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Following PPT slide can be used as a consulting document for your professional PPT presentations or by students or officials from a diverse background. After downloading this PowerPoint bundle, it escalates you to its full version where you can alter the color schemes and change the icons and images for your personalization. Easily convert these slides to JPEG or PDF format according to your need.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Consulting, the $250 billion global industry, is one of the most cherished careers for young professionals with an inclination for management and problem-solving. As always, however, the reality is that despite the outward hint of glamor and polish, the sector is grime and toil as well.  

Businesses approach a consultant when they think they (the external party) can suggest a new PIVOT or help them stay profitable for longer than they alone can keep their enterprise. 

Hence, consultants have to be excellent at business theory and practice, of course, but they also need to be able to understand the psychology and mindset of the prospective client. 

Here’s a business consulting proposal that will do the trick for you. 

This is the pain point of the consultant industry, as sometimes only technical business skills and complex commerce might not be enough for leads, who also need to be guided along the growth path the consultant draws up for them. 

Recognizing this significant gap in closing a deal, SlideTeam has drawn up this comprehensive consulting proposal to ensure the consultant can share his perspective and close the deal with confidence. This proposal builds up the much-vaunted human-to-human connection, as without really understanding the consultant’s proposal, most businesses approach a consultancy half-heartedly. 

SlideTeam offers a bi-fold hospitality consulting service with the problems and deliverables here.   

Even better, each of the templates is 100% editable and customizable, providing you with structure and a starting point. The slides ensure that no perspective in a consultant business relationship is left untouched. 

Let’s explore these templates now!

Template 1 Consulting after Clarifying What We Heard from You PPT Template 

This PPT Template gives users the opportunity to clarify expectations from prospective clients in terms of the problem or the issue as they (the consultant) see it. The PPT states in their own language, such as: The company XX would like us to perform a market assessment & competitive intelligence study for its new offering that provides accurate information for determining market opportunity. At this stage, the only aim is to ensure alignment on project context and project objectives. Get it now!

Template 2 Our Offerings to Company/Client as Consultant PPT Template

In this template, build on the understanding reached on the project previously to showcase how your intervention as a consultant will make a difference. List clearly the four areas of your intervention, which in this example sample case are the new product launch deck, buyer personas, market sizing, and investor pitch deck.    

Template 3 Proposed Methodology PPT Template

In any business consultation exercise, the first step has to be authentic, latest, quality data that is research-based. This PPT Template lists out this research as the initial step with the aim of gathering information on outlined questions that the business and the consultant (you) have identified. The sources of research are also outlined on the slide itself. 

Template 4 Content Marketing & Blogging Support After Product Launch 

This PPT Template helps you in marketing your key business products and solutions more effectively with the consultant focusing on providing extensive creative content solutions. The slide clarifies to the client that you seek to assist their business in creating high-quality content meant to generate business. Get this PPT Template now!

Template 5 Engagement Options for Consulting PPT Template

The real business-end slide for a consultant, this PPT Template, explains to the prospective client the engagement choices you offer. The options of the project team and retainer team are based on the depth of analysis the client may be wanting and requiring. On the slide are also mentioned the What, When, and How of each proposition and the engagement level. For instance, for the constantly evolving needs of a business, a retainer team of consultants is the best, and so on. Wanna know other combinations? Please download the slide now! 

Template 6 Project Cost with Projectwise Beakdown  

In a truly organized and consultant-like fashion, this PPT Template allows users to list their services according to projects. The client can pick-and-choose projects based on the description of the work the consultant will do and the anticipated cost. This slide can list up to six projects, but you can customize them according to requirements. 

Template 7 Project Cost - Retainer Team

In line with the previous slide and overall pitch for getting that contract, this PPT Template elaborates upon the project cost if the client hires a retainer team. The key benefits of the retainer arrangement are highlighted on the slide as well, these being no minimum term of engagement and fixed cost. The slide also depicts how the scope of work can be changed, with low trial cost also an advantage. 

Template 8 About Us PPT Template for Consultant 

With the complete spotlight on the key verticals, key offerings, tools, and methodologies used, this PPT Template is the primer for your work. The three figures at the end act as the added persuasive element for businesses. This slide also explains how you resolve our clients' toughest challenges by providing services in strategy, consulting, research, and presentation design. We are one of the leading strategic research services providers.

Template 9 Where We Typically Partner With Clients PPT Template

With this slide, we conclude the consulting deck. The PPT Template showcases your company’s experience, and includes a wide range of engagement types, providing support across functions and departments. The intervention usually involves market intelligence, opportunity assessment, research execution support, and so on. Overall, the template showcases about a dozen of these functional domains where your consultancy can make a marked positive contribution.


The business of consulting is a venture that requires the help-seeker to accept their limitations and the consultant to be humble in helping. Consultants have to be bold, while businesses need the courage to accept that their methods may have been flawed. In such a relationship, consultants must try that bit extra to ensure the trust placed in them bears fruit and brings business results for stakeholders. 

PS Understand the DevOps Consulting Process with a click here. 

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