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Top 10 Company Description Example Templates With Samples

Top 10 Company Description Example Templates With Samples

Madhusheel Arora

Madhusheel Arora

January 25 2023

Let us start this blog with a one-off quiz. See if you can guess which company its founder is talking about here in this example. Here we go, as picked up verbatim from the company’s website:


XX (Company name) is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one. As part of that, we also said that you could expect us to make smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative or even strange when compared to our current businesses.

We did a lot of things that seemed crazy at the time. Many of those crazy things now have over a billion users.

This 68-word excerpt is part of a longish company description on the website of…?


Well, let us keep it a secret till you see how can you write the best company description for yourself or your clients that hits home to the degree that the above example does.


In essence, a company description is an overview of the business you are in, expressed in a structured, memorable format. Apart from the mission and vision statement, it is your chance to create content that builds a brand with incredible recall.


A company description is your answer to, “What exactly do you do in your business?” This simple question, asked of many of us at social dos or in casual conversations is incredibly hard to answer well.


Yet, it pays to do it, to create it, with passion and intense brain-storming, as it gives you a connect with investors and starts the customer on their engagement journey. Your products and services, history and finances are the other major ingredients that make up an exceptional, stay-in-your-mind company description.


A company description is more about the intangibles and the many small ways in which you make a difference to customers’ lives. A business summary, on the other hand, is about the tangible things and how to get things done, and move the enterprise from point A to point B. Click here to get SlideTeam’s world-class business summary templates for your needs.


This blog offers you the best-in-class templates on company descriptions that will help you stand out from the crowd. The idea is to describe your company so well that people feel your business is part of their lives, just after a single read (now mostly consumed over the internet).


These PPT Presentations also help explain each of the concepts that company descriptions entail, both from the business viewpoint and from your own unique perspective.


The aim is for you to know that writing an exceptional company description signals more than just great writing. It is a signal of your commitment to the very idea of what you are willing to work for, day-in-day-out.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s dig in.


Template 1: Company Description of Digital Payment firm Investor Funding Elevator Brief


An impressive way to describe your company is minimize the words, but showcase the facts and figures that make you unique. This PPT Presentation allows you to showcase revenue, give out your mission and explain them in significant detail. Describe your key product offerings, the difference you make to the world and how this is very fulfilling for your business as well. In this instance, the example is of a payment firm, but you can key in your own facts and figures to create a compelling company description for the ages. It will both be a pitch and a statement of confidence in your longevity. Download now!


Payment Gateway Company Investor Funding Elevator Brief Description Of Digital Payment Firm


Get it now!


Template 2: Company Description Mission and Vision, with Hours


This PPT Presentation gives an emerging start-up the perfect platform to showcase its company name and products or services offered. In this case, it is a restaurant, but at the cost of repetition, the 100% customizable nature of the template means you can make it your own in a jiffy. Use this company description to target customers as well, with management personnel also part of the early introduction. The bold, aesthetic design captures attention and compels action. Download now to impress investors and win clients.


Company description hourly labour ppt powerpoint presentation show graphics design


Get it now!


Template 3: About Our Company Description with Image PowerPoint Guide


Use this PPT Presentation to emphasize your professional credentials adding a bit about the company history, name, and move on to products or services. The attractive format allows for the management team to be featured as well. In this instance, it is just the CEO, but you can have more leaders in there. The image on the right of the presentation template is your chance to send a visual message on what your company is about, subliminally, an important concept in marketing. Download now!


About our company description with image powerpoint guide


Get it now!


Template 4: Company Description Competitive Analysis Sales Marketing


The six-stage editable PPT graphic for company description goes about achieving its goals in a methodical manner. The six stages in which you can describe your company are your own choice, but typically you can customize this template into business structure; ownership/management team; products/services offered; marketing and sales overview; funding request, and financial projections. Download now to showcase your commitment to your business with a rocking description.


Table contents company description competitive analysis sales marketing


Get it now!


Template 5: Company Description for Retail Industry Business Plan for Start-up


In retail, a start-up must build recall and this template provides you the means to do it. The attractive PPT Template gives the description in a simple, clear manner to ensure customers cannot miss its location and its USP of hot, good quality food at affordable prices. Download now, and reap the benefits of a clear vision and energy that marks start-ups and the way they scale up.


Company description for retail industry business plan for start up ppt summary


Get it now!


Template 6: Corporate Development Covering Executive Summary Company Description


This company description PPT Template allows you the luxury of approaching the task in a nuanced way in seven stages, that you may zero in on your own. For instance, for a food business, this could be the quick service highlight, the source of the ingredients, or the investors and the chef, etc. In all cases, the focus has to be on the processes and the people that bring life and the pulsating feeling of targeting, engaging, and delighting the customer. Get this presentation template now.


Corporate development covering executive summary company description


Get it now!


Template 7: About the Company Description PowerPoint Themes


Not all leadership is done with cymbals and drums from the front; you can also lead a team from the back; Nelson Mandela, one of the most iconic world leaders, used to say. This is true for this company description PPT Theme, where your entire communication serves to describe your business. The design communicates the business clearly and the color theme indicates mastery over the concept. In any case, the presentation template is all set to be molded to your wishes, within minutes. Download now to showcase your mastery of your domain.


About the company description powerpoint themes


Get it now!


Template 8: Focus Group Summary with Company Description, Key Drivers and Demographics


This is perhaps one of the most important and unique ways to arrive at a company description, as it uses the key stakeholder, the customer. A focus group is a representative set of customers (six to ten individuals) that you may choose to give you their time and feedback. In business terms, this focus group will give you the ideal company description as you are perceived by them (the most influential stakeholders to the course of your business; after all, they are customers). They will also give you key drivers that you must take care to incorporate. Finally, include target demographics and a line on their attitude and behavior. Download now to arrive at a company description that is framed with its ear to the ground. Download now!


Focus group summary with company description key drivers and demographics


Get it now!


Template 9: Business Flyer giving Description of Company Service and Contact


This PPT Presentation is a classy take on the idea of company descriptions. Use this to emphasize how your values are dear to you, and include customer service as the main plank. On a more practical design, the design, in the form of a flyer, allows you to list the ‘who we are’; what we do and why choose us in short, deep one-liners. The contact us section and the description on the bottom of the picture (you will place your own workplace here) is a brilliant innovation, Download now!


Business flyer giving wide description company services and contact


Get it now!


Template 10: Company description for Food Start-Up Business


This practical, earthy company description about a restaurant start-up adds unbeatable value to the business. With everything that the target customer requires catered to in the description, this PPT Presentation makes the unpalatable into something beautiful and relishing. The design (glasses used to highlight hours of operation) marks your business out as one that will grow quickly into a fine-dining operation. The cost factor is also discussed, as the restaurant business is seductive, but only few get it right. Use this to showcase your awareness of the pitfalls in terms of the need to control labor cost, etc. Download now!


Company description for food startup business ppt powerpoint presentation ideas infographics


Get it now!




Customers are like a jigsaw puzzle. With company descriptions, businesses have a chance to ignite curiosity and help them take the first step to know what you offer. This is not a small victory. Describe your company well with the clear showcasing of your commitment and why you do what you do.


On these lines, companies also need to be mindful to check why they do what they for introspection. If your staff is too uniform, then diversity and inclusion is the answer. Find a comprehensive course on diversity, inclusion, and equity here to add heterogeneity to your business. Click here to get the course, with training material included.


By the way, the answer to the question the blog started with is Google, which is technically 1 followed by a billion zeroes. Imagine that for a second!


P.S. Business plan summaries help operationalize the mission and vision a company description rolls out. Find the best-in-class presentations on business plan summaries with a click here.


FAQs on Company Descriptions


How to introduce your company?


This is both a science and an art. The introduction has to be simple, yet engaging to the customer, while also ensuring that investors don’t find it too flowery and without any business relevance. Here are two top tips to introduce your company:


A. Start with what you do, in an interesting way. For instance, Google may say: We sort out the world’s information
B. Include what your customer gets; for instance, answers to every question of yours (in the case of Google)


How do you write a company description; what should it include?


A company description has no formula to it, but it needs to be an overview of your business and why you do what you do. It is written with a structure, only to the extent of being understandable to customers.


For instance, start with what you make, then why you do it and so on. Technically, good company descriptions are all about showcasing how relevant you are to the customers in terms of product and service offerings. It is also an opportunity for you to exhibit how committed you are to your craft, and that’s why you make a difference to customers’ lives.

How can I write about my company?


Writing about your company will come from experience, and from the meaning you attach to your business. If it is only to make money, your company description will reek of that and will not be a successful one. To write an engaging company description, you need to be in touch with the customer pain point and the solutions you are providing to them (be it B2B or B2C). Your company description needs to be specific and geared to an end. Finally, remember that it is such an important part of your business profile that outsourcing it to professional could always be better and more cost-effective in the long run. Provide the third party your inputs and let them weave their magic.

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