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Top 10 Business Consulting Proposal Templates For Industry Experts To Win Clients!

Top 10 Business Consulting Proposal Templates For Industry Experts To Win Clients!

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

December 3 2022

Consultants are industry experts with decades of field experience and knowledge. An in-depth understanding of business and its problems helps them guide corporations out of challenging situations. Organizations hire them (on a contractual basis) to assist management (management consulting) or employees run smooth business operations or find solutions. Consultants keep a close watch on industry, trends, and businesses and look for opportunities to grow their consulting business/firm by helping enterprises in need. Whatever the scenario, a business consulting proposal is the first step in creating a formal bond with or by a consulting firm. 


What Are Business Consulting Proposals?


It is a document that outlines your service offer — nature, scope, timeline, price, and other crucial details for a consulting project to a business. Its secondary purpose is to serve as a marketing/sales pitch for your firm/services. A consulting proposal is a binding document/contract to begin business between a firm and corporate clients.

Drafting a proposal is as regular for a consultant as approaching new clients. It is the final and most crucial step of the client acquisition process and includes paperwork & signatories; thus, it should be drafted with great precision.


Business Consulting Proposal Templates And Process


Consulting proposals should be customized per the business requirements of each project/client. Creating a proposal from scratch might seem daunting (for new consultants), and over time, the process appears boring (to experts). We are sharing a step-by-step process to get you out of this paradox and help you create a client-grabbing business consulting proposal. Our pre-designed business consulting proposal templates, shared with each step, will make it easier for you to master the process.

Let’s get started!


Bonus: Cover Slide

The first step in writing business proposals is introducing your purpose of reaching the client. A cover slide template will help you put across your objective of contact with subtleness and minimum effort. Put a relative picture or logo, document objective, date of submission, and your firm/representative name on this page. Here is a sample design for the cover page of the business consulting proposal.


Cover Slide For Business Consulting Proposal Templates


Download this business consulting proposal deck


1. Greetings With A Cover Letter Template For Business Consulting Proposal

Start your business consulting proposal with a cover letter for clients. This is part of relationship building and helps gain readers’ trust. A cover letter shows your dedication towards work and investment of effort in writing a proposal. This will be the first readable document your clients will come across. Keep it simple, eye-catching, and easy to read. Start with a salutation and introduce your firm with one line. Address the client firm and their problem and your solution/objective to submit this proposal. In the end, add your signature. Here is a sample cover letter template to add to your business consulting proposal.


Cover Letter Template For Business Consulting Proposal


Download the cover letter template


2. Executive summary and Deliverables For Business Consulting Proposal

This section summarizes your complete project proposal in one template. Executive summaries are ideal for clients who do not have time to review the entire submission. It tells the reader what this proposal is about by summarizing the problem, solution, and your approach/service in two-three sentences. After the proposal summary, you must mention the deliverables — end products that the client(s) will get after completion of the consulting/phase of the project. Deliverables are the “what” part of the consulting proposal.


This sample template is an ideal presentation of a business consulting proposal’s executive summary and deliverables. It offers ample space to write a straightforward and eye-catching summary. Use this PPT design and share your consulting proposal summary and deliverables with clients to hook them to read.


Executive summary and Deliverables For Business Consulting Proposal Templates


Download this Project summary and deliverables template


3. Project Scope and Activities Template for Business Consulting Proposal 

Defining a project scope is necessary to save your business relationships from conflicts. It is also known as a project outline and highlights activities you will do (or will not do). This will be a reference document for both parties when there is a misunderstanding about project roles & responsibilities. The project scope is the ‘how’ part of the consulting proposal. The only golden rule of writing this section is to be specific and detailed to save yourself from headaches and scope creep.


This sample template shows a detailed version of writing a project scope and activities for a business consulting proposal. After highlighting the major activities divide them into sub-activities and explain everything in a comprehensive manner. Download it now!


Project Scope and Activities for Business Consulting Proposal Templates


Download this project activities template


4. Value-added Services Template For Business Consulting Proposal

Mention the services your consulting firm provides to its clients. These services can include the project scope activities or other benefits the client has not asked for. Adding these services increases the value proposition and chances of approval. If the client’s organization needs these services and thinks of outsourcing these, it’s your chance to cross-sell or offer a freebie.  


This sample template will help you present and connect all your services offered in a way that clients cannot resist. Its easy-to-understand design will add value to your business consulting proposal. Get it now!


Value-added Services In Business Consulting


Download the services offered template


5. Project Timeline Template For Business Consulting Proposal

A timeline will help the client visualize events in sequence, understand the process without confusion, and ensure that you have things planned. This section is important for setting boundaries and expectations with clients. It is the ‘when’ part of the business consulting proposal. Here, you should mention the specific date, time, and duration for completing the activities/phase mentioned in the project scope section. Do not forget to include start & end dates and milestones.


This PowerPoint Template allows you to break monthly objectives into weeklies and set milestones for each project activity. Use this presentation design to share a detailed business consulting proposal timeline with your clients. 


Business Consulting Proposal Timeline Template


Download this business consulting proposal timeline template


6. Service Charges And Investment Template For Business Consulting Proposal

It’s time to talk about some business. In this section, make a clear statement of your consulting service charges along with accepted payment methods and price models. Mention whether you want payment in installments with completion of each phase or half as a down payment and half on completion. You can simplify your payment into service charges, equipment costs, or any other billing element included.


This consulting proposal template will help you share your payment information with clients in a sophisticated manner. It has pre-designed columns to support the breakdown of your complete payment into small elements or charges per service. Grab it today!


Business Consulting Proposal Service Charges And Investment Template


Download the business consulting services charges template 


7. About Us Template For Business Consulting Proposal

This section is the most flexible and movable part of your business consulting proposal. You can add this template right after the project summary or (here or) before the second last slide. Introducing (or re-introducing) your consulting business here will demonstrate your strengths, capabilities, industry expertise, and achievements. It helps make your candidature strong and gives you a competitive edge.


Use this template to highlight your experience and skills. Add your firm’s logo, vision, mission statements, and core values to this PPT layout and prove your compatibility with the hiring organization. Get it now!


About Us Template For Business Consulting Proposal


Download this business consulting proposal about us template


8. Terms & Conditions Template For Business Consulting Proposal

Business consulting proposals must have terms and conditions sections to avoid conflicts. You must enlist service terms, contract termination, terms of information confidentiality, data privacy, conflict of interest, non-solicitation, and general terms in this section. These terms can be referred to resolve legal issues.


This template will help you write down your terms of service in an easy-to-read and understandable manner. Take a break from those standard length long but ant size word terms and conditions documents. Use this fresh, modern design in your consulting proposal to impress your clients. Download it today!


Terms & Conditions Template For Business Consulting Proposal


Download the business consulting proposal terms & conditions template


9. Contract & Signatories Template for Business Consulting Proposal

Some consulting firms avoid sending an official contract with the business proposal and lose their immediate chance to grab the deal. Avoid this by signing the contract in your business consulting proposal. Add the final statement/statement of work/deal agreement with space for the client’s signature to finalize the deal. This will also represent how keen you are to start the business and provide solutions.


This sample contract for a business consulting proposal includes all essential elements required for a binding agreement. Edit this PPT Design with the required text, add your signature, and attach it with your proposal to double the chances of acceptance. Get it now!


Contract & Signatories Template for Business Consulting Proposal


Download the business consulting proposal contract template


10. Contact Details Template For Business Consulting Proposal

Some might prefer to add the ‘next step’ template here, while others prefer to add ‘contact us.’ The purpose of both is the same. Provide clarity and motivation to the client for dealing with the “what after signing a contract” situation. Ask them to reach out whenever they are ready or want you to start your consulting business. Share the email and phone number of at least two persons (in case either is not reachable) and your office address(es).


This template will help you share contact information that aids recall. You can add a clickable map link to navigate them to your office address. Add the contact person’s photo to make it more eye-catching. Download it today!


Contact Details Template For Business Consulting Proposal


Download this business consulting proposal contact details template


In the End


This business consulting proposal deck has something more to offer. Downloading this presentation deck will give you slides (other than these) on consulting approach, accountability, team introduction, client testimonials, and 10+ additional slides.


With the help of these steps and business consulting proposal templates, you will be able to create a comprehensive yet concise business consulting proposal in a quick manner. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a compelling business consulting proposal and win more business as industry experts and leaders!


FAQs on Business Consulting Proposal


1. How do I write a consulting business proposal?


There is no standard or set process for writing a business consulting proposal. You can follow the below steps to prepare a client-winning proposal:


1. Before writing a proposal, meet your client or at least have a phone conversation

2. Understand your client’s needs and challenges and wants to provide a suitable solution.

3. Prove your consulting firm is an excellent investment by providing a value proposition. What you can do and how it will benefit your client must be the core of this statement.

4. Ask your client about their expectations regarding budget, deadlines, and deliverables. Align these with your value proposition and start drafting a business consulting proposal.

5. Start with writing an executive summary. 

6. Prove why you are the best for this job.

7. Set clear boundaries and expectations with the project scope.

8. Give measurable, specific, and tangible results as project deliverables.

9. Set and explain the budget to the client. 

10. Create a Terms & Conditions document to avoid conflicts and legal issues.

11. Add contract with signatories.

12. Review the proposal with the client, and if they want any changes, make them before final submission. Be open to feedback.


2. What are the elements of a consulting proposal?


The ten elements of a consulting proposal are described in this blog and are as follows:


1. Cover letter

2. Project summary and objectives

3. Deliverables

4. Project Scope

5. Timeline

6. Budget

7. Terms & conditions

8. Statement of work/contract

9. Introduction about your consulting services

10. Next step


Combining these steps will give you an ideal client-winning consulting proposal.


3. What is a business consulting proposal?


A business consulting proposal is a document that firms/consultants submit to enterprises in reply to requests for proposals (RFP) or to start a business with them. It contains information about the client’s problems, solutions, and services consultants can provide to companies to help deal with challenging situations or exploit a business opportunity. 


4. What is the purpose of a business consulting proposal?


The purpose of a business consulting proposal is to present a unique solution and a value proposition to clients. It is also a marketing document for consulting firms that sell their services to needy organizations in the best way possible.

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