Do you know that Google uses a planned and systematic exit plan for their employee offboarding process? This checklist helps make sure administrative tasks are completed, such as returning company property, revoking access to systems, and finalising any outstanding financial matters. This helps the company maintain its security and organisational principles.


Google also uses any feedback collected during their exit interviews to improve work environment and increase their employee satisfaction. They analyse this feedback and implement reforms to address any issues that departing employees raise.


Like Google, using pre-defined employee exit plans can help your business provide the right support to employees departing the company. These plans help the company keep in touch with their employees and use their comments and suggestions to improve the current employee engagement.


This process can be made more useful with employee exit plan templates. These templates are creative, readymade, standardized, and easily editable for quick access. Using these exit plan templates ensures that transitions are smooth and efficient, reducing the time and resources needed to onboard replacements and minimising disruptions to workflow.


Each of these PPT templates is 100% customisable and editable. You get both structures in the form of content-ready slides, and the editing capability means the presentation can be easily tailored to specific audience profiles. 


Combine these exit plan templates with exit barriers templates and exit interview benefit templates for a comprehensive offboarding process.


Let's explore these templates. 


Template 1: Employee Exit Plan PPT Template Bundles

This creative slide makes the process smoother and more efficient for an employee to exit. These employee exit plan templates will help outline steps your company will take when an employee leaves the company. You can include details about how to handle the employees' belongings, how to transfer their work to other employees, and update company's records. This readymade template will create a smooth transition for the employee and HR personnel.



Template 2:  Essential elements of employee exit plan

With this PPT Template, you can track the information transfer from your employees, maintain the momentum, and leverage feedback. For instance, you can ensure that data related to ongoing projects and bottlenecks are handed over properly. Next, you should also avoid any trouble for vendors, suppliers, and customers due to this change. Lastly, collect your employee's feedback for the strength of your work culture. 


Essential elements of employee exit plan


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Template 3:  Checklist for employee exit plan in companies

Use this clear and precise checklist for an employee exit plan. The checklist includes things like making a list of your employees' ongoing projects, deadlines, and any roadblocks they were facing. You should also confirm that the employee has received their final paycheck and a letter stating they are no longer employed by the company (relieving letter). Next, you need to go over any confidentiality agreements the employee signed when they were hired. These agreements typically state that the employee cannot share certain information about the company with anyone else after they leave. Lastly, you must make sure the employees return any company property, such as a laptop or ID card. 


Checklist for employee exit plan in companies


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Template 4: Important formalities for employee exit plan

To help your employee exit your company in a structured and well-organised manner, we have created a template for you. It includes elements such as exit interviews, pending bonuses, employee feedback, medical claim settlements, and transfer of ESIC. You can separate the procedures into four text box elements: responsible parties, duration, and modes. For instance, you can list the pending bonus with HR for 10 minutes and the mode as offline. This will help you settle and complete all your exit tasks.


Important formalities for employee exit plan


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Template 5: Marketing knowledge transfer plan for employee exit

Use this slide to create a presentation about a marketing knowledge transfer plan for your employee exit. This slide helps you make sure someone's knowledge and skills are passed on to other employees before they leave the company. You should list the tasks that must be completed by your employee before the departure date. The plan outlines the following: Knowledge areas like SEO (search engine optimisation), handling marketing platforms and website design, knowledge owner, knowledge recipient, objectives, priorities, and deadlines. 


Marketing knowledge transfer plan for employee exit


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Template 6:  Steps for HR employee exit plan

To help your HR conduct a proper employee exit, here is a readymade creative plan template. Designed with circles representing steps and stages in the exit process, this template will help simplify the offboarding process. You can start by managing the resignations and informing all the departments. Next, document the employee's exit and communicate with the employee in face-to-face meetings. You can then plan a knowledge transfer, collect the company assets, conduct the exit interview. This ensures a sustained relationship with the employee.


Steps for HR employee exit plan


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Template 7: Seven steps of employee exit plan

Break down your employee exit plan into seven steps with this creative flowchart template. This will help your HR personnel carry out this process according to all the procedures and in a smooth and orderly fashion. The process starts with the notice period, which is two months, then the paperwork, like resignation, and the third step is responsibility, like handing over duties. The fourth step involves tasks like communicating information to departments and then retrieving company assets, as well as the exit interview. The final step is asking the employee to join the alumni network to stay in contact.


Seven steps of employee exit plan


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Template 8: Employee exit plan best practices

This PPT Template helps you develop a structured processes for offboarding your employees. It helps you achieve optimal results and increase efficiency. This chart includes elements like offering impressive onboarding to employees and treating employees with kindness. It also lists recapturing insights like collecting feedback forms, ensuring compliance by protecting company credentials and assets. 


Employee exit plan best practices


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Template 9: Three Phases of Employee Exit Plan

You can divide your employee exit plan into three phases with details of each department and personnel. This template helps you do that with set rows and columns. The process involves the employee, manager, and the HR personnel. The three phases are preparation, departure, and post-departure. You can check off the tasks that the employee, HR and management have to perform in each phase. For instance, in phase 1, the employee must submit the resignation letter, and the management will review the terms of the agreement, while the HR will accept the resignation letter.


Three phase of employee exit plan


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Template 10: Step to automate employee exit plan

To make offboarding process for employees easier, use this automated employee exit plan template. It provides four steps to automate and simplify this process. These steps include designing an internal offboarding form where you can revoke user credentials. The next step involves creating a workflow and integrating your business rules. The third step is to integrate the business system using an electronic document management system. Lastly, you can test and deploy your workflow for a successful employee exit process.


Step to automate employee exit plan


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Employee exit plan templates are important because they help make the onboarding process smoother. It helps make sure employees' responsibilities are handed off, their belongings are returned, and they get their final pay. With the help of these set templates, your HR can carry out successful exit interviews for feedback on what areas are doing well and what areas might need improvement. These plans also help your company follow all the rules and avoid any potential legal issues. So, these templates are more than just paperwork as they benefit your employees and your company.


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