The idea of pursuing definitive goals appeals to the human mind more than having to chase vague ones. This is for two reasons:


  1. One, it allows for concentrated focus and efforts in realizing them.
  2. Second, having chunks of goals rather than overarching objectives acts as a self-motivator.



Of course, to ease things even further, measurement of progress is also simplified as success metrics can be easily defined and tallied. For this reason, any undertaking needs to be clearly stated and project communication maintained with the team. At this point, project goals templates assume importance.


Afterall, ambition drives passion, and only those who are familiar with their goals will have the motivation to realize them. 


SlideTeam has compiled a set of our ten most-downloaded project goals templates that will support your ambition and also fuel the motivation to get you there. Check out these pre-designed templates that you can use to represent your project objectives. Use our project goals templates to create a sense of direction that ensures resources are always well-spent and efforts yield results. 


Explore the content-ready designs that are 100% editable and compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides.


Let’s check out these project goals templates now!


Template 1: Project Goals PPT Presentation


Use this all-in-one template collection to demonstrate your project goals across business pursuits. These could relate to marketing, IT, science and technology, or other research work. Set project goals clearly and vividly with these content-ready PPT Templates and ensure every team member is on the same page, as far as project objectives are concerned. Download this project goals template now.


Project Goals PowerPoint Presentation


Download this template


Template 2: Project Goals Documenting Presentation


Employ this comprehensive PPT presentation template as part of project scoping to enlist goals to be targeted. Target important information that needs to be shared and create a roadmap of how to best achieve the project goals. Establish project timelines, analysis costs involved, and list the responsibilities of team members as per their hierarchy using this project goals template. You can also have a sideways risk assessment of the project and predict best ways to take your project to completion. Download this project goals template now.


Documenting a List of Specific Project Goals for Project Scoping Template


Download this template


Template 3: One-Page Agile Project Goals and Methodology Presentation Report


To best employ an agile project management tool, list goals and methodology to achieve it with the one-page template. Point out the main phases of using agile methodology using vibrant graphics and flowcharts. Impart a better understanding of how you plan to engage the team and resources with this agile project goals template. Download now.


One Page Agile Project Goals and Methodology Template


Download this template


Template 4: CRM Mini Project Charter With Project Goals


If you are undertaking a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project to form deeper, more solid relationships , here’s a single-slide to lay down your goals. Clearly state the goals as number 1, 2, and 3 and also identify the team, which will be tasked with this important project. Using this mini-project charter template, you can also plot the timeline of work, project scope, and primary tasks. Get it now from the link below.


CRM Mini Project Charter with Project Goals Template


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Template 5: Marketing Project Goal Including Improved Awareness


Here's a slide to highlight your marketing project goals. Identify the top adjustments that your marketing channels and activities must incorporate to achieve those goals.Top goals of the pursuit could be increasing sales, cross-selling and upselling, customer satisfaction, etc. Organize these according to the priority in which they must be targeted and get this project goal layout from the link below. 


Marketing Project Goal including Improved Awareness Template


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Template 6: Finance Project Goal Including Efficiency


Revise and state your finance goals with this project goals template. Highlight the top four goals that you want to target to upscale finance. These can be directed toward revenue, efficiency, cost, and productivity. Once the primary goals are clear, devise strategies to achieve these in your next step. Download this PPT Template now to infuse that inspiration.


Finance Project Goal including Efficiency Template


Download this template 


Template 7: Project Management Process With Goals and Task


Here’s a practical PPT Design to lay down your project goals and simultaneously jot down ways to achieve them. This is an excellent PPT Toolkit to use in project management as you can target goals stepwise, while also mapping tasks to each of these end-results you want achieved. Employ this PPT Layout now to get your goals in order. 


Project management process with goals and tasks Template


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Template 8: Assessing Project Goals Across Parameters


Here is a useful PPT Template that can help assess project goals on crucial parameters. Goals like energy saving or increasing the customer base can be judged on parameters like benefits, implementation cost, payback period etc and thus prioritized at the same time. This project goals template is great when distinguishing critical objectives from the ones that can wait for which assessment is the key. Download now.


Assessing Project Goals on Different Parameters Template


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Template 9: Communication Plan Chart With Project Goals


Here is another PPT Utility to match the need for project communication with meeting project goals. List all communication channels employed and corresponding to each create a frequency timetable, with the purpose it will serve in meeting project goals. Furthermore, you can specify the project owner and the audience. Download now.


Communication Plan Chart with Project Goals Template


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Template 10: Four Project Success Goals


If your organization knows and recognises categories of goals, you can make the most of this PPT Design. Focus on the importance of organizational goals, departmental goals, and individual goals. Share briefly what these goals mean and focus on their importance the overall growth of an employee and the organization. Invest in this project goals template today and build a buzz around your business!


Four Project Success Goals Template


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Goals are paramount as everybody goes about their tasks in a business. Let your employees know their targets and lead from the front with these dedicated project goals templates. 


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