout. The table has information like net sales, total revenues, gross profit, tax details, profit margins, etc. The slide has a column that resembles a post-it note to highlight information or any data in the table. Get access to this financial impact organizer today!

Template 3: Product Awareness and Usage PPT Template

With the emerging trends and need of e-banking, it becomes crucial to assess the performance of your product and services. This PPT Template enables you to record the percentage of awareness and usage of your service in the market. You can track the data for your product and services like small business loans, working capital loans, term deposits, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, home loans, life insurance policies, and saving deposits. Download Now!

Template 4: Customer Base

It is crucial to know the increase or decreasing trend in the changing customer base. With this PPT Layout you can account for up to five financial years. This  helps you analyze  trends and allocate your resources based on the data. You can record the number of current accounts, saving accounts, loans, and insurance issues through your e-banking services. The last column in the table enables you to record the year-over-year percentage. The slide has a column that resembles a post-it note to highlight information or any data in the table. Download now!

Template 5: Competition Benchmark PPT Template

With new players entering the e-banking market, it is important to assess your position and compare to  industry standards. This template will help you benchmark your performance on parameters like revenue, customers count, net profit, customer satisfaction, and product awareness. Use the first column to add stats and figures of your bank, followed by your competitors. You can record the performance of up to four competitors in the table. Download Now!

Template 6: Market Segmentation

Today e-banking is widely accepted and used beyond personal banking. To make your services user-friendly and customize it according to the user-type, it is crucial to segment your market. With this PPT Template, you can define the services, plans, and options for  segments based on the banking type like retail banking, or corporate banking. Use  bullet points provided in each segment to add details. Download Now!

Template 7: Market Segment based on Solution Type

Ensure that your clients and investors are aware about  market segments that your services cater to based on the types of solution offered by your company. This PPT Slide will enable you to compile them all. Solution types may include payments, processing services, customer and channel management, risk management, amongst others. Use the bullet points provided in each segment to add details about  specific services that you will be taking care of for your clients. Download Now!

Template 8: Product and Services

This Slide is the star of your presentation, presenting all your product and service on one-page. Highlight products like mobile banking, digital television banking, virtual banking, internet banking, e-transfers, and a point of sales system. The services  your company offers can  be showcased in the column below. These may include account access, balance transfer and payments, electronic funds and transfer, mortgage, credit card, lensing, and personalized content and tools. Download Now!

Template 9: Industry Analysis Using Porter Five  Forces PPT Templates

Porter's five forces are used to identify and analyze an industry's competitive forces. Porter set out five forces at play in a given industry: internal industry competition, the potential for new entrants, the negotiating power of suppliers, the negotiating power of customers, and the ability of customers to find substitutes. This Slide will help you manage them all and prepare for the future. . Note down  potential threats on each of the columns varying on their source type. Manage these challenges and brainstorm ways with your team to overcome them. Use the bullet points in the template to note down threats, suggestions, and plans. Download Now

Template 10: Industry Analysis using PESTEL

The PESTEL analysis can be instrumental in evaluating the characteristics and changes in the environment that can affect a company’s success, from which the right decisions can be made at the right time. PESTEL is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environment, and these are the factors that you can analyze using this slide.  With this PPT Template, you can visualize the risks and make the most of the business opportunities in the market. Download Now!

The future is here!

Electronic Banking is the wave of the future, allowing customers and businesses with convenient financial management from anywhere and anytime. The  24-hour access to banking makes it convenient to manage money, without being confined to banking hours. This eliminates  trips to a bank branch and gives unparalleled control over your money from anywhere. Companies are adopting online banking and investing in e-banking businesses. Employ these pre-designed PPT  Templates to pitch your services to clients and investors for a breakthrough into the banking markets.

PS: Also explore our PowerPoint Slides on Online Banking E-Payments and address the unique requirements of the amount made through online payments.

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