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Presenting Training Module on Introduction to Customer Service. This deck comprises of 83 slides. Each slide is well crafted and designed by our PowerPoint experts. This PPT presentation is thoroughly researched by the experts and every slide consists of an appropriate content. All slides are customizable. You can add or delete the content as per your need. Not just this, you can also make the required changes in the charts and graphs. Download this professionally designed business presentation, add your content and present it with confidence.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 5 

This slide showcases a meme for customer service training to make the session humorous.

Slide 6

This slide shows questions for customer service training that a trainer can ask trainees to make the session more interactive.

Slide 7

This slide shows a question for the customer service training session.

Slide 9

This slide covers the definition of customer service, and it also depicts that customer service includes answering client questions, resolving problems, and opening communication channels.

Instructor Notes:

Why is customer service important for the success of your business?

  • Customer service has a significant impact on the company's bottom line. Keeping existing customers is less expensive than finding new ones. It is even predicted that the cost of acquiring new customers is 6–7x higher than retaining one
  • Customer service can either create or ruin the company's reputation
  • Support is an essential component of the product experience
  • Customers are prepared to spend extra for a more satisfying experience
  • Internal Customers: are colleagues and departments within your organization
  • External Customers: are more likely to be consumers, users, and stakeholders

Example – Starbucks Coffee

  • Internal customers will be everyone from the company's Board of Directors to the executives and team members that serve beverages at the customer interface
  • External customers will be the everyday people that come to the coffee shop and buy beverages for themselves and their friends

Slide 10

This slide covers details on the importance of customer service training in the company. It also depicts that training a customer-facing team will help them solve inquiries faster and more efficiently.

Instructor Notes:

Instructor can ask these questions to his classroom to initiate discussions: 

  • What do you think would make a client satisfied and eager to remain around if they had an urgent query about your product and approached your customer care team?
  • Is it a generic email response or a well-researched response from a service professional who cares about their success?

Regardless of how talented the new employees are, companies should conduct training that aligns everyone on working together and best represent the company.

Slide 11

This slide covers five pillars of the customer service team: channel variety, proactive customer service team, focus on customer satisfaction, usage of an internal and external knowledge base, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Instructor Notes:

  • Channel variety: Social MediaLive Chat, Email, Phone calls, Self-service, Omnichannel
  • A proactive customer service team: Willing to go the extra mile, Empathetic, Patient, Responsive, and Positive
  • A focus on customer satisfaction: Focus on creating loyal customers, Training to avoid poor customer service, Extra attention to new customers
  • Use of an internal and external knowledge base: Customer FAQ, Onboarding or training FAQ, Customer service tips, External pages with information for customers. Examples include web pages, blogs, video content, and product guides
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools: Contact management, Tracking interactions, Scheduling and reminders


Slide 13

The purpose of this slide is to showcase a meme for customer complaints.

Slide 14

This slide provides information regarding the definition of customer complaints. It also contains details about why do they occur.

Slide 15

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the importance of customer complaints for business. It contains benefits details such as product or service upgrade, understands customers better, upskills customer support team, improvement of policies and procedures, and positive impact on brand image.

Instructor’s Notes: 

The customer complaints are important for business due to the following reasons:

  • Product/service upgrade: Customer complaints act as a reality check as it helps businesses identify substandard products or services and devise strategies for their improvement
  • Understand customers better: Complaints help understand customers' expectations better to effectively structure product offerings, to win them back eventually
  • Upskills customer support team: If customer complaints are due to the customer support team's improper skills, necessary training can be provided to upskill them
  • Customer satisfaction enhancement: Customer complaints, if resolved appropriately, helps in improving their satisfaction levels, turning them into loyal customers
  • Improvement of policies and procedures: Customers' negative feedback also highlights flaws in the company's internal processes and provide suggestions to improve them
  • Positive impact on brand image: Resolved customer complaints enhances brand image as customers act as advocates of superior service provided by the organization

Slide 17

This slide depicts the summary of introduction to customer service training session.

Slide 38 to 52

These slides depict energizer activities to engage the audience of the training session. 

Slide 54

This slide highlights the cover letter for the training proposal. It includes details regarding what the company providing corporate training can accomplish for the client.

Slide 57

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the multiple types of courses offered by the training company.

Slide 59

This slide indicates the major deliverables that the corporate training firm will provide to the client. The key deliverables highlighted are session plans, PowerPoint deck, evaluation material, and training handouts.

Slide 61

This slide represents the multiple additional services offered by the training firm to the client, such as webinars, planning journals, and e-learning design solutions.

Slide 63

This slide tabulates the major deliverables offered by the training company to the client along with their associated costs.

Slide 64

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the multiple additional services offered by the training firm along with their cost details.

Slide 66

This slide provides an overview of the corporate training firm's vision and mission statements, core values, and key clients.

Slide 68

This slide highlights the major awards and recognition won by the training firm for their exceptional service to clients.

Slide 70

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the trainer and their respective designations.

Slide 71

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the employees’ names and their respective designations.

Slide 73

This slide provides information pertaining to testimonials given by satisfied clients of the training firm.

Slide 74

This slide highlights the testimonials from multiple satisfied clients of the training firm providing information regarding congratulatory messages, client name, and company details.

Slide 76

This slide showcases the case study for the training proposal. It includes information regarding the problem faced by the client and solutions offered by the training firm. It also covers details of the results and client testimonial.

Slide 78

This slide provides information regarding the contract terms and conditions of the training proposal. It also includes details of deliverables that the training company will provide to the client.

Slide 80

The purpose of this slide is to provide the contact information of the corporate training firm. It includes the firm’s official address, contact number, and email address.

Slide 81

This slide highlights the training evaluation form for instructor assessment. It also includes sections to fill details of training information and attendee details.

Slide 82

This slide showcases the questions for the assessment of the training content by the attendees.

Slide 83

The slide indicates the evaluation form for course assessment. It also includes questions pertaining to the future actions of the attendees.

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