Sales work is all about paying attention to cues that the customer sends out. Companies benefit from this diligence of creating a sales pipeline, but must be careful that the process of identifying engaged customers is carried out in a subtle manner. So, what is it that differentiates a customer-perceived annoying salesperson from the one who successfully closes the deal?


A sales pipeline is the answer!


It is with a well-planned sales pipeline that a company can take a targeted approach in its sales activities. The aim is to bring relevant customers in the sales pipeline so that company time and resources are conserved. In this way, the target audience is catered to and the customer also values your business.




Importance of a Sales Pipeline


A sales pipeline is an analysis of how interested audiences of your products or services interact with the sales team to be bracketed into the loyal customer category. A sales pipeline framework identities 5-7 steps, right from exploring prospects to closing the deal. Thus, efforts are focused to ensure that the sales reps don’t go on pursuing dead-ends or get marked spam. 


A sales pipeline dashboard will present a report of all your pursuits while keeping a close check on budget and time spent. These sales pipeline dashboards are not only great at monitoring the present activities but also creating future insights.


Templates for you


We now present to you the top 10 sales pipeline dashboard templates. These presentation templates are editable, and easy to configure with your real-time management software. Let’s explore these sales pipeline dashboard templates one by one.

Template 1: Sales Pipeline Management Dashboard for Business

Summarize the results of your sales pipeline implementation with this dashboard template. Identify leads by their stages, industries, and regions-wise distribution with this detailed PPT Template. Conduct your target analysis by segregating the new targets, from the ones closed, in analysis, and in due diligence. Signify the portion of revenue generated due to closed deals using graphs and share a thorough sales pipeline report. Get it now.


Sales pipeline management dashboard for business


Download this template 

Template 2: Dashboard Snapshot Showing Effective Management of Sales Pipeline Management

Present the statistics of your sales pipeline with this dashboard template. You can also showcase a forecast of months in terms of revenue. Plot the performance of your sales representatives over a period within this single-slide dashboard template. Use metric diagrams and bar graphs to highlight closed businesses, month over month growth and sum generated. Download this PPT Layout now!


Dashboard Snapshot Showing Effective Management Of Sales Pipeline Sales Pipeline Management


Download this template

Template 3: Sales Campaign Pipeline Management Dashboard

Sales reps could be working individually, or your company could run a campaign to boost the top line. Track its performance against past campaigns. Plot parameters like expected revenue per marketing channel, monthly new leads, and the lead status per owner with this sales pipeline dashboard template. You can also list reasons that have resulted in unqualified leads and identify their proportions to address these. Get hold of this vibrant design to give a dynamic edge to your reports. Download now.


Sales campaign pipeline management dashboard


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Template 4: Sales Pipeline Management PowerPoint Presentation

Here is an even better PowerPoint Design if you are looking for a manual template with actionable slides to help report sales data. Train your sales reps while giving them a framework of report presentation when dealing with clients. Help them with tips and tricks and create awareness about company policy. Use this comprehensive PPT Presentation to train your sales personnel on report compilation and measuring performance in real-time. Download now!


Sales Pipeline Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides


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Template 5: One-Pager Sales Pipeline Sheet Template Presentation Report

You will be needing a sales sheet to record the revenue and its breakdown all in one place. Here is our solution in the form of an editable template for you. Once your clients are onboarded, use this sheet to keep track of profits and income per product. A blend of excel-linked sheets and graphs makes the information readable. Why wait? Get it now. 


One pager sales pipeline sheet template presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


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Template 6: Sales Pipeline Management Process Flow

Use this PPT Slide as a guide to track your sales pipeline status against the standard procedure of doing sales. List your business’ way of following those 5-7 steps right from identification to the closing of the deal. These could include scheduling calls, contacting them, setting up a demo, negotiating to finally win the client. Let the learners use this PPT slide as their pilot to create marks in your sales business. Grab this editable PPT Diagram now.


Sales pipeline management process flow


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Template 7: Effective Pipeline Management Sales Customer Deal Tracking in Dashboard

Here is another all-in-on slide to track numbers related to your sales pipeline. This could include the average number of deals made, meetings held, proposals sent, and deals won etc, corresponding to the sales pipeline. Using this PPT Slide, you can also demonstrate the success rates as your subject your client to all levels of the sales pipeline. Seems no reason to let it pass. Grab it now. 


Effective pipeline management sales customer deal tracking in dashboard


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Template 8: Four-step Opportunity Pipeline for Customizing Salesforce

Here is a funnel diagram to highlight the four steps of the opportunity pipeline in sales. The steps are: mapping of the sales process, defining entry and exit criteria for each stage, evaluating the percentage of success at each stage, revising the individual stages of opportunity. Keep track of how well your sales pipeline is performing with this funnel opportunity diagram. Download now.


4 steps opportunity pipeline for customizing salesforce


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Template 9: Generalized Sales Pipeline for Small Business

If yours is a startup or a steadily evolving business, then use this sales pipeline diagram to identify the steps involved in converting leads to customers. This is a funnel diagram structure to illustrate steps like building an initial contact, classifying their level of engagement, presentation of product or service, evaluation of queries, and finally closing the deal. The inverted funnel diagram indicates that not all leads become loyal customers. As easy as the idea is to convey, use this PPT Diagram to simplify sales in your business. 


Generalized sales pipeline for small business


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Template 10: Sales Development Pipeline Including Prioritization

Looking for a more in-depth diagram to highlight the procedure involved in sales? Here is a comprehensive diagram structure to identify your journey right from outsourcing leads via outbound targets and marketing leads to creating a sales-accepted lead. The information is fed into a CRM system that is subjected to prioritization, research, touch patterns, qualification, sales qualified lead, to a genuine prospect. Download now.


Sales development pipeline including prioritization


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PS: It is crucial to analyze sales from the customer’s perspective and a roadmap serves this purpose well. Go through this guide to find the best templates to study the journey of having customers turn into a loyal user base. 

FAQs on Sales Pipeline
What are the steps involved in a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline defines the series of established steps that connect a sales person with a prospect while converting prospects into purchasing customers. A sales pipeline is crafted from the sales point of view to strategize how to get customers to buy your products and services. Seven main steps are identified in this regard:

  1. Prospecting: It is the process of identification and filtering of potential buyers from a pool of visitors or audiences that cross paths with your business. Together with the marketing team, sales reps identify their ideal customers. 
  2. Preparation: Before you approach your potential customers, it’s important to prepare yourself for presenting before them. Keep information handy, run rehearsals, and equip yourself with the necessary questions that may come up during your meeting.
  3. Approach: Once you are confident about your readiness in dealing with the potential client, conduct meetings, whether on-call, virtually, or face to face. Ask questions to get to know the client better and acquaint them with the utility of your products and services.
  4. Presentation: Once you get a picture of their needs, it’s time to present the utility of your products and services to them. This can be done via answering their questions, demonstrating, or offering them a tour. 
  5. Objections: It is possible that you may not have addressed their concerns yet for which you have to be ready for the next part of listening to their questions and answering them to their satisfaction. This might even involve a change in the sales pitch. 
  6. Confirmation: This next part is where you get their affirmation of purchasing your product, service, or membership. Moreover, inform your customers of any T&C of this purchase. You can also use upselling techniques to advertise your other related products and in this way make this session more fruitful for your company. 
  7. Followup: This is the final and the most important part of sales that reinforces retention of your customers. A followup in the form of a call, an email, etc, shows your genuine concern in creating a satisfactory base of clientele and keeping them.This is also a great way to gain their feedback. 
How is the sales pipeline different from the sales funnel?

It is the perspective that differs a sales pipeline from the sales funnel. A sales pipeline is designed and referred to from the business perspective while a sales funnel according to the customer. The process right from the awareness of a product/ service/ business right to making the purchase to having an opinion about it is mapped with a sales pipeline and funnel. A sales funnel identifies five steps in this regard namely: awareness of the product, weighing options, enquiring about its features, making the purchase, and finally spreading the word about your experience. 

What are the keys to conducting successful sales operations?

Sales is a department that involves the skill of building trust and winning clients in this process. Agility and tactfulness is this department’s forte. The prominent skills a salesperson should possess are:

  1. Conversational skill: The correct tone, usage of words, and power of persuasion is what helps a sales rep break the ice. 
  2. Knowledge of the product/service: Confidence follows knowledge, a salesperson must be fully aware of all the facets of the product or service being sold.
  3. Positive attitude: Of course, within the company bounds, a salesperson should be ready with solutions, customized packages, basically anything in their power to convert the lead into a valuable customer.