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PowerPoint presentation slides

Deliver an informational PPT on various topics by using this Pre Revenue Startup Valuation Powerpoint Presentation Slides. This deck focuses and implements best industry practices, thus providing a birds-eye view of the topic. Encompassed with fifty four slides, designed using high-quality visuals and graphics, this deck is a complete package to use and download. All the slides offered in this deck are subjective to innumerable alterations, thus making you a pro at delivering and educating. You can modify the color of the graphics, background, or anything else as per your needs and requirements. It suits every business vertical because of its adaptable layout.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Pre-Revenue Startup Valuation. State Your Company Name and begin.
Slide 2: This slide shows Agenda for Pre-revenue Startup Valuation.
Slide 3: This slide presents Table of Content for the presentation.
Slide 4: This slide shows title for topics that are to be covered next in the template.
Slide 5: This slide displays the challenges of intrinsic valuation for startup company which includes existing asset valuation, emerging asset valuation, identifying discounted rates, etc.
Slide 6: This slide represents Challenges of Relative Valuation for Startup.
Slide 7: This slide shows the need related to the startup valuation which includes exchange of cash for a percentage share, overall valuation, etc.
Slide 8: This slide presents Risk Related to Wrong Valuation of the Startup Company.
Slide 9: This slide shows the factors that influence the startup company which includes products, profitability, brand values, etc.
Slide 10: This slide displays Key Points to Bear in Mind When Valuing a Start-up.
Slide 11: This slide represents Table of Contents for Calculating the Value of a Startup Company.
Slide 12: This slide shows Start-up Business Introduction with Business Segment Details.
Slide 13: This slide presents Vision, Mission and Long-term Objective of Startup Business.
Slide 14: The slide provides the key executives (C-level, Executive board member and Head of the departments) of the Start-up Company.
Slide 15: This slide displays the shareholder structure of the startup company which includes founders, private investors, seed investors, etc.
Slide 16: This slide represents Company Product Description Showing Ratings and Price.
Slide 17: This slide shows Table of Contents for Calculating the Value of a Startup Company.
Slide 18: This slide presents Startup Valuation Financing Cycle with Revenue and Time.
Slide 19: This slide shows Startup Valuation Approach with Characteristics and Methodologies.
Slide 20: This slide displays Startup Business Valuation Timeline in Different Stages.
Slide 21: This slide represents the startup failure rate with funding sequence, failure to raise next round, failure to exit, etc.
Slide 22: This slide shows Factors Impacting Valuation with Economy & Market Conditions.
Slide 23: This slide presents Table of Contents for Calculating the Value of a Startup Company.
Slide 24: This slide shows Various Sources of Startup Business Investment.
Slide 25: This slide displays Startup Business Valuation Using Different Methods.
Slide 26: This slide represents Startup Company Competitors Analysis Framework.
Slide 27: This slide shows competitors analysis of the start-up company related to product specific product features, pricing, discount etc.
Slide 28: This slide presents the business valuation from startup to exit round which includes various stages such as angel, seed, venture capital, etc.
Slide 29: This slide shows the growth stage equity split for startup valuation which includes angel group, option pool, founders' details, series-A, etc.
Slide 30: This slide displays Startup Valuation Method Comparison Details with Results.
Slide 31: This slide represents Valuation Summary for Internal Rate of Return Method.
Slide 32: This slide shows Table of Contents for Calculating the Value of a Startup Company.
Slide 33: This slide presents Startup Valuation Results with Value Per Share Details.
Slide 34: This slide shows Return on Investment Calculation Details with Projected Cash Flow.
Slide 35: This slide displays Valuation Factors Details for Startup Company.
Slide 36: This slide represents the market comparison methods for startup companies such as industry details, niche, founder experience, etc.
Slide 37: This slide shows Risk Reduction Method with Pre-Money Valuation.
Slide 38: This slide presents the various stages with expected rate of returns which includes seed/startup, early stage, later stage, etc.
Slide 39: This slide shows Table of Contents for Calculating the Value of a Startup Company.
Slide 40: This slide displays Long Term Goals and Strategy to Achieve that Goals.
Slide 41: This slides represents the startup business pre-series and post series valuation which includes founders, pre-seed, venture capitalist’s, etc.
Slide 42: This slide shows Startup Business Growth Over Two Years with Total Valuation Details.
Slide 43: This slide displays Icons for Pre-revenue Startup Valuation.
Slide 44: This slide is titled as Additional Slides for moving forward.
Slide 45: This slide provides 30 60 90 Days Plan with text boxes.
Slide 46: This is a Timeline slide. Show data related to time intervals here.
Slide 47: This slide shows Post It Notes. Post your important notes here.
Slide 48: This slide presents Roadmap with additional textboxes.
Slide 49: This slide depicts Venn diagram with text boxes.
Slide 50: This slide contains Puzzle with related icons and text.
Slide 51: This is an Idea Generation slide to state a new idea or highlight information, specifications etc.
Slide 52: This slide showcases Magnifying Glass to highlight information, specifications etc
Slide 53: This is a Timeline slide. Show data related to time intervals here.
Slide 54: This is a Thank You slide with address, contact numbers and email address.

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