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Top 10 Task Analysis Samples With Examples And Templates

Top 10 Task Analysis Samples With Examples And Templates

Samradni Pradhan

Samradni Pradhan

January 26 2023

The success of the biggest projects in the world depends on how individual tasks critical to it are performed; in essence, project success is the sum of the parts, with the whole more than the parts. 


The individual tasks are divided across employees and spread across days, weeks, and months. In every important stakeholder meeting, it is important to highlight these individual tasks. Stakeholders are not only interested in knowing the end result but also relevant information on tasks that led to the project’s success. The best way to put forth your task analysis is to use a set of presentation templates. In this blog, we will cover the Top 10 task analysis project templates with samples and examples. 

The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure. 


If you are also interested in exploring some task dashboard templates, you can check these out here


Template 1: Workday Task Analysis PowerPoint Template Bundles


When it comes to focusing on the right way of delivering a project, it is important that the work tasks are highlighted properly. Here is a template that helps you with that. You can outline each task throughout the project’s requirements. With this presentation deck, you can include daily and weekly task sheets from the start till the end of the project. Download it right away!


Workday Task Analysis PowerPoint Template Bundles


Download Now


Template 2: Workday Task Analysis Daily Schedule Activity the Ultimate Human Resource Toolkit


This is a great presentation template to outline each employee’s individual workday task analysis. On the left, a timeline is drawn up, and then the columns are divided as per days of the week. Each employee can fill this task sheet based on their requirements from a project management perspective. You can edit the content of this sheet as and when required. Explore this template today!


Workday Task Analysis Daily Schedule Activity the Ultimate Human Resource Toolkit


Download Now


Template 3: The Ultimate Human Resources Workday Task Analysis


This is another great template that the Human Resources department can use to underline its importance in an organization’s future. In some cases, there is a need to define individual workdays for employees, which you can do through this template. Each workday for an employee is divided into phases. According to this template, these are defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the task. Additionally, these tasks are bifurcated into planned and actual. You can also add comments for each task. Use this template today!


The Ultimate Human Resources Workday Task Analysis


Download Now


Template 4: Project Coordination Sheet For Staff Task Analysis


At any given time, you will have a team of employees working towards a project, and coordination and mapping of employees to tasks are important. This template helps you with staff task analysis and smooth coordination among team members. Each task is divided into three categories not started, in progress, and closed. You can include and color-coordinate the information needed for better project coordination in this one slide which is a solution to your pain point of poor internal communication. Download this template today!


Project Coordination Sheet For Staff Task Analysis


Download Now


Template 5: Cost Reductions Task Analysis Prepare Unadjusted Trial Balance


Imagine you are working on a big project and realize mid-way that your expenses are shooting over budget. That is a bad space to be in. What works best is to plan cost reductions from the project’s initiation itself. This template on cost reduction task analysis is the perfect way to depict the ways to showcase methods and processes to reduce your spending over the course of the project. Download now!


Cost Reductions Task Analysis Prepare Unadjusted Trial Balance


Download Now


Template 6: One-Pager Job Task Analysis Data Sheet Presentation Report Infographic PPT 


There are times when a lot of information needs to be covered, and a presentation slide is not enough. A one-pager document works great in such situations. Details about the job role and the task description are mentioned. A separate section for individual tasks, their frequency, duration, and skill investments are also provided. You can edit the content within this sheet according to your business requirements. Go ahead and add this template to your cart!


One-Pager Job Task Analysis Data Sheet Presentation Report Infographic PPT


Download Now


Template 7: Linear Progression Representation of Task Analysis Process


The most important element to highlight during a job task analysis process is the flow or progression of events; the end result is not the goal, at least here. You want to talk about each criteria and level before showing the end numbers. You can do this using the template given below. In this linear progression representation template, the content is divided into three parameters. These are defining the task description, data collection, and analyzing the data. If you are looking to present your linear progression details, look no further and download this template now!


Linear Progression Representation of Task Analysis Process


Download Now


Template 8: Agile Report With Revenue Trend And Task Analysis


Agility is something every company wants to incorporate into their project requirements. This template on agile reporting with revenue trends and task analysis depicts relevant data in a comprehensive manner. Using graphics like funnels, bar charts, and pie diagrams, this data can be presented in a way that is easy to understand. The color scheme used is professional to ensure the right information is highlighted. Explore this template today!


Agile Report With Revenue Trend And Task Analysis


Download Now


Template 9: Employee Job Task Analysis Evaluation Sheet


Each employee plays a crucial role in a project’s completion. This template acts as a great way to showcase each employee’s individual task list and analysis. The information comes in handy when you want to evaluate the effectiveness of each task. Right from including the name of the employee to the number of hours invested, all information is shared through this template. You can also highlight specific functions here. Download now!


Employee Job Task Analysis Evaluation Sheet


Download Now


Template 10: Procedural Task Flow Analysis Diagram


Sometimes, you need to outline the exact task flow analysis diagram of tasks that you took up during the project’s completion. In such cases, this template works well. This template outlines milestones completed as ‘tasks’ during your project duration. There is a ‘start’ visual added which talks about the project’s beginning, and the flow of the project is represented with arrows and lines. This template makes use of simple yet attention-grabbing visuals that depict your project story. Add this template to your list today!


Procedural Task Flow Analysis Diagram


Download Now




Task analysis diagrams and flow charts put across the right impression in front of your audience to show how the project started, the current progress, and other parameters as well. Task analysis presentations need to be presented systematically and appealingly, and this can only be done through professional templates like the ones available on our website.


Download these premium PPT Slides through our monthly, semi-annual, annual, annual + custom design subscriptions here.


FAQs on Task Analysis


What do you mean by task analysis?

Task analysis can be described as the study of the methods adopted to complete tasks to achieve your goals. Each project involves interlinked tasks which need to be completed for successful project execution. Task analysis involves learning through observation and analysis of aspects of a project. 


What are the five steps of task analysis?

Task analysis is carried out in steps that help in the project’s systematic development. There are mainly five steps involved in the process of task analysis which begins with the identification of the goals. In subsequent steps, these tasks are divided into subtasks for effective execution. This ensures faster collection of information, facilitating better work allotment.


The analysis can also be done in ways based on the project for which the apt analysis needs to be selected. After deciding the analysis type, the analysis process is started by considering aspects of the project. In the final step, the results obtained are evaluated by providing them to the team.


What are some examples of task analysis?

While dealing with the process of task analysis, there are many approaches to choose from. The cognitive approach can be used to understand the impact of hiring on the project and ensure a smooth hiring process. Any process can be completed effectively through proper task analysis as it is a systematic approach. It has a specific nature where the needs of the individuals are considered throughout the project, and only then are tasks allotted.


What are the three types of task analysis?

Task analysis is mainly divided into three types which include sequential, branching, and process control. The nature of the organization and the jobs involved in it determine the type that is deployed.


The use of the sequential method in task analysis can be seen across industries based on the work assigned to it. A complex task is broken down into a sequence involving smaller steps or actions. 


In the branching type, easier integration is done through enhanced work coordination. The simplification of the process is the focus behind such types of task analysis, leading to better control. The process control type is focused on the management and control of the diverse processes involved in the tasks.

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