It's 2023 already, and with a new year comes new responsibilities and challenges. Whether you are a homemaker or entrepreneur, you always require that extra minute or an hour to clear your to-do checklist. 


What is Time Tracking?


Time tracking refers to the process of recording time for assigned tasks, projects, and activities. It serves as a vital information source when businesses get down to tracking progress and making decisions.


Why is Time Tracking Important?


It  is difficult to take control of every minute of your day. With time tracking, you organize and prioritize your tasks to increase productivity. 


Employee time tracking is used by companies, startups, agencies, and remote workers, as it provides a quick and easy way to check on progress of business operations. Time tracking also helps analyze your company's efficiency across projects, clients, departments, and employees.


Every business is impacted by the constraint triangle of time, cost, and scope. Here are 12 Timeline PowerPoint Templates to plan and control the time and scope aspects by creating a project timeline.


Why do you need a time-tracking template?


Time tracking has gone digital with changing times and trends. Whether you're a freelancer looking to clock hours or a CEO wanting to manage your remote team, you need a time-tracking template that keeps your business running and on time. The time-tracking process includes three basic steps:


  • Time logging
  • Timesheet approval
  • Reporting and analysis

Traditionally, all three of these were performed on paper, but modern apps, software, and templates have greatly simplified the process.


Here are some SlideTeam’s custom-made PPT Templates that will not only  capture time but also report and analyze team’s performance, productivity, costs and profits, project management, time distribution across tasks and more.


Let's get started!


Template 1: Project Task Planner With Time Tracking

The project task planner Template features a Gantt chart that shows the planning of three-phased projects, including weeks, starting dates, and time required to complete each task. Your team members can track time towards specific tasks, estimate end dates and budgets, and project requirements.


Project Task Planner with Time Tracking


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Template 2: Task Completion Status With Cost And Time Tracking

Skyrocket your productivity and manage any task with this task-completion status PPT Template. It includes a task list, completion status, estimated and actual hours taken to complete a task, cost, and estimated cost. The Template lets you track, adjust, and allocate your estimates on tasks and subtasks and compare the actual time taken against your estimations according to your team’s daily capacity.


Task Completion Status with Cost and Time Tracking


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Template 3: Task Management And Time Tracking Checklist

Streamline communication on task management with your team and encourage them to achieve their timely goals using this content-ready PowerPoint Template. This task management and time tracking checklist lets you plan, evaluate, and track tasks on the basis of priority, due date, completion date, and task completion status.


Task Management and Time Tracking Checklist


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Template 4: Company Departmental Task And Time Tracking Report

Quickly spot task completions, over-dues, and pending ones with one intuitive dashboard that includes activities, task categories, task descriptions, due dates, priority, and status. This company departmental task and time tracking report also features sales and marketing pie charts displaying task progress and uncompleted tasks.


Company Departmental Task and Time Tracking Report


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Template 5: Construction Project Tasks And Time Tracking List

Organize your daily construction activities and arrange your to-do list with this construction project tasks and time-tracking Template. It helps to eliminate gaps and creates a well-structured task list with start, end dates, and deadlines. Easily add your tasks in a few clicks, set duration, time estimation, time taken for completion, status notes, and more to kickstart your projects.


Construction Project Tasks and Time Tracking List


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Template 6: Daily Task Management And Time Tracking Schedule Icon

Add a creative edge to your standard time-tracking PPT Template with this daily task management and scheduling icon. Benefit from task arrangements by using this icon-view template, where tasks are visualized as icons. It is a perfect way to share information, making it easy to read and understandable for stakeholders and collaborators.


Daily Task Management and Time Tracking Schedule Icon


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Template 7: Employees’ Daily Task And Time Tracking Schedule

The employees' daily task and time tracking schedule Template collect employee work patterns at a granular level providing companies with task visibility, analytics, and context. Gain insights by unlocking the true potential of your workforce using this ready-made PowerPoint Slide that includes a list of tasks, dates, days, weekly overview, and notes or a to-do list.


Employee Daily Task and Time Tracking Schedule


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Template 8: Project Task Management And Time Tracking Dashboard

This project task management Gantt chart Template allows you to create project plans that help you stay ahead of schedule by hitting milestones and deadlines. It helps you analyze the connection between tasks and deadlines, so you can identify problems and fix dependency conflicts before it even occurs! The Template includes an overdue task list, upcoming deadline list, and workload column chart.


Project Task Management and Time Tracking Dashboard


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Template 9: Project team task and time tracking report

Coordinate your project teams and tasks by tracking work hours and creating reports using this Project team task and time-tracking report Template. Time logging has always been challenging, but you no longer have to use multiple programs to track time, projects, and working hours. This Template lets you add a detailed description and comments for each project task.


Project Team Task and Time Tracking Report


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Template 10: One pager Production Time Tracking Report

This one-pager production time tracking sheet is ideal for hourly employees at your company. It includes details such as production company name, date, employee name & ID, working schedule, lunch start & end time, overtime, hourly rate, total working hours, and the total amount earned. Eliminate time wastage and help your team finish their tasks within a given time-frame with this ready to use Template.


One Pager Production Time Tracking Sheet


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Time Tracking- Unsung Hero of a Business


Time tracking is like a seatbelt that protects you from life's turbulence. Selecting the ideal time-tracking tool or software for your company is important, but going through multiple software and apps, reading reviews, and comparing features could be daunting. Our time-tracking Templates will make the process easier and save you hours in tracking your team’s progress. 


Leverage our 100% customized and pre-designed templates to submit time entries and review them in a convenient weekly timesheet format. Managers can also use these templates to approve employees' filled-out timesheets smoothly. Furthermore, the Templates can assist you in creating effective time-tracking reports that measure productivity,  performance analysis, and cost management. 



FAQs on Time Tracking



What is meant by time tracking?


Time tracking is recording hourly employees' working hours and ensuring they are compensated fairly and accurately for their work and time. It is an essential component of time and attendance that supplements other elements like paid time off, attendance, shift hours, overtime, and scheduling.

Time tracking process breaks down into three main components:


  • Time logging: It is the daily process performed by the employees to record their starting and finishing work timings. These are also called timestamps.
  • Timesheet approval: The times of a working day registered by the system are recorded and stored in a timesheet. These are then sent to their respective managers for approval and finally passed on to the HRs to calculate the total hours worked.
  • Reporting and analysis: Reporting is the last and final form of time tracking. It is a process of submitting approved timesheets for payroll processing.


What is the best way to track time?


There are a variety of approaches when it comes to selecting a way to track time. It depends upon the business type and the requirement.

You can use the following methods to track time:

  • The paper method: The paper method is recommended if you're searching for an easy technique to track time spent on a computer/laptop. You need a paper, a pen and a stopwatch or your mobile phone.

To start, simply list activities for a specific day and add a date. Make sure to add your priority tasks and put these at the top of your list. Then, go on to add other tasks based on priority. Work, stopwatch, breaks, stopwatch, and repeat the process.


  • The spreadsheet method includes tracking time using Excel or Google Sheets files and a stopwatch. It's better to log your hours in one file each month for easy tracking.
  • Using a time tracking software: The time tracking software will automate the process of monitoring your time. Big companies majorly use this method to automate the time-logging process of their hourly employees. A time tracking software allows you to log hours directly from your desktop while working.
  • Using a time tracking template: This method is more accurate than maintaining weekly or monthly spreadsheets as it gives liberty to record the task descriptions, status, over-dues, pending tasks, etc., immediately after completing a task. Daily timesheet templates are usually best for contractors, freelancers or hourly workers.