Domino’s is a well-known pizza restaurant and delivery brand with 17,000+ locations in 90+ countries. The involvement of these many stakeholders made communication, collaboration, and marketing extremely challenging. The brand used PROJECT PLANNING to get an estimated 350,000 team members and franchisees on the same page. The result? Domino's newsletter read rate increased from a pitiful 4% to 100%, giving everyone involved a clear understanding of what to expect. Wondering what is the secret sauce in project planning that made this number possible?


Project planning serves as a road map for teams. It enables project coordinators, managers, directors, and other project leaders to drive projects with greater autonomy with the implementation of best practices. It is the most crucial step in the project management life cycle since it provides parties with information on milestones, deadlines, resources, deliverables, and scope.


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What is a Project Planning Playbook?

It is a reference guide designed to simplify project planning, delivery, and measurement across departments. It offers advice on right-sized best practices to speed up project ramp-up from assignment to kickoff.


Use SlideTeam’s Project Planning Playbook Templates to generate checklists as guides to assure project success and on-time delivery. This playbook covers fundamentals of project planning, its importance, standard tools, and strategies to assist a business in staying engaged for greater project performance.


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The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


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Let’s explore these essential slides to comprehend a project’s who, what, where, why, how, and when.



Template 1: Agenda for Project Planning Playbook PPT

The first stage in project planning is to create an agenda. Use this PPT Template to provide practical guidance to the major parts of your project. This project playbook will assist in reviewing project management components for successful execution. Use this presentation to review the advantages of a project planning playbook, project risks, execution plans, resource allocations, status reviews, and assigning responsibility for action items. Set the stage for successful and seamless project cooperation with this download. Get it now!


Agenda for Project Planning Playbook

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Template 2: Project Initiation Template

Project initiation is the first stage of project management. Use this PPT Template to assess the viability of your business project. It is an essential project communication tool for discussing urgent tasks to perform to get a project going. This project playbook includes necessary templates for maturity assessment, project management office charter, project portfolio assessment, and feasibility assessment to help you build a strong foundation. Use this presentation to make it simpler for stakeholders and members of your project team to collaborate during the project. Download now!


Project Initiation

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Template 3: Project Planning Template

Project planning ensures project success and on-time completion. This PPT Template will allow you to plan each activity the team must complete to cover the scope, meet the deliverables, and reach overall goal. Use this project playbook, with slides on workflow breakdown structure, project tasks responsibility assignment matrix, the project schedule, and the project budget plan, to help the project team coordinate with stakeholders and iron out any kinks. With the help of this download, create a roadmap for the whole project life cycle. Save it now!


Project Planning

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Template 4: Project Execution Template

Are there gaps between strategy and project execution at your business? Use this PPT Template to streamline the creation of your deliverables and communicate them to your customer and key stakeholders. It features project status reports, and changes request log management to give a foundation for project management. Use this presentation to review final details before beginning your tasks. Download now!


Project Execution

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Template 5: Project Control Template

Use this PPT Template to increase project control and quality during the project management process. This template is an essential component of the project playbook for ensuring that projects get completed within the budget, scope, and schedule constraints. It includes critical milestone monitoring, a risk management plan, and a quality plan ensure project control and enhance performance. This aids in monitoring team performance and appropriately responding to urgent problems to maintain momentum. Get it now!


Project Control


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Template 6: Project Closure Template

Use this PPT Template to guide you through the project management closing process. This element of project communication assists project teams in reviewing deliverables, comparing them, and testing their quality on the anticipated project outcome. This stage covers project acceptance documentation, lessons learned for post-project evaluation, and a project closure checklist to assist in creating a complete picture of the project's performance. Use this presentation to tie up loose ends, debrief with stakeholders, and determine future steps. Get it now!


Project Closure

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Template 7: Project Team Template

Successful projects result from meticulous planning and project team participation. Use this PPT Template to highlight project team's contribution to achieving project goals. This project playbook includes essential people involved, the project manager's responsibilities, and a staff training plan to bring a group of individuals together to complete project duties and meet the organization's goals to deliver positive results. Get it now!


Project Team

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Template 8: Project Communication Template

Maintain transparency in project management with an efficient communication plan. Use this PPT Template to monitor and control communications throughout the project’s life cycle. This involves a stakeholder communication plan and projects internal and external communication channels to satisfy project stakeholders’ and teams’ information demands. Get it now!


Project Communication

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Template 9: Project Progress Assessment Dashboard

Project dashboards are a vital tool in the project management process. Use this PPT Template to deliver immediate and updated information on project status. This project status report will serve as a quick reference point for project managers to keep an eye on tasks that may be lagging or projects that are underperforming. Get it now!


Project Progress Assessment Dashboard

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Template 10: Project Plan Timeline

Use this PPT Template to establish a project’s start and end dates. This project management timeline will provide an overview of tasks and their assignments, priority levels, and milestones. Use this presentation to provide team members the freedom and flexibility to do things at their own pace. Get it now!


Project Plan Timeline

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Deliver complex projects on time

This project planning playbook is a crucial tool for project execution and control. It will assist team members in completing their jobs and in prioritizing pending tasks. Use SlideTeam’s PPT Templates as a blueprint of the complete project management process, designed to help you throughout the project planning phase.


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What should be included in a project planning playbook?

A project planning playbook provides a step-by-step approach to project implementation, which are:

Project Initiation

Project Planning

Project Execution

Project Control Processes

Project Closure


What are the four stages of the project management process?

The project management process is divided into four stages: initiation, planning, execution, and closing.

a) Initiation: This includes identifying the project's goals, scope, resources, and team roles.

b) Planning: It entails establishing measures necessary to meet the project's objectives. Example: Setting budgets, schedules, milestones, source materials, and relevant documentation.

c) Execution: This entails carrying out your plan and keeping the team on track.

d) Closure: It entails delivering final deliverables to stakeholders, releasing project resources, and determining the project's success.


What are the five critical areas in project planning?

Project Scope Management

Project Time Management

Project Cost Management

Project Quality Management

Project Risk Management


These components are essential for a project to be completed successfully. Project leaders can increase their chances of success and ensure satisfaction of project team members, with focus on these critical components.