'Everything begins with an idea.' - a famous quote by Earl Nightingale, an American radio speaker and author.


Ideas like farming, gravity, vaccination, computers, and the internet have helped shape modern society. Ideas are great. But an idea alone does not amount to anything if you don't act on it.


This is why we resonate more with Helen Keller's (an American author and a disability rights advocate) quote - 'Ideas without action are useless.' 


Ideation is the creative process of generating, evaluating, and implementing ideas. The process puts the action into ideas and helps them become a reality. It ensures your ideas do not end up useless but see the light of the day through planning and effort.


SlideTeam offers several pre-designed ideation process templates. These can be used for brainstorming new product ideas, problem-solving, or optimizing existing processes.


You can use the slides to educate your employees on the ideation process, its steps, and its place in the overall project management phase.


Innovation funnels are designed to help businesses generate, select, prioritize, and deploy new ideas. Here are our top 10 innovation funnel templates, which can provide a systematic method of dealing with innovations.


The benefits of using SlideTeam's ideation templates are that they are well-researched, content, and design-ready. You can explore slides with different layouts, fonts, and colors. The premade templates significantly reduce your preparation time, which you can better utilize for idea generation.


Moreover, the templates are 100% editable, so you can customize the ideation process content and flow to suit your business needs.


Let's explore our top 7 ideation process samples.


Template 1: Ideation Process Experimentation Evolution Discovery Interpretation

If you use the ideation brainstorming process with your team, you will likely be flooded with multiple ideas. Your next step would be to evaluate the feasibility of the ideas and filter the ones that suit your business requirements the most. Then, you can proceed with the experimentation and implementation stages. Our ideation template presents the five stages of the process in a table- discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation, and evolution. A bubble-like graphic flows through the table, representing the volume of ideas at the start and the filtered solution at the end. Download the template and start ideating.


Ideation Process Experimentation Evolution Discovery Interpretation


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Template 2: 5 Phases Process of Ideation

The template creatively presents the 5 phases in the process of ideation. The phases are - prepare, incubate, illuminate, evaluate and implement. Each stage is explained further with lists. We have used a vertical zigzag flow with circular icons and numbered rows to show the sequence of phases. The zigzag graphic ensures you can showcase each step in a clutter-free manner. And it also helps draw attention to the step you are talking about. The slide is editable, so you can customize it with your brand colors. Get the template now.


5 Phases Process of Ideation


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Template 3: Five Steps of Ideation Process

If you want to solve a problem from a customer's perspective, the ideation process template below can be helpful. The five steps of the process are empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. You can specify the tasks to be carried out under each step. For example, meeting customers and interviewing them under the empathize step could help you identify the problem. Similarly, under prototype, you will create mockups of filtered ideas. The appeal of this template is the descriptive and colorful circular icons arranged in a sequential manner. Grab the template and get ready for creative problem-solving.


Five Steps of Ideation Process


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Template 4: Project Intake Process at Ideation Stage

Project intake is the process of capturing new project requests in an organized manner. It involves activities like gathering details like type of project, requirements, budget, deadline, and approving authorities. Our project intake template describes the process in five stages. These stages are - department request, project request, org approval, campus prioritization, and project initiation. The stages are presented in five numbered and colored vertical textboxes. The template includes instructions on how to resize shapes and change colors. Download the slide and get your project requirements right.


Project Intake Process at Ideation Stage


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Template 5: Ideation Process with Understand Create, Deliver

If you want to educate employees on the problem-solving ideation process, the pre-designed template below will be helpful. The slide includes the five typical stages of the process: empathy, define, ideate, prototype, and test. The USP of the template is that the stages are categorized into understand, create, and deliver groups. The categorization highlights the purpose of the stages. For example, empathy and define stages are dedicated to understanding the issue. Similarly, in the deliver category you will make prototypes and test the filtered ideas. Get the template and present the purpose of the ideation process.


Ideation Process with Understand Create Deliver


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Template 6: Steps for Successful Product Development Ideation

Are you looking for the next big product idea? Our product development ideation template lays out the detailed steps from idea generation to implementation. The three main steps in the slide are - idea generation sourcing, ideation selection techniques, and rules for ideation implementation. The USP of the template is the availability of well-researched content. For example, in the generation step, you can get ideas from your R&D team, customers, and competitors or talk to sources with industry knowledge. Similarly, you can use focus groups or sketching to pick ideas in the selection step. Download the template and boost your product development process.


Steps for Successful Product Development Ideation


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Template 7: Project Management Funnel with Ideation and Testing

You can use the project management funnel template to present the different stages of a project. The six stages mentioned in the slide are - ideation, testing, writing the proposal, project planning, project implementation, and project closure. You can add a one-liner under the stage headings as a short explanation. You can use the template to educate your audience on what comes next after ideation. The slides' graphics are editable, so you can change shape, size, color, and orientation as required. Get the template now.


Project Management Funnel with Ideation and Testing


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Template 8: Ideation Process with Implementation and Inspiration

Here is another template that showcases the steps in the ideation process. The slides adopt a creative approach, using a Venn diagram and a soft pastel color palette. The three main steps highlighted are inspiration, ideation, and implementation. There is ample space available around the diagram where you can add text elaborating on the steps. Inside the Venn diagram circles, you can add sub-steps, such as how observation and stories can help you get inspiration. Download the template now.




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Get Creative with our Ideation Process Templates


The ideation process is an effective technique for generating new ideas and seeing them through to implementation. Our pre-designed ideation templates can help you with product development, problem-solving, and project management. You can use them to understand the ideation phases and the specific tasks to be carried out under each phase. The slides use attractive layouts, colors, and descriptive icons to present information in a visually appealing manner. Use the available content as inspiration to formulate your own ideation process.


Did none of the above ideation templates meet your requirements? Or would you like to explore more ideation samples? Here are 20 more ideation PowerPoint templates that can take you from creative idea generation to implementation.