Customer Acquisition is something that no business can breathe without.


Every business needs to acquire new customers to sell their products or services. Building a connection with a potential customer is difficult. Due to which, you should employ best of the customer acquisition strategies to hit a home run.


The customer acquisition process is certainly not an easy one. You need to attract new customers who don’t know about your products or services. Therefore, having a customer acquisition plan is a must for business to grow.


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Let us walk you through the steps to acquire customers for your business:


  • Marketing Campaigns:

Marketing Campaigns


Once you know who your target audience is, work towards getting in touch with them. Conduct marketing campaigns to find the right customers for you and your products. Reach to your audience via offline marketing such as events, print ads, radio, and more. Or use online marketing tools like social media, blogs, SEO, PPC, email etc. Reach to the widest range of the best suited audience and turn them into potential buyers.


  • Customer Acquisition Campaigns:

Customer Acquisitions Campaigns



Attract people to your brand and make them brand loyalists. Make yourself visible in the eyes of the customers. Advertise your brand or product as much as you can. Consider various customer acquisition campaigns such as billboards, print advertisements, radio and more. This form of advertisements is known as above the line advertising. However, below the line advertisements are blogs, social media, email, SEO, etc which are more scientific and informative. Choose your form of advertisement to get customer’s attention.


  • Marketing Reach By Channels:

Marketing Reach By Channels


Implement the right marketing channels and grow your business. Reach out to your consumers in more ways than ever. Spend your money and time on the most significant marketing channels and strategies. Above template shows you the most profitable and non-profitable marketing channels. Emails, online media, print ads are the most effective channels as compared to referrals, trade fairs and tele-marketing. Choose your option wisely to show your existence to the customers.


  • Marketing Roadmap:

Marketing Roadmap



Use this roadmap to analyse which marketing medium has been the most effective for your brand promotion. You can list out various marketing channels through which you have advertised your product. Evaluate which marketing medium has attracted new customers, nurtured some leads, induced new traffic, or more. You can execute different marketing campaigns across the year and figure out which one is more fruitful to your business.


  • Word Of Mouth Marketing:

Word Of Mouth Marketing



Showcase how word of mouth marketing can be effectively used for your product or brand promotions. This slide shows how many people advocated for your brand, how many had a neutral response and how many just did not like the product at all. You can use this slide to execute WOM and evaluate how many people recommended your product to others.


  • Marketing Growth Strategy:

Marketing Growth Strategy


You can strategize the marketing plan for your product. Use the above template to showcase various stages of customer acquisition such as acquiring customers through email, blogs, social media, and more. Secondly, customer service i.e. keeping customers with the help of dedicated customer services, message boards, public dealing etc. And lastly, product development which will help you stay competitive in the market by bringing products that serve the customers well. You can use this slide as per your need. You can list down your own marketing strategies as per the requirements.


Download Content-Ready Customer Acquisition Process Complete Deck


On board customers with the right customer acquisition strategy. Use this ready-made customer acquisition complete deck to make your business grow.