December 2020: Excel Sports Management landed its first minority investment from a private equity firm called Shamrock Capital Advisors. It planned to use this investment to enhance its agency business and explore new areas of the sports and media landscape for strategic expansion.


January 2021: Sugared + Bronzed, the largest sugaring, and sunless tanning company, received a strategic growth investment from Main Post Partners, a San Francisco based private equity firm. It acknowledged using this investment to support new product growth, location expansion, and strategic marketing opportunities to further create awareness regarding the company’s specialized services of hair removal and sunless tanning. 


February 2021: Liberstream secured a strategic investment from Honeywell and Evergy Ventures to boost the augmented reality industry for the remote and industrial workforce. This strategic investment allowed these companies to work together jointly for deploying AR across industries in the process of digital transformation. 


You hear about strategic investments every day, and these synergies are created in acquisitions, joint ventures, and other strategic partnerships. As a result, they increase revenue and decrease costs for the acquiring company for a certain period. Let’s explore them.


Strategic investment: A competitive business tool


It is an investment made by a company that is intended to earn safe and steady returns for acquiring a significant position in the business world. Here, one company invests in the other by entering into an agreement that serves shared goals. 


The term strategic investment is applied in two distinct financial ways. The first is when an individual or a company invests to earn quick returns, usually with the advice of a consultant company that is fully acquainted with the trends of the market and needs of customers. In the second scenario, a company decides to invest in a start-up or a small firm, with a planned long-term strategy in mind and not simply for profit. 


However, creating a strategic investment plan or making a final financing decision can be a complex process. Due to the presence of massive uncertainties and associated risk factors, companies might have to bear the brunt of it. 


To help you take this nerve-racking yet essential decision, we introduce our top 10 strategic management templates. You can include them in your presentation and select the potential company for investment. Besides, you can create a success story, fulfill your long-term vision, expand your business network, and improve the company’s value in the stock market. Let’s explore these templates one by one.  

Template 1

This template will help you stay competitive with technology and product quality to cope with the market requirement. Download it and edit with a robust strategic investment process.


Financial Infographic With Strategic Investment For Revenue Growth

Download Financial Infographic With Strategic Investment For Revenue Growth

Template 2

Use this template to identify, evaluate, and select among different investment processes that can likely impact your company’s competitive advantage. The design is easy to edit. So download it and help your business reap strategic benefits. 


Strategic Investment Decisions Implement PPT

Download Strategic Investment Decisions Implement Template

Template 3

Evaluate your company’s investment strategy with the help of this template design. Establish a comparison and choose the best strategy that will boost your business growth. Download now!


Strategic Investment Analysis Capital Budgeting PPT

Download Strategic Investment Analysis Capital Budgeting PPT Template

Template 4

This template includes a structured depiction of the strategic investment program. It highlights the RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed) approach. So grab it right away to make an accurate investment decision. 


Strategic Investment Program Management Template

Download Strategic Investment Program Management Template 

Template 5

Strategists can use this template to implement the set rules, behaviors, and procedures for guiding a company’s selection of the financial portfolio. Download it immediately and design appropriate tactics and strategies such as asset allocation, risk management, and more. 


Strategic Investment Enterprise Risk Management Template

Download Strategic Investment Enterprise Risk Management PPT 

Template 6

Choose this template and pitch a robust real estate investment plan to your management. Help them understand the benefits in real estate such as passive income, stable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification, and leverage. Download and use it to your advantage.


Strategic Investment Real Estate Sales Growth PowerPoint Presentation

Download Strategic Investment Real Estate Sales Growth PowerPoint Template 

Template 7

Introduce the real estate market to your team members or management with this well-designed complete deck. It includes 76 exclusive slides that can be easily customized. So download once and use it multiple times. 


Strategic Investment In Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Download Strategic Investment In Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Template 8

Elucidate your company’s complete strategic investment process with this innovative template. It includes 8 steps - idea, plan, strategy, investment, analysis, growth, finance, and success. So download and instantly change the text, color, font, or image. 


Agenda with 8 Steps Strategic Investment PPT Template

Download Agenda With 8 Items For Strategically Investment And Success

Template 9

This is a 5-step strategic investment process template that can be used to improve your business reach. Therefore, download it to captivate your audience and scale your business more smoothly.


5 Steps Horizontal With Strategically Investing For Revenue PPT

Download 5 Steps Horizontal With Strategically Investing For Revenue

Template 10

Shifts in global technology, advanced manufacturing, and government policy changes have created a moving target for manufacturers. Therefore, use this template to put across your strategic investment plan that focuses on research and innovation in manufacturing processes. Grab it right away!


Manufacturing Department Strategic Investment PowerPoint Template

Download Manufacturing Department Solution Transfer Strategic Investment Templates


To conclude


All money is a matter of belief! Therefore, it is critical to spend time and know who is investing in your firm, where you should invest, and whether it’s an excellent deal or not. Pick our well-researched investment ppt templates and carefully consider the pros and cons before proceeding with a strategic investment. 


P.S: Having a well-informed financial investment plan can help you sustain rough patches. To do so like a pro, check out our top templates for investment presentations in this guide