Risks are an inevitable part of growth. Yet, individuals and organizations must learn to maneuver their ways out with minimum negative impact. One of the practical ways to do so is by creating a risk control matrix or a risk assessment matrix.


A risk control matrix provides a clear picture of the risks your organization faces. It is a one-stop matrix to identify threats, align them based on their level of harm, and then look for solutions to tackle them accordingly. By plotting those risks between their likelihood and consequence levels, individuals and organizations can initiate mitigation techniques.




Once plotted, a risk control matrix can be referred to from time to time when developing strategies or allocating resources. Diagrammatically, it is available in two formats, raw and original, and as a tabular record.


Threats are identified via color-coded cells as low, medium, or high in this table. Needless to say that this representation must be made readable, editable, and shareable so as to be recognized as a continuous company resource. 


Now, you can either try creating one from scratch or turn to your favorite PowerPoint template hub, SlideTeam, which promises only professional and high-quality PPT designs. For instance, it offers the best and the most practical risk control matrix templates that conform to your editable, compatible, and shareable requirements. Scroll below!


Template 1: Business Risk Measurement and Assessment Matrix


Here is the basic and the most downloaded risk control matrix template that can be put to use. Identify the four most crucial risk domains with this color-coded matrix. Plot the factors posing a risk to your organization and track their impact versus probability with this PPT layout. Download now.


Business risk measurement and assessment matrix PPT


Download this template


Template 2: Control Impact Matrix Heat Map Showing Risk Exposure


Use this heat map to distinguish the risks associated with your business activities. Plot risk exposure versus control activities to allot tags such as insignificantly remote, moderate, major, excessive, adequate, refinement needed, etc. Download this easy-to-edit and user-friendly template now!


Control impact matrix heat map showing risk exposure PPT


Download this template


Template 3: Risk Assessment Matrix With Impact and Control


Download this risk control/ risk assessment matrix to assort the threats faced by your organization. With this refined PPT design, you can identify titles such as acceptable risks, risks where management effort is worthwhile, risks that require acceptance and monitoring, etc.


Risk assessment matrix with impact and control Template


Download this template


Template 4: Risk Matrix Impact Analysis Template


Here is a detailed risk control matrix template to analyze all the threats your organization faces. Use this PPT diagram not only to categorize your organizational threats but also to highlight its impact on the people involved, the finances of the company, and the general public and stakeholders. Employ the versatility of this PPT layout to your use now!


Risk matrix impact analysis PPT


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Template 5: Risk Control and Issue Management Matrix Layout


Here is another spacious PowerPoint design to identify business threats and address them accordingly. Use this matrix to assign threat tags based on their severity and occurrence and place circumstances or elements under low, medium, or high-level risk. Color coding endows better visualization on this PPT theme. Download right away.


Risk control and issue management matrix PPT


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Template 6: Risk Control Matrix Below Table Levels PPT Template 


Now we transition onto risk control matrix tables that are derivatives of the color-coded matrices. You can either use these tables individually or in combination with the heat maps as discussed above. In this very PPT layout, you can recognize processes for the risks they pose, identifying their regulation modes, category, frequency, and finally, assessment as deduced from the heat maps. Go ahead and download this ready-made table that is open to entering data.


Risk control matrix below table levels PowerPoint presentation format ideas


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Template 7: Risk Control Matrix PPT Layout Deck


Here is another risk control table to deduce the major takeaways from the risk matrix. This PowerPoint design identifies the risk posers and their level and frequency, among other parameters. Download this editable tabular matrix to plan your way outs accordingly. Download now!


Risk control matrix PPT layouts deck


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Template 8: Risk Control Matrix Category Narrative PPT  Slides


Here is another handy PowerPoint template to contrast two risks that may lie in the same region on the heat map. Differentiate their impact, frequency, and severity, among other features, with this easy-to-edit PowerPoint layout. The download link is given below.


Risk control matrix category narrative PPT slides


Download this template


Template 9: Supplier Risk Assessment Matrix With Selection Criteria


Here is a specific risk assessment matrix to identify threats related to supplier dealerships. Rate suppliers based on their capacity, history, and viability. You can add comments and finally rate them according to the dangers their absence poses to your business. Download this utilitarian template now!


Supplier risk assessment matrix with selection criteria


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Template 10: Risk Assessment Quality Review Matrix 


This is the final template of this cherry-picked collection to keep the audience engaged with its usefulness. The vibrance and the infographic are embedded to bring ease while addressing risk concerns. Let it soothe your study too. Download now!


Risk Assessment Quality Review Matrix Project Management Bundle


Download this template


We hope you found this guide fulfilling and that the templates, fit your requirements. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below.


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