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Top 10 Project Overview Templates with Examples and Samples

Top 10 Project Overview Templates with Examples and Samples

Kavesh Malhotra

Kavesh Malhotra

December 1 2022

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

- Alexander Graham Bell


Before beginning work on any project, you need to make a plan to execute it better. Planning is the very first step in starting any project. It allows the process to run smoothly without any obstacles. Moreover, while planning, you can also predict possible outcomes and strategize how to tackle these better beforehand. That is why managers create a project overview to stay organized and ahead.


What is a project overview? Simply put, a project overview summarizes the project or its blueprint. It allows for planning the project by incorporating essential details such as project timeline, team members, roles, project duration, cost, scope, and expected outcomes.


Not only is it beneficial in executing the project, it also acts as a reference until completion. A large amount of information can be summarized and presented to help the members understand it better. Apart from that, a project overview allows managers to keep track of progress. Every project overview has its objectives and reasons. But a good one answers all the questions about the project and provides clear and resourceful information. No matter what your industry is, a project overview is vital to reach your goal.


Now that we understand the importance of a project overview, the question arises: How do we create one? Well, creating a project overview can be cumbersome and take time. But you need not worry as we are here with the right solution. SlideTeam brings you project overview templates using which you can create an overview of your upcoming project in no time. All these templates are content ready and 100% customizable, making it more accessible than ever to create the project overview that meets your requirements.


Check out our list of our top 10 project overview templates.


Template 1: Project Scope Overview PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Our Project Scope Overview PowerPoint Presentation Slides allow you to plan every detail of your project such as inputs, tools, and technique. It assists in distinguishing what is and what is not part of the project and controls what is allowed or removed when the project is executed.


You can execute all processes when you know exactly what you need to make your project successful. Using this template, you can manage your team and determine the number of employees required to complete the project as well.


Project Scope Overview


Download Now!


Template 2: Project Brief Summary PowerPoint Presentation Slides

If you are looking for a template that allows you to provide a concise description of your project, then this PPT Layout is for you. Using these 20-Slide template, you can provide complete information about the project to your audience. It allows you to pinpoint key risks and issues and the paths to tackle them. Apart from this, other details, such as the project budget and benefits, can be represented. Get this template and keep track of processes and ensure that the project is completed on time.


Project Brief Summary


Download Now!


Template 3: Digitalization Strategy to Accelerate Project Overview for Digital Transformation

A business's online presence is vital, but brands must execute it strategically. If you want to digitize your business, this amazing template is proven to be beneficial. This template allows your audience to understand the project in detail and helps you implement digital transformation. The slides incorporate project description, location, budget, and objectives to create an excellent project overview. In addition, you can dispense project duration by providing an expected end date and ensuring you complete the project on time by downloading this template.


Project Overview for Digital Transformation


Download Now!


Template 4: Determine Charter for Project Overview Project Management Playbook

Before the project begins, it is vital to ensure that your team members and project associates have a shared understanding of the objectives, resources required, the people needed, and their roles. With Determine Charter for Project Overview Project Management Playbook, you can provide your audience with a map about how the project needs to progress. Using this template, you can provide information on stakeholders involved, project constraints, and various deliverables.


Determine Charter for Project Overview


Download Now!


Template 5: Feasibility Study Templates for Different Projects Construction Project Overview

Starting a commercial project is a good decision, and by using this template, you can make a better decision for your company. Before starting any business, it is vital to understand whether it will work practically. So, feasibility study becomes essential. With our Feasibility Study Template, you can outline the project's viability and know whether or not you should proceed. In addition, using this construction project overview, you can provide information on essential features of required commercial sites.


Construction Project Overview


Download Now!


Template 6: Project Overview IT Change Execution Plan

Executing change is about bringing theoretical planning into practice. This change execution can either make or break your project. It is a risky and costly step. It would help if you planned out the project overview to avoid any mistakes. Using Project Overview IT Change Execution Plan, you can summarize the transition by providing information regarding the purpose, key deliverables, budgets, risks, and issues. It also covers the employees' details and the estimated time to complete the project.


Project Overview


Download Now!


Template 7: Program Charter Showing Project Overview Management Team and Milestones

If you are looking for a template that helps create a precise and effective project overview, then this template is for you. This unique template offers the three-stage processes: Program Charter, Project Charter, and Project Management to Project Overview. It helps provide you with the project overview, from purpose, scope, and key deliverables to resources, tools, and budget. You can represent milestones and demonstrate the status of ongoing projects. Get this template to ensure that your project is on the right track.


Program Charter Showing Project Overview…


Download Now!


Template 8: Current Network Strategic Alignment Project Overview Knowledge Organization

Strategic alignment, together with appropriate organizational skills, is essential for the success of your project or business. However, it can derail if the execution is not planned. This PPT template can help you strategically organize your current network to use the available organizational skills. In addition, this graphical template, with its distinctive visual appeal, allows you to engage your audience and convey your message and incorporates seven planning stages.


Current Network Strategic Alignment Project Overview Knowl…


Download Now!


Template 9: Project Brief Objectives PPT Summary Example Introduction

Team members working on any project need to know about it and its expected outcomes to work more efficiently. Using this template, you can create an engaging and informative project overview and a clearer picture of the outcomes, making every choice simpler and faster. It lets you brief your audience on the project, describe the objectives, and show the status. Download this template and your team will know where to focus.


Project Brief


Download Now!


Template 10: One Page Project Overview Charter Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Do you want a crisp and precise project overview? Then you must download our following striking and functional PPT Template to brief your project. Using this template, you can make your team members understand their roles, the scope of the project, and how it will be carried out. This template also represents delegation of authority. You can define the milestones of the project, the performance of employees, and the project status. This template will help you plan and monitor all the steps and processes of the project; download right away.


One Page Project Overview Charter


Download Now!


Plan Your Success 


Planning is essential to starting any project, whether big or small. It creates a clearer picture for you and your employees. Thus, it helps you achieve your expected goals more effectively and smoothly. Choose the template that suits your requirements and download it now to create an outstanding project overview.



FAQs on Project Overview



What is a project overview report?


A project overview report is the summary of the project. It includes the project's purpose, objectives, budget, deliverables, project location, cost, and duration. By planning the project ahead of time, you can assess various risks and issues associated with it and strategize a plan to tackle them. No matter what industry, big or small, it is essential to create a project overview. You can use SlideTeam's templates and build a breakthrough project overview.


What is the project overview example?


A project overview example is SlideTeam's groundbreaking templates with samples that offer a detailed project description. They provide a brief on the project goals and objectives in a striking format and help formulate the outline of necessary resources and tools to achieve your goals.


Why is a project overview important?


Having a project overview is important because:


● It helps represent essential details and elements of the project, providing clarity to your team members.
● It acts as a roadmap and guides the members through project stages.
● It saves time, accelerates the process, and improves the success rate.


What should we write in a project overview?


A project overview is simply a brief of the entire project. Elements that you should incorporate in the project overview are:

● Project Timeline
● Major Deadlines
● Project Budget
● Project Status
● Deliverables
● Team Members and their Roles
● Project location, cost, duration, scope
● Project brief/summary
● Expected outcome
● Status

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