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Top 10 Control Chart Templates with Samples and Examples
Tanmayi Arora

Tanmayi Arora

March 23 2023
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Control charts are an essential tool in the world of quality control and process improvement. As the famous statistician W. Edwards Deming once said, "In God we trust; all others must bring data." Control charts provide the data needed to track the performance of a process over time, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately achieve greater efficiency and quality.


In this era of data-driven decision-making, control charts have become a critical component of any organization's quality management system.


Read this article to learn more about the control chart and the top 10 templates with samples and examples. It will help you determine and control the business processes and their outcomes. 




A control chart is also known as a Shewart chart. It is a graphical tool to determine and analyze the changes in the process over a period of time. In a control chart, data is allotted in a specific time frame order.


Elements of the control chart :


  • Data points: As stated above, the data is represented in a control chart in the form of a graph. The data points are illustrated at specific time intervals.


  • Horizontal lines: The horizontal control lines represent the variations and the trends. The upper line in a control chart signifies the upper control limit, and a lower line signifies the lower control limit. Also, it has a central line for showing the average limit. These horizontal lines signify the historical data.


  • Drawing conclusions: You can draw out conclusions by comparing the old data to the current data. This is how you can check out whether the process is going consistently or is getting affected by the causes of variation.


  • Top and bottom charts: The variable data for a control chart is shown in pairs. The top chart checks the data distribution from a particular process. The average chart shows where the data range is in the cluster, and the bottom chart checks the width of the distribution.




Slideteam’s Control Chart Templates can help you in everything right from managing your processes to keeping all the records and from analyzing the variations to achieving the outcomes. You can edit the slides as per your requirements and present the current trends in front of your clients and stakeholders.


Let’s explore the most popular collection of Control Chart Templates.


Template 1: Quality Control Chart PowerPoint Slide

This template enables you to demonstrate all the stages of a quality control analysis. You can show the anatomy of the control chart and the upper & lower limit. Also, analyze the current trends against the historical trends. Check out the trends which are not stable during a process change.


Quality Control Chart


Download Now!


Template 2: Process Tracking with Control Chart PPT Slide

Now, chalk down all the details of your project. Jot down your action plan and what resources you require to complete it. Track out your process by defining all the start and end dates. See if there is any instability through the upper and lower limit. Grab this template now to get started!


Process Tracking with Control Chart


Download Now!


Template 3: Control Chart for Quality Assurance Plan

Errors are the means to find perfection, and this template will help you achieve your long-term goals in the process. With this template, you can determine the specimen labeling errors. Display and review them to improve the quality assurance to your clients in the future.


Control Chart to Determine Total Specimen Labelling Errors


Download Now!


Template 4: Control Chart Tools Template

Your project quality management team can now reduce the burden of checking the number of defects manually. Instead of it, they can now work on it by simply using a control chart analysis tool.  With this template, they can determine the level of controlling the process. Isn’t it more convenient than creating one from scratch?


Control Chart Tools for Project Quality Management


Download Now!


Template 5: Control Chart for Labelling Errors

With this Control chart template, you can discuss the total specimen labeling errors along with the members of your organization. You can demonstrate the topic in an elaborate way with the help of editable slides. This well-structured slide will help you present crucial information in a professional way!


Control Chart to Determine Total Specimen Labelling Errors


Download Now!


Template 6: Control Chart for Quality

Quality control determines the practice of monitoring your goods and services during and after the production process. Make sure that your provided services match the standards of the clients. You can use this template to depict the collection of quality control.


Control Chart to Determine Total Specimen Labelling Errors


Download Now!


Template 7: Food Process Tracking with Control Chart

Enhance the standards and qualities of your food processes. Check whether they are stable or capable under various conditions. You can use this control chart template for maintaining food quality management. It is a convenient tool for achieving business outcomes as it also includes an organized action plan.


Food Process Tracking with Control Chart


Download Now!


Template 8: Process Tracking with Control Chart

It's difficult to carry out all the details of your projects manually. Whether it is about the materials you need or the last date till you have to dispatch the services to the clients, it all can now become handy with this template. With its foolproof structure, you can streamline your controlling efforts.


Process Tracking with Control Chart


Download Now!


Template 9: Data collection and Analysis Control Chart Template

Check out the upper limit, lower limit, and plotted points to determine the stability trends. This template eases the process of collecting and analyzing data over a specific period of time. Use this template and ease out the strenuous process of data collection and analysis.


Data Collection & Analysis- Control Chart PowerPoint Templates


Download Now!


Template 10: Control Charts Finance Infographic Template

Have a look at your finances and manage them through the control chart template. Evaluate the processes in which you need to invest more or are your investments paying off the best returns. This template ensures that you don’t miss out on any crucial detail.


Control Charts Template 2


Download Now!




Control charts act as the mirror to look into the common and unique causes in a process variation individually. There by, you can set a control limit by introspecting the common causes. These charts are the perfect tool to make the changes in the process and where to drop the changes.


Now that you have the access link to our feature packed templates, get started by downloading these helpful resources. 



FAQs on Control Chart



What is a control chart used for?


A control chart is a graphical tool to determine and analyze changes in the process over a period of time. In a control chart, the data is allotted in a specific time frame. You can calculate the upper control limit and the lower control limit. Further, you can compare the current data with the historical data.


What are the 4 types of control charts?


Control Chart falls under the two categories - Variable and attribute. 


Following are the four types of control charts -


  • X bar control charts: With the help of X bar control charts, one can plot the data to check the mean or an average of the variable.
  • Range control charts: Range control charts is relatively suitable to demonstrate the variability of the processes where the sample size is small.
  • U and C control charts: These are the attribute control charts. They are applied while analyzing the data that is countable. You can attain the countable data, such as the no. of defects in a raw material stock.
  • Pre-control charts: Pre-control charts help you check the individual measurements after a process verifies to fall under the statistical control.


What are the elements of a control chart?


The three elements of a control chart are the following -


  • Center line - It is the statistical average of all the plotted data samples.
  • Upper and lower limit- The following control limits signify the limitations of the routine cause variations.
  • Performance data - It signifies the data that is plotted over a period of time.

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