Have you wondered how companies like Apple and Tesla come up with a never-ending slew of products that consistently alter the tech landscape and put them ahead of the competition? 


There are many possible answers to this question, but it is their ability to deploy an innovation tunnel which help them deliver quality products. 


An innovation funnel is a lean methodology that aids firms in building new products and services. It is a systematic and organized approach to innovation that has been tested through the years and has helped countless corporations in the fray upgrade their own internal performance. 


This funnel works by first collecting a large number of ideas through brainstorming or other techniques. A screening of the potential ideas is then done, and the most promising ones are then built up by the company. 


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When implemented right, the innovation funnel can be a powerful tool, helping companies drive up their own success rates with their products.


In this article, we’re going to be discovering several content-ready innovation tunnel templates that you can employ to help you propagate the best ideas, giving your business the edge, it needs in this ever-changing dynamic market. 


Let’s begin. 


Template 1 - Innovation Funnel Management Process Template

Use this comprehensive PPT template to reinvent and reinvigorate your ideation and innovation procedures. It comprise actionable data and resources that can help you restructure your existing business framework to bring about better products and services for the future. Deploy the contents of the presentation to get a better handle at this process, to design and develop stronger innovation procedures, and to scale up your enterprise to achieve superior results in the long run. 


Innovation Funnel Management Process


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Template 2 - Open Innovation Funnel Model showing Idea Development PPT Slide

Instigate new and revolutionary ideas for business with the aid of this creatively rendered PPT layout. The PPT diagram can assist firms in comprehending the major steps involved in the creative process, isolating areas where they need to focus their efforts. Track the progress of new ideas from the conception stage to the commercialization stage, and make necessary adjustments to the process. Some highlights of this slide include the phases envision, engage, evolve, evaluate and execute, along with program strategy, brainstorming, idea development, team evaluation, and approval. 


Open Innovation Funnel Model Showing Idea Development


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Template 3 - Idea Generation and Innovation Funnel Framework Template

This PPT template can be an important tool for companies seeking to generate and implement new ideas. Streamline your innovation process and increase your chances of success by integrating it into your creative process. The slide presents the major phases in the ideation process – idea generation, concept, refine, development, and exploitation. Use this slide as a source of inspiration to brainstorm for new business ideas, to test those ideas and apply them within specific business frameworks, and to build on your ideas and refine them prior to market launch. 


Idea Generation and Innovation Funnel Framework


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Template 4 - 3 Stage Idea with Innovation Funnel Slide

Use this ready-made PPT theme to embolden yourself and your teams, crafting an authentic ideation process along the way. The dashboard consists of three subheadings – generate ideas, evaluate ideas, and develop concepts, each with its own unique icon shape. Use this 3-stage idea diagram to showcase your best ideas and their impact, to inspire your audience to participate in the brainstorming process, and to present your innovation strategy and vision to your stakeholders. 


3 Stage Idea with Innovation Funnel


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Template 5 - Open Innovation Funnel Framework with Ideation and Implementation

Impress your audience with a clear and concise presentation of how you generate, evaluate and apply new ideas, all with the aid of this dashboard. It gives you a creative illustration that depicts your idea generation process and strategies. It includes the subheadings ideation, define, measure, analyze, implement, and control. Utilize the contents of this slide to present your innovation process and the best practices to your team members, facilitate collaboration within your teams and with external partners, and to share your vision for innovation and idea generation.


Open Innovation Funnel Framework With Ideation & Implementation


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Template 6 - Five staged Innovation Funnel with Strategic Alignment

Exhibit your authentic innovation strategies in a clear and engaging way, spurring your workers into action, all with the help of this slide. This slide features a five-phase innovation funnel with the stages, ‘strategic perspective and intent’, ‘external knowledge gathering’, ‘exploration and learning’, ‘Value assessment’ and more. Use the contents of this slide to develop and refine your ideas while applying them to the relevant business models. 


Five Staged Innovation Funnel with Strategic Alignment


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Template 7 - Open Innovation Funnel Template

This template can be employed by companies seeking to adopt an open innovation strategy to advance their technology and achieve stronger market penetration. The slide illustrates how internal and external technologies can be combined and exploited to create innovative products or services that meet market needs. The funnel present in the dashboard is segmented into the stages – internal technology base, external technology base, external technology insourcing, our internals/external venture handling, our current market etc. 


Open Innovation Funnel Contains Internal Technology M…


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Template 8 - Open Innovation Process Funnel Set 2 Innovation Product Development

This PPT can a useful tool for companies seeking to leverage knowledge and collaboration to enhance their internal competencies and accelerate their innovation process. It features some vital subheadings such as ‘research and development co-operation’, ‘licensing in’, ‘licensing out’, ‘venturing’, ‘acquisition’, ‘divestment’, and more. Download this slide today and present your authentic innovation funnel framework, bolstering resolve within your teams and eliciting better performance. 


Open Innovation Process Funnel for Target Market Audience


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Template 9 - Innovation Funnel with Detailed Analysis of Idea

This PPT slide is a useful tool for companies that want to embrace open innovation and create a constant stream of ideas for superior innovations. The slide is customizable and can be adapted to different contexts and industries. The subheadings portrayed in this template include ‘idea conceptualization’, ‘designing’, ‘detailed analysis’ and ‘market deployment’. Get this template now and successfully align your innovation efforts with your strategic goals and vision.


Innovation Funnel with Detailed Analysis of Idea


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Template 10 - Innovation Funnel Management Process with Challenges 

Impress your audience with your creativity and expertise in open innovation by bringing this vibrantly made PPT layout to the fray. It presents a management process for ideation and innovation with an added insight into the challenges one might face along the way. Some highlights of the slide include ‘cultural transformation’, ‘alignment and communication’, ‘innovation capability assessment’, ‘submission and participation’ and more. The template can be a powerful asset for companies seeking to manage their innovation funnel and improve their chances of success.


Innovation Funnel Management Process with Challenges


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The innovation tunnel is not a magic bullet or a guarantee of success, but a guide for innovation, an instrument that, when wielded correctly, has the capacity to empower its users. Companies that have built a successful innovation tunnel witness a marked improvement in their performance, drastically heightening their chances of success with the products and services that they launch. Download our pre-designed templates and weaponize your own internal ideation processes, giving your company the ability to beat back the competition and emerge as a major player in your specific domain. 


FAQs on Innovation Funnel


Why do we need an innovation funnel?


An innovation funnel is an apparatus that allows businesses to identify, develop, and launch new products and services. It helps businesses to streamline the innovation process in a structured and competent manner, ensuring that only market-friendly and commercial ideas are pursued. 


Below are some the benefits of an innovation funnel:


Heightened innovation

An innovation funnel can be an asset for businesses that seek to improve their internal innovation process, assisting businesses in producing ideas for their own personal business uses. 


Enhanced efficiency

An innovation funnel can bolster the efficiency of any business within its own specific working mediums, providing an organized approach to ideation and development. 


Reduced risk

An innovation funnel enables a leaner working methodology that makes for reduced risk when launching new products or services. 


Improved alignment

An innovation funnel can help build stronger alignment between a business’s personal innovation strategy and their wider vision and business strategy.


What are the 4 stages of innovation?


The four stages of innovation are as listed below:



This is the phase where new ideas are generated, with the aid of exercises such as brainstorming, ideation workshops, etc. 



This is the next phase in the pipeline, where the ideas are tested through prototypes or proof-of-concepts. This allows the firm to sample the viability of the idea. 



In this phase, the prototypes are tested with a narrow group of users to establish their market-friendliness, prior to a broader market release. Feedback from users is also collected to refine the overall quality of the service. 



This is the stage where the idea is transformed into a new product or service and is then launched into the market. 


How do you create an innovation funnel?


Below are the steps to creating an innovation funnel


Establish your goals

Define the specific goals you seek to achieve with your innovation efforts. 


Define your target demographic

Identify and comprehend your target demographic, along with the problems they face, and their current needs and desires. 


Generate new ideas

Brainstorm for new ideas with the help of your team members, and use different avenues of creativity to engage in this exercise. 


Distil your ideas

Having produced a group of new ideas, distil them to isolate the most promising ones. 


Develop your ideas

Build prototypes or pilot products with the ideas that you have generated, and elicit feedback from users. 


Launch your service 

Having tested the ideas and made all vital alterations, do what is needed to launch them into the market. 


Who created the innovation funnel?


The innovation funnel is the product of many minds in the corporate industry bringing their own personal concepts coming together over the years, aiding in the evolution of this singular framework. Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen is regarded as one of the earliest individuals to have mentioned the innovation funnel in his book ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. The framework he had drawn out in this piece of work was further refined by other scholars, such as Robert G. Cooper and Henry Chesbrough. The former proposed a new model for innovation known as the ‘Stage-Gate Model’, which built on Christensen's ideas.