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Top 10 Agile Scrum Framework Templates With Samples and Examples

Top 10 Agile Scrum Framework Templates With Samples and Examples

Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta

January 24 2023

Scrum is the preferred agile technique that firms of all sizes can use for separating tasks into sizeable units called ‘sprints.’ Agile scrum methodology benefits businesses that wish to complete the project in an efficient and intelligent manner. 


Let’s talk a bit about this methodology, and then we have the ‘Top 10 Agile Scrum Framework Templates’ to help you implement it for your business.


Is Agile Scrum Framework Easy to Use?


There are two types of project management systems: the top-down and the bottom-up approaches.


Agility comes under the bottom-up approach. Here, the business is more focused on producing customer-centric products. In the first stage, the business builds the critical features and comes out with a potentially deliverable product. 


Once the partially built product is available for feedback, it is beta tested. Based on this feedback, new features or changes are added in a phased manner. The process allows for incorporating requirement changes, feedback, or bug fixes.


In the top-down approach, the business emphasizes building the project in one go, which comes with drawbacks in terms of delays and duplicate effort. The most significant disadvantage of this methodology is that testing begins after development is complete. 


Fixing bugs need lots of effort, and any change in requirements or incorporation of customer feedback consumes time and effort, hampering laid-down plans. 


What Are The Benefits of Scrum?

Though Scrum can be helpful across firms and projects, the following scenarios are where it fits the best:


  1. Complicated team projects: Projects that require teams to finish backlogs are best suited to use Scrum methodology. Scrum breaks down big projects into smaller tasks. 
  2. Companies that value results: Scrum is advantageous for organizations that appreciate results over progress tracking reports. This proves that efficiency and innovation drive results more than a rigid process.
  3. Customer-centric companies: Scrum can benefit businesses that create products for the tastes and requirements of their customers. Scrum’s flexibility makes it a must-have tool for satisfying client demands.


Agile Scrum Framework Templates


With these types and benefits known, let’s check out SlideTeam’s top 10 agile scrum framework templates with samples and examples to boost productivity and help the scrum team stay focused on goals within the current sprint.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s explore and open up a new world of productivity!


Template 1: Agile Software Development Agile Scrum Framework

This PPT Presentation helps you stay focused on goals and keep product backlogs at bay. This template guides you in completing your work in phases and delivering products that will develop on time with all required approvals and feedback. It also means little chance of duplicated effort. Download it now to boost efficiency.


Agile Software Development Agile Scrum Framework


Download Now!


Template 2: Agile Methodology Agile Scrum Framework PPT Sample

Use this Scrum Framework for detailed discussions on your running projects and future projects that you may take up for execution. This is the best PPT Template to track your project’s daily progress ensuring successful outcomes in terms of results, completion of project objectives on time, and immediate benefits. There is also a pointer to get you to take up a Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective Template before leading to the finished work. Get this template from the link below.


Agile Methodology Agile Scrum Framework PPT Sample


Download Now!


Template 3: Scrum Process Framework Agile Scrum Artifacts

This framework helps you design a system that helps manage the product development phase through features like roles, artifacts, and events. This allows the scrum master to organize sprint planning meetings, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives, and more. Download this template to improve task effectiveness.


Scrum Process Framework Agile Scrum Artifacts


Download Now!


Template 4: Five Events in Agile Scrum Framework

As the name reflects, this template will make your project planning easier by adapting project planning steps, such as sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective, daily scrum meeting report, and the sprint, to name a few. This process makes management smoother, starting with input from users, customers, teams, and other stakeholders. Use this template to also emphasize the importance of daily scrum meetings. Get the template here. 


Five Events in Agile Scrum Framework


Download Now!


Template 5: Agile Scrum Framework with Sprint Details Portfolio Layout Ideas

This layout will describe the incremental process of your projects. Using this template, you can divide the development process into smaller chunks, called the sprint. In this instance, each sprint can be of, say, three weeks, and in each sprint, analysis, and design are done, followed by coding. Get the template right away!


Agile Scrum Framework with Sprint Details Portfolio Layout Ideas


Download Now!


Template 6: Artifacts of Agile Scrum

This layout imparts information on the project status and helps the scrum master and other stakeholders be updated on the progress and impediments. It tells the team about sprint planning, backlogs, sprint review, etc., and helps increase audience engagement and their knowledge of Agile methodology. Download this template now.


Artifacts of Agile Scrum


Download Now!


Template 7: Agile Scrum Methodologies And Frameworks

This PPT Layout is best suited for you if you want to save your data and define the features of your ongoing projects. It will help you eliminate backlogs from your project! By customizing this template, you can prioritize the project’s backlog features and check on any project impediments. Grab it now.


Agile Scrum Methodologies And Frameworks


Download Now!


Template 8: Agile Project Management Frameworks

Are you wondering how to develop a project in one go with as few backlogs as possible? If yes, then this PPT Layout is for you! Using this layout, you will cover almost 90% of your project in one presentation. This layout presents you with a list of backlogs left to cover, and sprint reviews that you can improve, and sprint-planning meetings. Download it now.


Agile Project Management Frameworks


Download Now!


Template 9: Agile Scrum Project Procedure Framework

This layout will help you get acquainted with the team performance, product owner, scrum master, sprint, and other stakeholders. This is crucial in understanding the people involved in the project and plan of development. You can also keep track of your project progress by downloading this PPT Template. 


Agile Scrum Project Procedure Framework


Download Now!


Template 10: Agile Scrum Framework for Marketers

The template is specifically meant for marketers and helps in understanding a detailed explanation of the product, planning, and framework. It is used to manage projects collaboratively in iterative sprints. That will help the business reap considerable gains in a short period. Download it now.


Agile Scrum Framework for Marketers


Download Now!


Flexible, Fast Decision-making Tool


One of the most valuable benefits of Scrum methodology is its flexibility; it allows the business to get what they want from the decision-making process. 


Compared to the traditional method, where post-development feedback is the cause for delays, and the teams have to restart the process from scratch, agile methodology comes as a game-changer. Being a part of an agile team saves time and effort for the developers and stakeholders. Receiving feedback after every sprint, the scrum team can adjust their goals, which results in more valuable iterations.


Thanks for reading! We appreciate your time, and that’s why we present you with The Top 10 Agile Framework Templates for The Faster Delivery of your products. Planning, printing and executing are now easy with these templates. 


We hope you enjoyed the read and found the PPT Presentations useful for the specific pain point you were looking to resolve.


FAQs on Agile Scrum Framework


What is the Agile Scrum method?

Agile scrum methodology is a project management system based on the iterative model. It refers to an incremental process that allows teams to work on projects in manageable chunks or sprints. Each iteration takes four weeks to complete the most important features and produce a potentially deliverable product. 


What are three frameworks for Agile?

When learning about agile, you will undoubtedly come across the term “agile framework” and other terms such as “scrum,” “Kanban,” and “XP.” An agile framework is a set of values and principles designed to handle projects with changing requirements and deliver valuable products before the timeline. The top agile frameworks in vogue are:


  1. Scrum Methodology: Scrum is the most widely used agile framework worldwide. It is a team-centric framework that allocates defined roles and responsibilities to implement in agile project management’s responsive style.
  2. Kanban: Kanban is similar to Scrum because it aims to support teams working together at optimum efficiency. It focuses on project workflow, streamlining current progress, and avoiding productivity slowdown. Kanban is conducted using a Kanban board or flowchart.
  3. XP (Extreme Programming): XP is one of the favorite frameworks in the software development industry because of its goal of frequent updates. This method is ideal for projects where delivering continuous value is a top priority.


What are the 5 phases of a Scrum?

The steps in a Scrum management plan are referred to as phases. They create a structure for you and your team members to follow defined steps as you work on a project. They can offer techniques to evaluate and enhance the process. The five phases of Scrum are:


  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Reviewing 
  5. Releasing


What are the 6 principles of Scrum?

The six basic must-followed Scrum principles are- 


  1. Self-organization
  2. Collaboration
  3. Teamwork
  4. Value-based products
  5. Customer satisfaction
  6. Iterative development


Each of these is part of the methodology and contributes to making the process so sought-after. For instance, customer satisfaction must be achieved, whatever iteration level is required. Hence, the Scrum Framework fixes accountability as well. 

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