The term activity sheet brings to mind children’s books of sketching, coloring, and puzzle solving. In the adult world, however, the term translates to worksheets.


In this blog, we present our most-downloaded list of activity sheet templates that help multitudinous business professions record and track ongoing work activities.




An activity sheet is a great way to get your team in sync and manage the day better. Be it the sales, event planning, or any other business activity that represents your profession, activity sheets help monitor progress. You can use these to show how busy your day has been. Regular tasks or responsibilities revolving around work and work-related activities such as hosting or participating in training programs, workshops, events, or crucial meetings are of popular mention. An activity sheet can also be used to plan activities for a day, week, month, or even a year. 


Thus, planning and describing your schedule filled with work and work-related activities lies at the heart of an activity sheet. That being said, we now present the most-downloaded list of 10 best activity sheet templates that are innately editable and compatible with most common presentation software in use. Download these presentation templates that experts at SlideTeam have hand-picked for you based on the requirements that your industry seeks.


Template 1: Pre-Event Planning Activity Sheet


Grab this fully customizable activity sheet template to plan a successful event. List major activities involved in hosting a smooth event and then assign each task to a responsible member. Mention their names against activity as shown. In the third column of this PPT Chart, you can specify the due date of completion of that assigned duty. Using this PPT Layout, you can track to-do activities. Download now. 


Pre Event Planning Activity Sheet


Download this template


Template 2: One-Page Sales Activity Sheet Presentation Report


Edit this sales activity sheet template at will to keep track of your weekly routine activities and mark their status. This sheet can also be maintained to track your progress compared to the set quota, whether it is with respect to making calls or generating leads. Download this crucial one-page template for your day-to-day sales operations. Download now.


One-Page Sales Activity Sheet


Download this template


Template 3: One-Page Pharmaceutical Sales Activity Tracking Sheets Template


Download this content-ready pharmaceutical sales activity tracking sheet to keep tabs on your company’s sales for drugs manufactured by your company. Use this template as a part of your territory sales planning and monitor how you fare across geographies, quarters, and even supply-chain. Record a present sale performance and use colorful indicators to indicate caution or recovery as illustrated. Download this important PPT Template now!


One-Page Pharmaceutical Sales Activity Tracking Sheets Template 


Download this template


Template 4: One-Page Fund Holiday Activity Sheet Presentation Report


Create a holiday activity sheet with this one-page content-ready template to pitch for funds to cover tour expenses. Whether it is a business trip or a holiday tour, use this one-pager template with you to justify claims for holiday funds that cover travel, accommodation, and food. You can also present this fund sheet template to compare actual expenses against budgeted ones, demonstrate accountability and your willingness to be the best in the business. Download it now.


One-Page Fund Holiday Activity Sheet


Download this template


Template 5: Activity Sheet for Tracking Sales Forecasts


Maintain this activity sheet template to forecast sales for your business. In particular, if you operate a chain of companies or manufacture a range of products, track sale forecasts using parameters like probability, weighted forecast and expected closing date. You can even choose contact persons, and representatives. You can also add dates of tracking and of follow-up dates. Download now.


Activity Sheet for Tracking Sales Forecasts


Download this template


Template 6: Daily Sales Activity Tracking Sheet


Create an activity sheet of your sales operations to track monthly and yearly stats. Maintain this sales activity sheet for sales representatives of your organization to track revenue they generate. Download now. 


Daily sales activity tracking sheet


Download this template


Template 7: One-Page Factors of Production Activity Sheet


Use this design-ready PPT Template to maintain a production activity sheet sheet. WIth this PPT Chart, track the quantity of production along with the number of elaborate steps a product goes through. List detailed steps involved along with the factors affecting production. Keep your production record handy by downloading and using this PPT Layout. 


One Page Factors of Production Activity Sheet


Download this template


Template 8: Project Development Tracking Sheet 


Keep track of your project activities with this single-slide PPT Template. Add names of responsible members alongside each project task, while mentioning the start and end date. Specify the number of dates estimated for task completion while also depicting the final status of listed tasks. Download this readymade layout now. 


Project development activity tracking sheet


Download this template


Template 9: One-Page Real Estate Sales Activity Spreadsheet


Maintain an activity sheet of your real-estate business with this one-page PPT Template. Keep track of all agents, and their success rates, monthly goals, etc. You can also add other parameters and see how they fare. The major variables tracked are leads, apartments, contracts, contacts, and pending cases. Fill these details and monitor your real-estate sales activity with complete responsibility. Download now. 


One-Page Real Estate Sales Activity Spread Sheet


Download this template


Template 10: Financial Growth and Activity Ratio Analysis Sheet


Keep this editable PPT Template handy to track your financial growth ratios and activity ratio with this analysis sheet. Monitor growth ratios like sales, income, and asset increment, along with profitability ratios like profit margin, price earning ratio, equity ratio, etc. Within this same PPT Design, record activity ratios like receivable turnover, liquidity ratios, and solvency ratios. Compare these parameters for two years and present the stats using this PPT Design. Download now. 


Financial growth and activity ratio analysis sheet


Download this template




Download these activity sheet templates and present the dynamics of your work day, week, month, or year in a visually appealing way!


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