Before any consequential business meeting, executives need to be clear on the issues to be discussed, and the agenda for the gathering. This ensures that the executive meeting stays productive and arrives at a decision.


Businesses, however, struggle to provide a prior blueprint that gives attendees a peek into the magnitude of decisions that will be taken at an executive meeting.


Over time, setting an executive meeting template with complete clarity and purpose has emerged as a major business pain point.


SlideTeam has arrived at a solution to this major problem, and curated PPT Templates on executive meeting that meet all criteria. Each of the templates is also 100% editable and customizable, adding to the structure and providing a starting point.


Meetings help collaborate as well, provided these are summarized well. Find best-in-class meeting summary templates with a click here. 


The slides let stakeholders have an overview of information that they need to have before the executive meeting. With these templates, you can capture, create, and generate ideas that work. Also, it will walk you through the facts and figures to help you get started. Let's explore ten decks, each of these being outstanding, informative, and action-oriented.


Template 1 Executive Summary Overview for Meeting PPT Slides

This cover slide opens the executive meeting and is meant to take members of the meeting through important pointers like vision, executive dashboard, mission, sales performance and key financials.


indicates the company name; you can add more to the company’s information if you want. This slide can be converted to PDF for easy understanding. Also depicted in the slide are important discussion points like target market, target market share, key potential markets and customer growth markets et al. This deck of slides is worth its weight in gold for every organization who wishes to take a stride and stay competitive.




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Template 2 Agenda of Executive Summary Meeting PPT Template

If you wish to be successful in your meetings and ensure most decisions fall right, a carefully-crafted agenda is a prerequisite. It will help you navigate towards your goal and ensure your business is always on the right track. You can cover as many agendas as you can think of. This visually attractive slide is an executive dashboard of ideas, challenges, and solutions.




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Template 3 Executive Dashboard of Executive Summary Meeting PPT Template

Whether you target local customers or wish to go beyond the geographical regions, having an integrated, holistic blueprint will take you to success. This slide, an executive dashboard, is a forward step that shows makeshift financial sales changes that have happened in the year. The dashboard voices facts and figures that can help you make better decisions. Sales, costs, and specific expenses can be tracked using this template.




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Template 4 Sales Dashboard of Executive Summary Meeting PPT Template

Whether you want to raise fresh funds to expand the business or want to scrutinize where the funds went, looking at the sales dashboard will answer most of these questions with exact, to-the-point responses. This template is a speedometer that gauges how much a company sold in previous months and how much it is expected to sell in the future. You can add comparison graphs, orders per month, growth rate, new customers, etc. Download this template to learn how to kickstart your company for better yield.




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Template 5 Finance Dashboard of Executive Summary Meeting PPT Template

Sudden expenses are like a bolt from the blue. They bring in uncertainties and can sometimes be devastating for business plans that may have been drawn up; hence, maintaining a clear-cut report about the same in an executive summary/meeting report is a must. This financial dashboard removes all fluff and irrelevant stuff and provides you with an accurate picture of sales, operating expenses, operating income, net income, etc. You can add more to the slide to make the template crisp and informative.




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Template 6 Customer Growth Matrix of Executive Summary Meeting PPT

Business growth is how the customer perceives your business, and we have tried to reflect it through a matrix that showcases the linear relationship between customers and products. For example, how many products are sold and its retention rate it will indicate which sales strategies or proposals are effective and which should be refrained from using.  The four boxes highlighted are market expansion, cross-selling, customer retention and growing market share.




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Template 7 Unique Selling Proposition of Executive Summary Meeting PPT

The narrative that boosts business success is its USP. In this template, you can define your unique selling proposition that forces the customer to buy from you and instill loyalty. It is a pie chart that looks into what the customer wants, what your brand does, and how your competitors act differently. This data could move your business trajectory. Download the template and use it as a tool to sustain brand loyalty.




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Template 8 Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Executive Summary Meeting PPT

Business demographics continue to shift, and they need to be sustainable to prevent sudden shocks. This template gives you a summarized report on what actions businesses can or have taken to improve their sustainability. The triangular template covers three sustainability aspects: environment, social, and equitable. You can add more if your business is into other sustainability practices.




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Template 9 Minimum Performance Requirements of Executive Summary Meeting PPT

A SWOT analysis helps businesses to thrive and reach the target audience. This template is a step in that direction. Here, you can overview the strategies, business capabilities, and processes and analyze business performance. The template will give you a concise summary of your past performance and how to improve the future. Get this template now to change business prospects.




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Template 10 Feedback of Executive Summary Meeting PPT

If you want your business to stay unconventional, grounded, and edgy, taking feedback and reviewing the process is necessary. The template is represented in a visual hierarchy where you would review the process, seek feedback, agree on further action, lead the change, develop the vision, and discover the challenges.




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Celebrating business success is impossible without looking at all these factors. They are nuanced and extremely good ideas to ensure executive meetings that work and arrive at a decision. All of them contribute towards a seamless business journey that the competition envies. These templates presented by Slide Team are an ode to all those managers who are anxious about business success but do not know the way out.


Executive proposal templates provide a framework to ensure that your ideas have the maximum impact. Create the impact you need with the use of these templates.