Many relationships hit a dead-end simply because one or both parties fail to understand, let alone try fulfilling, each other’s needs. In such a situation, individuals move on and begin new chapters of their life. However, things are not as smooth in businesses. It is a significant challenge to retain a relationship with an audience that is not seen or heard.


If you fail to acknowledge your audience's interests, you are out of the picture!




How do you keep a check on your audience’s wants and needs?


We all are not psychologists. We cannot comprehend every emotion that humans exude or like each trait of everyone around us. Every human’s way of expressing, processing, and communicating is different, which can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and stressful situations.

However, compassion and understanding of the human psyche can help us become better parents, friends, companions, leaders, and even entrepreneurs.


Knowing and fulfilling your consumers' expectations and interests can drive creativity, productivity, and engagement. It covers gaps in your interaction with customers or prospects and encourages you to prioritize their needs.


Therefore, create a user persona to make your customers feel heard and seen at all times for your organizational success.


A user persona is a visual representation of a set of users to help you visualize, understand, and build connections with the target users. Collect information from their names, occupations, level of education, pain points, hobbies, etc., to define your user persona. Thus, identify and resolve business problems and address pain point of the audience to engage them.


We offer this example of a user persona analysis example to cater for your target audience:


Persona: Ashley Buffet, a Content Developer


Name: Ashley Buffet

Occupation: Content Developer
Demographic: The 25-year-old lives in Chicago, Illinois. She belongs to a well-to-do family and lives alone in her apartment.


Ashley's Background:


Ashley is creative. She works with an advertising agency and has done an MBA. Her parents want her to have a full-fledged career in a multinational company. Her parents have also given her a year’s time to get settled. Ashley wishes to start her blog.


What Challenges Ashley:


Ashley loves writing. She has good language skills and writes content that engages the audience. Her blogs drive traffic and revenue. She does not have the proper support and knowledge to start her own website.


What Ashely Needs:


Ashely is looking for someone who can guide her in designing her website. She wants a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional to target the right keywords for her blog. She also wants to learn content management tools to track blog performance.


Here is a template design that justifies Ashley's state of mind:


User Persona PowerPoint Template Example


Download this template


This template highlights goals and pain points of Ashley. This information is crucial as it helps you design products and services that fulfil her expectations. Thus, incorporate such templates from SlideTeam to understand the needs and preferences of the users. These PPT designs are easy to use, colorful, and engaging in creating a database of your audience. Deploy our actionable user persona PowerPoint Slides to emphasize the interest and capabilities of your audience in respective fields.


Browse the collection of User Persona PowerPoint Templates below:


Template 1: Buyer Persona PowerPoint Template

Our team of proficient designers have created this well-structured PPT Template to help you develop a buyer persona for your business. Incorporate this ready-made PowerPoint design and emphasize what matters most to your users. It is a custom-made slide. You can download it and target newer segments with this design. Download now!


User Persona PPT Slide


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Template 2: User Persona PPT Design

Looking for ways to reach your target audience? Deploy this content-ready PowerPoint diagram to create a user persona that helps you comprehend their needs and interests. This PPT Design comprises sections to gather information on your ideal customer. List their goals and pain points to provide launch services that meet their expectations. Download now!


User Persona PowerPoint Template


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Template 3: User Persona PowerPoint Layout

Wish to increase your customer base? Understand your audience's preferences with this PPT preset and find ways to connect with them. This PowerPoint template is ideal to know your consumers better. Map their customer journey and analyze their choices and interests using this well-designed PowerPoint Template to engage them with your products. Download now!


User Persona PPT Graphic


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Template 4: Buyer Persona PowerPoint Diagram

Here is another PowerPoint template for you to create a user persona. Use this PPT graphic to list your customer's goals, preferences, and challenges. Find their pain points and problems to offer solutions that comfort them. It is a custom-made PowerPoint template. You can download it and add content as per your convenience.


Buyer Persona PowerPoint Template


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Template 5: User Persona Comparison PPT Slide

Want to segment your user persona based on their level of expertise? Grab this ready-made PowerPoint template and divide your customers into three sections- beginners, dedicated, and experts. Create their profile, and understand their shopping preferences, things they dislike, goals, and more using this actionable PPT template. This editable PowerPoint Template will design an extensive user persona based on demographics, hobbies, profession, etc. Get it now!


User Persona Comparison PowerPoint Diagram


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Template 6: User Persona PowerPoint Template

Want to have a better understanding of your target audience? Deploy this well-designed PowerPoint Template and know things that motivate your customers. You can also use this PPT Diagram to analyze the challenges they face. This  PowerPoint layout comprises a separate segment where you can pen down strategies to meet your customer’s needs. Create a personalized user persona of every customer to better understand them. Download now!


User Persona PowerPoint Design


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Template 7: User Persona PPT Slide

Grab this visually appealing and extensively designed user persona PowerPoint Template to emphasize your customer’s needs. This PowerPoint template brings forward the overall personality of the customer by describing his goals, favorite brands, challenges, motivations, and more. Incorporate this customizable PPT slide to determine your audience’s interests and choices to cater to their wishes. Download this template now!


User Persona PPT Diagram


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Template 8: User Persona PowerPoint Template

Struggling to create a user persona for your business? Deploy this content-ready PowerPoint Template and develop a buyer persona for your company in just a few steps. Highlight important information about your customer on this ready-made template and analyze their likes and dislikes. Incorporate this fully editable PowerPoint Template and use it to design a comprehensive database of your customer's profile. Download now!


User Persona Blueprint PPT Template


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Template 9: User Persona PPT Slide

Incorporate this well-crafted PPT template to develop a detailed persona of your target audience. Use this polished PowerPoint diagram to understand their shopping behavior and choices. Emphasize the points that frustrate and motivate them and offer solution-based services of their interest. Grab this fully customizable PPT slide now to engage your audience. Download now!


Customer Persona PPT Template


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Template 10: User Persona PowerPoint Diagram

Looking for ways to find a common trait that connects your target audience? Create a user persona using this ready-made PowerPoint Template. This PPT Design comprises sections to help you highlight your customer's goals, choices, brand preferences, etc. It is a custom-made PowerPoint Slide to help you add or delete content as per your convenience. Download now!


User Persona Template


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Template 11: User Persona PowerPoint Graphic

Here is another well-designed PowerPoint Template to understand your audience’s expectations of you. Incorporate this PPT diagram to jot down your customer’s personal details, including their bio, demographics, occupation, etc. You can also use this customizable PowerPoint Template to make a note their future goals, problems, and challenges to get a comprehensive view of the traits that define them.


User Persona PowerPoint Diagram


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Template 12: Buyer Persona PPT Slide

Grab this ready-made PowerPoint Template and display your prowess at reaching the customer through research and detail-oriented processes. Use this easy-to-use PPT diagram to focus on the needs of your target audience. Understand their shopping behavior and create a list of their favorite brands, hobbies, and more to analyze their personality. Download this customizable PowerPoint Slide to connect with your audience with speed and a solution to their pressing desires and wants.


User Persona PPT Layout


Download this template


Template 13: User Persona PowerPoint Template

Here is another well-designed PowerPoint template you can use to create a user persona. This PPT diagram is perfect for you to analyze your consumer’s buying behavior. Deploy this ready-made PowerPoint slide to devise marketing strategies to engage your audience based on their personality type. Grab this fully editable PowerPoint Template to create user personas that gives us a snappy profile of customer groups.


Buyer Persona PPT Layout


Download this template


There you have it! Gather relevant information about your customers and develop perfect buyer personas with SlideTeam's customizable templates. Convert prospects into the leads using user persona PPT slides. You can download these ready-made and premium PowerPoint Slides from our monthly, semi-annual, annual, annual + custom design subscriptions here.


PS: Want to map the customer success journey? Explore this exclusive guide replete with ready-made templates to note every touchpoint in your client journey.


User Persona FAQs


What are different types of User Persona?


User personas are meant to be memorable, actionable, and distinct from one another. They should be designed to sum up the needs of the target audience for ease of content. There are three personas that businesses can create:

  • Proto personas align the team’s assumptions on who their users are, but this is not based on new research
  • Qualitative personas are created based on audience interviews, usability tests, field studies, etc.
  • Statistical personas comprise a survey instrument that is used to design these for a large sample size to collect relevant information.


How is a User Persona made?


A regular user persona consists of information like name, occupation, demographics, personal details, pain points, etc. These elements help demonstrate a real human being along with his interests and choices.


Why should businesses create User Personas?


User personas summarize and display research about a specific target audience. User personas help you create semi-fictional characters to help your entire team design products that your users’ needs.


Is one user persona sufficient to create a profile?


For some businesses, a single person-based user persona addresses all customers. However, you might need a few different buyer personas to cater to groups of customers depending on the size and requirement of your business.