Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning.


Objectives and key results (OKRs) do not conform with key performance indicators (KPIs). Also, they do not mean employee evaluations.


When we talk about objectives and key results, it essentially means providing a clear structure to our organizational goals. Therefore, the good OKRs focus on segregating the qualitative and priority goals.


However, a persuasive OKR goal-setting approach must include three main elements:


  • Objectives - to tell you where you’re going and set achievable goals, e.g. making your company number one in your niche.
  • Key results - to define specific and measurable goals, e.g. increasing customer retention rate by 20%.
  • Initiatives - to outline the actions you will pursue to attain set goals, e.g. promoting your service offerings vigorously or having 100 sales calls per week.


Although it sounds easy in theory, while practicing OKR, you need to ace writing a relevant objective, adopting an efficient timeline, and tracing the set OKRs religiously.


Therefore, we bring you our thoroughly researched PowerPoint templates that you can use at your behest.


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Templates to lay down productive OKRs


In a 2015 research, Donald Sull, the co-founder of CultureX and a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, stated that 95% of employees aren’t aware of their organization’s strategy, and 45% of middle managers don’t know the organization’s top priorities.


And when the human capital contributing to the company goals is not aligned well, there cannot be any progress. Therefore, to develop coordination within your organization go through these well-researched templates and communicate the key priorities effortlessly.

Template 1

You can incorporate this PPT template to introduce the objectives and key result models to your employees. Also, employ this design to begin the process of adopting a productive goal-setting approach for your organization. Click the download link below to transform your business successfully!


Objective Key Results OKRS To Achieve Company Success PowerPoint Slides


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Template 2

You can visually represent the proportion of key results for your set objectives with the assistance of this PowerPoint template. Furthermore, you can show the importance of deploying an effective goal system in your team using this PPT template. So focus on executing your business goals by taking the aid of this template.


Objective Key Results OKRS Of Success PowerPoint Slides


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Template 3

Discuss the importance of introducing the OKR approach in your organization with the help of our content-ready PowerPoint template. You can use this design to identify suitable ways to achieve your business targets. Download this completely customizable template to add your content and get going. Click below!


Objective Key Results OKRS To Drive Company Forward PowerPoint Slides


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Template 4

You can elaborate on the guiding principle, mission, vision, and strategy with this PPT template. In addition, this thoroughly researched template covers OKR planning, alignment, check-ins, review, and retrospective. So you can begin planning to improve your business efficiency by downloading this template. Just click the link below!


OKR Cycle Diagram With Strategy Development PowerPoint Slides


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Template 5

Create a roadmap for reaching new markets, strengthening position, reducing churn, and improving market share by taking advantage of this expertly designed template. This color-coded and well-structured design allows you to display your data in an attractive yet informative way. Therefore, without further ado, click the download link below!


Monthly Timeline Roadmap For OKR Functions PowerPoint Slides


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Template 6

Share all the key principles of the OKR framework in your company by using this PowerPoint template. This PPT design focuses on critical elements like aspiring and inspiring, outcome-focus, global and local, transparency, etc. Therefore, download it to make an eye-catching presentation.


Key Principles Of OKR In Organization PowerPoint Slides


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Template 7

You can present the hierarchy of objectives and key results in an organized format by incorporating this professionally curated template. Also, use this template to mention the performance objectives, such as quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost. Download this PowerPoint template to enhance your presentation. Click below!


Hierarchy Of Objective Key Results OKRS PowerPoint Slides


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Template 8

Make your goals progress evident using this striking PowerPoint template. You can convey the five OKR elements in an easy-to-understand manner through this readily available PPT template. Furthermore, this design will allow you to develop a productive goal-setting framework. Therefore, download it and give an orientation best suited to your objectives.


Five Elements Of OKR With Progress Measurement PowerPoint Slides


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Template 9

Through this template, you can capture the strategy and OKRs of your company easily and effortlessly. You can use this template for assessing process linkages and building a dashboard for your operating system. So go ahead and download this adaptable PPT template to make your task efficient and effective.


5 Day OKR Approach With Process Linkage PowerPoint Slides


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Template 10

It’s essential to establish context, craft objectives, and key results for business growth. Therefore, we offer this best PowerPoint template to help you align and engage your workforce. You can start building sustainability in your organization with the help of this ready-to-use PPT template. Download it now!


4 Steps Of OKR Implementation Process PowerPoint Slides


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Template 11

Pick this template to guide your audience through the various product goals of your company. You can even utilize this design to track your set objectives and their outcomes. Therefore, download this presentation to improve your product quality and reduce the defects significantly. Don’t wait any longer to click the link below!


OKR Platform For Various Product Goals PowerPoint Slides


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Template 12

This goal-setting framework PowerPoint graphic will help you guide your audience through the minute elements of your departmental progress. Also, it depicts the number of open reviews, participants in review, independent OKRs, progress updates, and department-wise competency ratings in an attention-grabbing manner. Therefore, go ahead and download the template now!


OKR Dashboard With Departmental Progress PowerPoint Slides


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Template 13

Select this easy-to-use PowerPoint template to develop an OKRs planning model relevant to your corporate strategy. You can deploy this template to provide an attractive backdrop for your organizational goals and objectives. Besides, this design can even help you in setting management tasks with ease. So download it in few quick steps by clicking below!


OKRs Planning Model With Goals And Governance Elements PowerPoint Slides


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Template 14

OKR directly impacts the growth rate and progress of a company. Therefore, we present this PowerPoint template to help you increase accountability in your organization. Create a market-relevant plan by taking advantage of this well-researched PowerPoint template. Without waiting any further, click the download link now!


Role Of OKR In Creating Alignment And Accountability In Organization PowerPoint Slides


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Template 15

You need to discuss your OKR approach at length. And our content-specific PowerPoint template will help you in creating the design for your conceived framework. It will also help you detail the insights with steps required to implement the approach, including – defining, measuring, communicating, updating, and executing. Just download the template now to get started!


Steps To Implement Objective Key Results OKRS PowerPoint Slides


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Template 16

Foster a collaborative work environment by using this template to facilitate growth and team engagement. Setting goals is primary to achieving success. And to help you achieve those goals, this OKR template comes in handy. So don’t look any further and save your time by downloading this content-specific PowerPoint template.


Objective Key Results OKRS Indicators Of Business Success PowerPoint Slides


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Template 17

This is another PowerPoint template that immediately evokes the feeling of a win by achieving set goals. It incorporates vibrant and relevant slides to help you represent your ideas graphically. So you can capture the essence of your strategy by taking the help of this PPT template. Grab it now!


Objective Key Results OKRS Of Business PowerPoint Slides


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Template 18

Are you looking for a simple yet effective template to display your quarterly and yearly objectives? Well, then this is your go-to PowerPoint design that contains eye-catching graphics and icons appropriate for presenting your business targets and financial outcomes. This entirely adaptable design lets you add or edit any text, image, or icon without any hassle. Therefore, download it by clicking on the link below!


OKR Icon Depicting Business Target With Financial Outcomes PowerPoint Slides


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Template 19

The best quality of this PowerPoint template is that it allows you to analyze crucial elements essential for your financial growth. You can customize it to your unique requirements and leave a lasting impression on your audience. In addition, it will make objectives and strategies easier for you and your team. Therefore, download this template to record all your information. Click below!


OKR Icon Showing Analytical Presentation Of Results PowerPoint Slides


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Objective and key results or OKR is the basis for your business development. It is an effective mechanism that helps keeping operations and outputs in separate buckets. You need this goal-setting system in your company to align your employees with the organizational objective. And the best way to approach this methodology is by incorporating our professionally curated templates designed after close inspection and research.


P.S: You can also create a detailed mission and vision statement for your company by exploring our exclusive guide.