“Everybody who is successful lays a blueprint out,” remarked American comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Projects in progress are no exception. It, too, requires a project management strategy (blueprint) outlining steps to stay on track and within budget. Studies document that organizations adopting project management practices are 28 times more efficient with their use of money, viz-a-viz the competition. Why? Because it involves a high level of planning, design, and documentation to spell out the specifics and actions required to dispel confusion and avoid risks during project execution, once done. However, the power and savings are enormous.


One such critical component of project management methodology is the Project Management Plan (PMP).


Cover the fundamentals of project planning, its importance, standard tools, and strategies to help a business stay involved for better project performance. Click here to read more.


Project Management Plan: Guide on execution, monitoring, and control.

A project management plan is a collection of documents that define the how, when, and what scenarios in project execution. The project manager designs this crucial format to ensure quality project execution and completion. Feedback from the project team and key stakeholders is vital to the process.


This playbook from SlideTeam provides a simple step-by-step strategy for creating a well-structured Project Management Plan (PMP). It contains the timetable, project deliverables, communication protocols, and safety criteria. This clear message provides stakeholders and end-users with a blueprint for project execution.


Explore our ready-to-use project management checklist templates to kickstart your project management efforts.


Start on the right foot toward a comprehensive PMP with the use of SlideTeam’s PowerPoint Templates. This playbook template provides an overview of the project's value proposition, execution phases, resources, communication tools, protocols, risks, stakeholders, and deliverables. The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Create a project plan to provide you and your team with a clear path to work with SlideTeam's world-class PPT Templates!


Continue reading to create a set of baselines and subsidiary plans to ensure project success. The playbook discusses productive project management best practices, the project manager's role in managing information flow, the project management framework, a checklist, and a dashboard to track its lifecycle management activities. It facilitates effective project management from conception to conclusion, covering knowledge domains that the project manager supervises.


Template 1: Integration Management PPT

Project integration management is a knowledge area that enables teams to collaborate better. Use this PPT Template to integrate multiple project planning procedures, systems, and techniques into a unified strategic planning. This improves team performance management. It comprises an overview of the charter, project integration management, and a case study to assist in coordinating all project parts.  Use this presentation to make sure processes are effective and achieve predetermined objectives. Get it now!


Integration Management PPT

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Template 2: Scope Management

Use this PPT Template to create a project structure by describing resources needed to meet its objectives. This is an essential strategic planning tool for breaking down the project into individual tasks and deliverables. It includes feasibility analysis, portfolio management, and a work breakdown structure to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. This presentation will list and record each project's objectives, goals, deliverables, deadline, and budgets during the planning phase. Download now!


Scope Management

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Template 3: Time Management Template

Time management is a critical component of performance management. Use this PPT Template to plan and monitor the completion of project deliverables. It helps develop an activity sequence, activity duration, resource estimations, a status report, and how these integrate into the broader project management plan. Use this PPT Template to allocate resources and guarantee that teams produce high-quality work on time. Save it now!


Time Management

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Template 4: Quality Management Template

Project managers must assess the quality of the activities and processes involved in their scheme of things. Use this PPT Template to help teams establish quality planning and maintain quality standards throughout project execution and conclusion. It contains a quality management plan for project progress and ensuring a fruitful team meeting. Use this presentation to ensure that project activities required for design, planning, and implementation are successful and efficient. Download now!


Quality Management

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Template 5: Human Resource Management Template

The cornerstones of efficient project management are a clear grasp of human behavior and the organizational components of project management. Use this PPT Template to organize, manage, and lead the project planning team. This template can help you better understand the roles you need on a specific project and help you recruit the best. It comprises key project management team members, characteristics, and strategies to increase work productivity. Use this presentation to guarantee that the optimum level of talent and experience is accessible throughout the project life cycle. Get it now!


Human Resource Management Template

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Template 6: Stakeholder Management Template

Want to keep your project stakeholders happy and productive? Use this PPT Template to identify, prioritize, and involve stakeholders throughout the project management lifecycle. This enhances performance management as a suitable stakeholder management strategy is developed to meet their needs. It entails analyzing impact versus priority to undertake in-depth research on your stakeholders. Use this presentation to determine the demands and influences of stakeholders. Get it now!


Stakeholder Management Template

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Template 7: Communication Management Template

Communication management is vital for enhancing project performance and ensuring completion of project activities. Use this PPT Template to define how project managers manage communications. This will help project managers bridge the gap between stakeholders with varying organizational backgrounds, degrees of competence, and viewpoints and interests. It includes communication parameters, key strategies, tools, and a communication plan. Use this presentation to define how information generated at each project step is conveyed to appropriate parties. Get it now!


Communication Management Template

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Template 8: Procurement Management Template

A good project management approach begins with effective procurement management. Use this PPT Template to construct a procurement management plan to help you finish a project. This strategic planning tool will enable you to negotiate specific service contracts. It comprises a procurement process checklist and a procurement strategy to guarantee that processes are carried out carefully and that team members have access to goods, services, and resources needed to accomplish the project on time. Get it now!


Procurement Management Template

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Template 9: Risk Management

Use this PPT Template to record and manage emerging risks throughout the project management lifecycle. This project planning tool will aid in documenting prospective project risks that have not yet occurred, as well as identifying any potential roadblocks. This template includes a risk register and a risk management plan for identifying, categorizing, prioritizing, and mitigating or avoiding risks in advance. Use this presentation to highlight the project's benefits and downsides and the risk mitigation measures you will implement to handle each. Get it now!


Risk Management

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Template 10: Cost Management

Use this PPT Template to create a cost management strategy in project management to keep expenses within budget. This template will help you estimate, budget, and control project expenditures. It comprises a comparison analysis of cost approaches, a budget plan for cost estimation, and project budget estimation to establish a work breakdown structure. Create a financial baseline with the help of this presentation to help project managers compare costs of their current projects and realign priorities. Get it now!


Cost Management

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A good starting point for planning your project

A good project management plan is essential for any team to outline the project scope, its delivery methods and procedures, and the desired goals. Use SlideTeam’s PPT Templates as the foundation for project transparency by establishing quantifiable goals and building excellent communication among team members and stakeholders.


PS Check out our Project Management Plan to create a high-level overview of the project, deliverables, and benefits.




What is a playbook in project management?

A playbook defines recommendations for monitoring project activity in project management. It aids in comprehending activities, time frames, deliverables, the project life cycle, etc. It enables seamless and efficient operations across domains by empowering project managers to envisage and analyze these features. Playbooks are used to build strategies for achieving project-specific goals in a streamlined and efficient manner.


What should be included in a project playbook?


A project management playbook should include the following key stages:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Project Planning
  3. Project Execution
  4. Project Control
  5. Project Closure


What are the five components of a project management plan?

The following are the five primary components of the project management plan:


  1. Executive Summary: It outlines the nature of the project deliverables developed to meet the project requirements and the organization's needs.
  2. Procedures and Policies
  3. Schedules
  4. Timelines
  5. Budgets