If you are a business that’s just starting out, acquiring capital is non-negotiable. You need to attract investors and procure crucial funding to keep your operations afloat. One of the vital methods through which businesses seek investors’ attention is through a business proposal.


Drawing up a logical, persuasive proposal that hits the investor sweet-spot is a must to gain investor favour and elevate your status. Add to the proposal an executive summary that shrinks the bigger picture down for your audience, and your chances of getting funding improve substantially.


In this blog, were going to be dissecting and examining 13 templates for proposal executive summaries, all with have their own unique flavour.


Each of these templates is 100% customizable and editable, adding to the utility and the wonder of the product, as it were.


If you are a researcher, use this blog to help you in crafting a world-class executive summary. Researchers looking for grants will find this blog from SlideTeam, a special presentation, extremely valuable. Click here to access these templates that use some of the principles enunciated below.


Template 1: Executive Summary Outsourcing Proposal PPT Presentation

A fine PPT presentation that illuminates the inner dynamics of your company, this template is a sure way to boost confidence among employees and investors. The comprehensive 79-slide presentation adds class and sophistication to your hands-on experience to help you showcase the reasons for why you should get the funding. The slides in this PPT Presentation discuss your company’s agenda, mission, vision. One of the slides expands on the key aspects of the company, while another one incorporates an executive dashboard with a host of prime metrics, including sales distribution, support expenses, revenue and more. A sales dashboard, a financial dashboard, a summary of market opportunity and key potential customers all come built into the exhaustive presentation template.


Executive Summary Outsourcing Proposal


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Template 2: Executive summary of business venture proposal

To anyone looking to make a statement, this is the template. Against a clear wide background, the slide includes three prime subheadings, What’s the service/product? What’s the core problem you are solving? and lastly, What’s your big vision? Customize and enhance the dashboard to fit your needs.


Executive Summary of Business Venture Proposal


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Template 3: Executive Summary for Trade Services

Impress upon the audience your expertise of your domain with this PPT Template. It is on trade services, and radiates charm with its sleek design and strong color grading. What’s the product/service? What’s the core problem you are solving? and What’s your big vision? Customize the dashboard and make a prominent statement of your own with it.


Executive Summary for Trade Services


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Template 4: Executive Summary for Business Proposal

Designing a business proposal and getting investors onboard is a momentous task. Lighten the burden with the aid of a solid dashboard like this. The simple, yet effective template incorporates a clean white background and three subheadings that are vital to the proposal on the offering, the vision and the pain point addressed through the visuals.


Executive Summary for Business Proposal


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Template 5: Executive Summary of Commercial Proposal

With this template, showcase the essentials of your business to the people that you need to win over. The slide can be edited and altered as per your needs, and is armed with three critical variables at the bottom of the dashboard, again related to pain point, the solutions offered and at what price point?


Executive Summary of Commercial Proposal


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Template 6: One-Page Grant Proposal Executive Summary

If you’re pitching a great idea to investors, claim control of the narrative with the help of a intuitively-designed template. The details are laid out in a crisp font, while employing a striking color palette. While the upper half of the template includes the name and the date, the lower half includes the project title, the objectives of the project, the expected outcome, and lastly, the funds required for the project.


One Page Grant Proposal Executive Summary


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Template 7: Investment Opportunity Proposal Executive Summary

Project authority and competence with the aid of this template. The top half of the dashboard includes some key details, including the funds required for the company, the location, the date and the funding timeline. Meanwhile, the bottom half has an inventively-designed structure that lays out your future plans in an appealing and digestible manner.


Investment Opportunity Proposal – Executive Summary


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Template 8: Seed Funding Proposal Executive Summary

This PPT presentation is a seed funding proposal to wow investors and install confidence in your company. A blend of fine aesthetics, appealing font and attractive color grading makes this a dashboard that is sure to make heads turn. The location, date, funding timeline, and the funds required are present at the top half of the dashboard, while a stretch of space at the bottom allows you to add your company vision to inspire confidence in your operations.


Seed Funding Proposal - Executive Summary


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Template 9: One-Pager Product Marketing Campaign Project Proposal Executive Summary

Any successful business would need to master the art of marketing. With this template, we give you the chance to prove your expertise in this vital business operation. This slide lays the content of your marketing campaign out in detail, with visuals to support your cause. The contact information, company overview, services and capabilities, client summary, client requirements and solution, project services, budget and timeframe are integrated into the slide.


One Pager Product Marketing Campaign Project Proposal Executive Summary


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Template 10: Executive Summary Recruitment Proposal

Here is a template that allows you to set yourself apart. At the top of the dashboard, the company’s mission and vision are laid out, while the background, capabilities and accreditation fill up the centre of the slide. Positioned at the bottom are promoters and shareholders and financial highlights.


Executive Summary


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Template 11: Executive Summary Financial Proposal

This template presents your organization to investors and clients in an elegant manner. It has been rendered with bold visuals, and incorporates some key parameters essential to keeping your brand on track – background, the company’s capabilities and accreditation. Meanwhile, a graph has been spread out at the bottom detailing the financial highlights, followed by the promoters and shareholders’ section.


Executive Summary


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Template 12: Executive Summary of Commercial Proposal

If you’re seeking to add finesse to your brand image and get investors onboard, you could benefit from this template. Like a few other templates in this article, it has three primary subheadings – What’s the service/product? What’s the core problem you are solving? and What’s your big vision? It sets itself apart from other dashboards on our list with its well-curated image and organic visuals that are sure to win people’s appeal.


Executive Summary of Commercial Proposal


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Template 13: Executive Summary For Grant Budget Proposal

A tightly crafted proposal could make a difference when you’re out there, seeking financiers for your business. We present to you a template made with this goal in mind. Some of the key characteristics of the dashboard include an overview section, where you get to expand on the nuances and intricacies of your project, followed by an objective section and a section outlining the description of the program.


Executive Summary for Grant Budget Proposal


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FAQs on Proposal Executive Summaries



How do you write an executive summary for a proposal?


There are three major steps to drafting an impactful executive summary. The first would be to define the problem. This would be where you lay out the objectives of your operation, and the problem that your organization aims to solve. Next, go on and lay out the solution to the problem as you framed it. Give investors a broader picture of what the solution would look like and how it would be implemented. Lastly, showcase to the investors and stakeholders that you can make this happen. This is where you discuss your expertise, your qualifications, and your prior knowledge of the subject. Using relevant statistics is a big plus.


Do you need an executive summary with a proposal?


An executive summary helps to simplify and narrow down the pivotal points of a business proposal. Executive summaries are crucial as they offer, to an audience, the foundational aspects of a proposal in a limited time span. Thus, integrating them with the proposal could boost your chances of getting the fund requirement that you seek.


What are the four main components of an executive summary?


Business plans/proposals: This is where the executives of the organization draw out a business overview with the goal of persuading investors to fund their operations.


Sales reports: Adding extensive sales reports with financial highlights could help court attention from investors and inspire confidence in your business.


Marketing proposals: A strategic marketing plan can help draw investor confidence in your business’ ability to further goals and attain market dominance.


Professional resumes: A brief summary of your career, qualifications, and experience in the domain of business that you inhabit is essential to instilling confidence in your ability as a leader.