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Top 10 Marketing Budget Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Marketing Budget Templates with Samples and Examples

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

November 24 2022

How much money should you budget for marketing? Is this the question that has you worried? We bring you some valuable insights on total marketing budget that will help you categorize your expenses with practicality. In terms of money, all of us need to practice magic-realism. A dollar is spent and you should get 1 dollar 50 cents in return over two years. Otherwise, what is the point of business and marketing?


According to a recent survey of Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), market spending growth slowed in September 2022 due to rise in inflation and uncertainty in the US economy. Another study reported that 4 of 10 businesses are increasing their marketing budget despite the uncertainties of the business environment. Businesses are indeed keeping email marketing, web content management, and digital marketing on the top of their priority list.


To encapsulate, businesses are shifting their marketing expenditure in a big way and this trend is expected to continue for several years.


Marketing budget may vary by industry. You must know what your industry requires and demands to nail your marketing budget. A well-structured budget helps you direct your marketing campaigns, advertisements, and more in a targeted and efficient manner. This also keeps you updated about the finances of your business and track your spending down to the last penny.


To ensure that each expense is put under the appropriate head, you need your marketing budget to be designed in a way that is visible and flexible.


Download digital marketing KPI templates to track the business growth and sales.


Marketing Budget Templates to Boost Your Brand


Bringing you SlideTeam’s top ready to use PowerPoint Templates to help you manage and measure your expenses. Incorporate these actionable and custom-made PowerPoint Slides to design a workable marketing budget. Outline a plan to allocate your money to marketing functions with these PPT Slides and save yourself from over-spending.


Go through the PPT Templates below and create a flexible marketing budget for your organization.


Let’s start!


Template 1: Marketing Budget PowerPoint Template

Are you struggling with setting a marketing budget for your company? Deploy this content-ready PowerPoint Template to breakdown your expenses and revenue in the form of forecast and projection as the slide illustrates. Use this predesigned PowerPoint Slide to put your marketing campaigns and advertisements into action without hampering finances. Incorporate this PowerPoint Diagram and add the data in the slides to analyze marketing areas where you need to focus. This PPT Layout also comprises graphs and charts to measure the success ratio of your marketing efforts. Download now!


Marketing Budget PowerPoint Template


Download this template


Template 2: Social Media Budget PPT Slide

Digital marketing plays an essential role in accelerating business growth. Therefore, invest wisely in social media platforms with this ready-made PPT Template. Allocate budget task-wise and create a 12-month marketing plan to boost your product’s ratings on social media handles. This PowerPoint Slide will also help you develop a strategy to outline a workable marketing budget that meets your business needs. View the allocated budget and year-to-date spend with this graphical representation to ease your work and streamline the execution of your next steps. Download now!


Social Media Marketing Budget PPT Template


Grab this slide


Template 3: Product Launch Marketing Budget Template

Launching a new product? Grab this content-ready PowerPoint Template to give your product the launch it deserves. Outline a budget plan to introduce your product in the market. Design new campaigns, events, press release, and more to create a buzz among the audience. This PowerPoint Diagram is perfect to help you set a budget for every quarter to keep your product new and alive in the market. Allocate a fixed amount for each paid campaign and activity to stay within your limit to make your marketing plan successful. Download now!


Product Launch Marketing Budget PPT Template


Download this template


Template 4: Marketing Campaign Budget PowerPoint Template

This is a professional and appealing PPT Template to help you plan your marketing activities with efficiency. Use this content-ready PowerPoint Diagram to list offline and online platforms where you want to market your brand. Allocate your marketing budget for every quarter to manage the total budget of your firm. Deploy this predesigned PowerPoint Slide to stay on target with estimated cost versus the actual costs. Download now!


Marketing Campaign Budget PPT Slide


Grab this slide


Template 5: Quarterly Marketing Budget PPT Template

Here is another actionable PowerPoint Template to set your marketing budget to ensure there is no careless allocation or overuse of funds, just because someone wasn’t looking. This PowerPoint Diagram is a perfect layout to manage your expenses on a quarterly basis. Pen down the marketing activities on the left side of the template to feature campaigns and advertisements for the brand or product. Allocate budget to these activities, putting these into relevant quarters to manage the expenditure of the company. Grab this PowerPoint Graphic and analyze progress you are making in tracking your finances. Download now!


Quarterly Marketing Budget PPT Template


Grab this slide


Template 6: Social Media Marketing Budget PowerPoint Slide

Want to scale up your business on social media? It’s time you proactively add content to your social media channels to engage your audience. Use this flexible PPT Template to set a budget for the online promotion of your products. Craft a comprehensive plan showcasing tasks that require your urgent attention and set a ceiling on expenditure. This PowerPoint graphic also comprises a section to add budget remaining to help you adjust, or save it for future tasks. Download now!


Social Media Marketing Budget Plan PPT Slide


Download this template


Template 7: Marketing Goals with Budget PowerPoint Template

Wish to create a marketing budget plan for your management and stakeholders? Grab this PowerPoint Template to showcase marketing goals and budget that meets your business targets. This PPT Slide comprises sections to help you exhibit company objectives and goals. You can use this PowerPoint Diagram to also present weekly marketing activities with their respective expenses to make it easier for your audience to comprehend. Outline agenda, tasks, and their expenses in the form of a list to simplify the marketing plan. Download now!


Bi-fold Marketing Budget PowerPoint Template


Download this template


Template 8: Internet Marketing Plan Budget PowerPoint Template

Provide your audience with a brief overview of internal marketing plan with tactics and budget to kickstart the promotions, advertisements, campaigns, and more. This actionable PPT slide will help you document your company’s objectives, target audience, strategy, and competitors. Use this comprehensive layout to mention your reach and conversion rate. You can deploy this PowerPoint Diagram to present a monthly marketing budget to reach a greater number of people, and put sales on the fast track. This PowerPoint Template is perfect to incorporate and demonstrate all essential marketing activities, choices, decisions, etc. Download now!


Marketing Plan with Tactics and Budget PPT Slide


Download this template


Template 9: Marketing Budget Plan Summary PowerPoint Template

Wish to compress your marketing plan and budget in one document? Look no further! Deploy this predesigned PowerPoint Template and squeeze the data into this layout. Use this PowerPoint Diagram to provide your audience with a brief introduction on your marketing plan and budget categories. Save yourself time and effort and add channel marketing, product launch, and digital marketing budget in the same doc. This PPT Slide will help you keep the plan layout neat and crisp to grasp audience’s attention. Incorporate this easy-to-use PowerPoint Template and execute your marketing activities within a budget. Download now!


Marketing Budget Plan PPT Template


Download this slide


Template 10: One-page Marketing Goals with Budget PowerPoint Slide

Here is another one from the collection to devise an actionable marketing budget to meet your targets. Grab this content-ready PowerPoint Template to present your business goals and expenses with precision. This PowerPoint Diagram covers sections to help you draw your audience’s attention towards business agenda, objectives, weekly plan, and budget. It is designed with complementary hues to make your presentation vibrant and eye-grabbing. Deploy this PowerPoint Template and use it to draw a YES from the management to put your marketing plan into action. Download now!


One-page Marketing Goals with Budget PowerPoint Template


Grab this template


Take Charge of Your Marketing


It is important to take control of your marketing spending when the sales are low. This is where marketing budget plays a pivotal role in meeting marketing needs. Setting a flexible budget will help you shift your focus of your promotional efforts to low-cost methods and increase your expenditure if the revenues are high. Therefore, take charge of your finances and marketing plans to prevent your marketing efforts from going in vain.


PS: Deploy SlideTeam’s professional and custom-made PPT Templates to stay competitive and maximize your profits and amplify your voice in the marketplace with actionable marketing campaign calendar PPT templates.


FAQs on Marketing Budget


What affects the marketing budget of businesses?


The marketing budget helps you allocate money to the marketing functions. It allows you to promote your products and services effectively and meet your business goals. Marketing budget plays a vital role in designing a business plan as it well. However, some factors affect the size of the marketing budget, also hitting your plan or process. Therefore, create a marketing budget keeping the below points in mind:


  • The financial position of the business
  • What is the competition doing
  • The demand and price of marketing services
  • The responsiveness and returns from marketing spending


What are the components of a marketing budget?


For your company to grow, you require a successful marketing plan. A plan that helps you reach your target audience. The best way to connect with the audience and execute your marketing plan is to come up with a solid marketing budget to spend your money wisely and appropriately. A marketing budget is an essential component of your marketing plan. It outlines the cost of accomplishing targets within a time-frame and budget. Below are some points to consider when developing a marketing budget for your company:


  • Understand your sales funnel
  • Know your operational costs
  • Set your marketing budget based on business goals
  • Think of marketing as an investment
  • Consider your growth stage
  • Take note of current and future trends


How do we analyze a marketing budget?


How much should you spend on marketing is a niggling question that is always a source of trouble for business owners. It is a challenge to make the most of the budget while providing your team with quality leads. According to a survey of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), organizations spend anywhere between 10.4% and 13.7% of their total company budget on marketing. However, you must analyze and decide on how to divide those expenses to yield profitable Return On Investment (RoI). Bringing you some steps below to help you assess and create your marketing budget to execute marketing activities with ease:


  • Consider your revenue
  • Understand new customer goals
  • Calculate your average cost per lead
  • Calculate your average conversion rate
  • Determine number of leads you require
  • Determine your final conversion cost

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