Losing a valuable employee will always be a blow to the company unless their departure is due to a contract-based employee tenure. After all, receiving hard-earned wages is no longer the only objective of a breadwinner these days. It's job satisfaction and work-life balance, too! People weigh the value of their skills and will choose the best employers to work with. Therefore, companies have to be compeitive in offering the best work culture while also being prepared for setbacks from losing good employees. The foremost priority is having a knowledge transfer plan to help create a backup plan in case an irreplaceable employee leaves. The second is having a proper employee offboarding plan to correctly say goodbyes without hoarding any hard feelings.




Offboarding also follows the termination and retirement of departing employees, who must be relieved in a manner that is just to both parties. This is ensured by a well-defined employee offboarding program that creates a safe environment for employees to bid farewell in an organized manner. Businesses like Louis Vuitton (French luxury fashion house), Vodafone (British multinational telecommunications company), Pizza Hut (American international restaurant chain), Bellroy (Australian accessories brand), and Fujitsu (Japanese multinational IT corporation), among others, use digital offboarding tools to help create, facilitate, and manage a streamlined offboarding process. In theory, the process involves:


  1. The back transfer of assets and other facilities allotted to the employee
  2. Settling of salary, PF, and other compensations that are due on the company to pay the employee
  3. Release of experience letters and other documents that may have been kept as security
  4. Collecting feedback and suggestions from the exiting employees which could help improve the workplace experience
  5. Completing any paperwork formalities left on behalf of the employee. 


Considering these needs, SlideTeam has put together the most practical employee offboarding templates for your use. Download these content-ready and 100% editable employee offboarding templates to prepare exit interviews policies and structure the offboarding process. Go ahead and download these from the links below to prepare for succession planning in advance. 


Template 1: Employee Offboarding Interview PowerPoint Template


Create an informative guide on how to prepare offboarding interviews for your departing employees with this presentation template. Lay down the procedures to get both employees and management on board as they find common ground in conducting a feedback-based interview session. Guide your team in preparing the best set of questions and deciding on the mode of the interview so that proper feedback is collected while seeing off the exiting employees and retaining the organization's decorum. Download this organized set of 13 employee offboarding interview templates now!


Employee Offboarding PPT Templates


Download this template


Template 2: Employee Offboarding Policy A4 Guide Template


Use this PPT Deck to develop approved corporate policies for employee offboarding to help management handle each departure smoothly. Perform a scenario analysis on all possible reasons for employees to exit any organizations that can and categorize them as voluntary and involuntary as guided in this A4 document template. Edit its slides per your company policy to prepare an organized method of relieving employees without damaging the company or employee reputation. Bring order within your organization with a smooth employee offboarding policy, represented by these well-designed PPT Templates. Download now.


Employee Offboarding Policy A4 Guide


Download this template


Template 3: Employee Offboarding Process Flow Chart For Company


Design an employee offboarding process for your organization with this diagrammatic PPT Presentation. Assign different responsibilities of the offboarding process from the moment of submission of resignation or reception of termination letter to the removal of access and recognition with the company assets with this flowchart ensign. Mention all company personnel involved in onboarding an employee, including the departing employees, their reporting managers, HR, and IT members. Go ahead and download this editable PPT Setup now.


Employee offboarding process flow chart for company


Download this template


Template 4: Factors Shaping Employee Offboarding Interview Questions


If your organization wants things to end positively with an exiting employee, it must conduct the exit interview well. Use this PowerPoint Slide to help you review all the questions you should ask at an exit interview. This template will help interview committees identify the key factors to discuss during offboarding. These include the position and role of the departing employee, the existing company culture, working conditions, etc. Edit this slide at will to summon all those factors that will render the questionnaire formal yet empathetic. Download now!


Factors shaping employee offboarding interview questions


Download this template


Template 5: Different Methods for Employee Offboarding Interviews


With this PPT Slide, you can enlist all possible means of conducting offboarding interviews so that employees can attend them and express themselves properly. List all means available for your company such as face-to-face, telephone, online, or pencil-and-paper. Add the benefits of each and mention the best time to use each mode to ensure proper deployment. Download now! 


Employing different methods for employee offboarding interview


Download this template


Template 6: Informing Employees About Onboarding Interview Process


Share the specifics of your company’s offboarding interview process with your employees using this PPT Template. Prepare a sequence of steps right from submission of resignation to the beginning of the notice period. Include steps like arranging an exit interview, extending an invitation, selecting convenient methods to host one, and finally deducing from the interview, using this flowchart design. Download now. 


Informing employees about offboarding interview process


Download this template


Template 7: Examining Reasons for Employee Offboarding 


Use this ready-made design to create and submit offboarding interview analytics to investigate why an employee exits. Draw stats on the various causes such as personal issues, growth pathways, family concerns, health issues, salaries, etc. These interviews will allow you to elicit vital insights into the leading cause of employee exit and how other factors influence an employee's association with an organization. Download now. 


Examining reasons for employee offboarding interview


Download this template


Template 8: Employee Offboarding Checklist Template


Use this PPT Template to build a checklist of measures to be taken following the exit interview to notify the employee's departure, gather business records and assets, etc. Mark the status of these activities for every employee offboarding process. You can even add comments to further smoothen this process for future exits. Maintain this checklist template as a part of your comprehensive offboarding process. Download now.


Comprehensive employee offboarding interview checklist for improving processes


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Template 9: Exit Interview Form Template


Design an exit form filled with relevant questions for a departing employee with this content-ready PPT Layout. Record the employee particulars, their knowledge of the reporting managers, and the date. Then, proceed to the top reasons for employee dissatisfaction with the organization. You can even ask them to add reasons on their own to know all about your employee’s psychology and how you can work to improve them. Download it from the link below.


Exit Interview Form template


Download this template


Template 10: Exit Clearance Form Template


Create a clearance form for your offboarding employee with this editable PPT Template. Help the employee checklist all the particulars that confirm their disassociation with the company. These would include the return of any company assets and documents. Use this content-ready template to record the status of all facilities from the accounts, IT, and other departments that the departing employee had, as well as their signature and date. Download now. 


Exit Clearance Form Template


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Template 11: Resignation Acceptance Letter 


Use this readymade letter format to share acceptance of resignation if employees leave willingly after completing their notice periods. Mention the particulars of the employee, including their title, department, address, number, etc. You can use the readymade content or edit it as required. Finally, you can sanctify it with the name and signature of the relieving authority and thus share it over email or hand them over in hard copy. Download now.


Resignation acceptance letter template


Download this template


Template 12: Experience Certificate Template


Use this ready-made layout to offer an experience certificate to employees to convey goodwill and gratitude for their services to the organization. Fill in the employee particulars along with their name, parentage, profile, and the last salary they drew. Sign in with the official authority's signature, and include an express letter wishing your departing employee the best of luck. Download now. 


Experience Certificate Template


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Complete the hassle-free exit process of your departing employees with our employee offboarding templates designed for policy making, structure the process, and create meaningful interview questionnaires with these SlideTeam’s content-ready PPT designs. Download now!


PS: Offboarding creates room for new hires and the process of onboarding the new joiners can be simplified with our onboarding templates put together in this blog.