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Top 10 Executive Summary Report Templates with Samples and Examples
Kavesh Malhotra

Kavesh Malhotra

February 3 2023
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business description, investment proposal, project proposal, and project overview, are examples of documents that contain a concise outline called an executive summary. It summarizes the mission, vision, and other vital business plan elements for stakeholders and investors, including the enterprise description, analysis, market share, and financial data.


It has a brief intro that addresses the subject, issue, or suggestion illustrated in the documents attached, with background information, insightful analysis, and conclusion. 


An executive summary is critical to help investors and executives take the final call on whether to move onward with the plan or not. It helps in familiarizing them with the advantages and key selling aspects of a project or company strategy.


An executive summary provides a succinct description of your company. It’s a segment that draws in readers while giving essential details about your business. Fundamentally, it lists your short-term and long-term objectives, achievements, details of the product or services, sales targets, financial projections, marketing strategy, revenue model, key risks, and a list of core teams


An executive summary is undeniably the front page of your enterprise plan, indicating the scope of the entire proposal.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Check out the list of our 10 best executive summary templates.


Template 1: Open Meeting Report Executive Summary

Introducing this PPT Presentation that delivers the company description, mission, vision, agendas, and critical aspects of the business proposal. The presentation template also includes an executive dashboard to show growth, sales distribution, and expenses on separate slides to reflect target market statistics. It explains key aspect of a company’s operations and the customers. It represents a sales dashboard demonstrating data with the help of bars and charts. It is an effective tool for managers at any level. Make it your choice of template here to create an impactful presentation.


Open Meeting Report Executive Summary


Download Now!


Template 2: Project Status Report With Executive Summary

These PowerPoint Slides cover the subjects of planning, e-commerce, budget, and issues. It also displays project milestones such as the status of the issues, baseline completion date, and expected completion date. This PowerPoint Presentation is readily available and easily adaptable. Get it now and persuade your audience.


Project Status Report with Executive Summary


Download Now!


Template 3: Executive Summary Of A Technical Project Report

Introducing our collection of slides for technical project report executive summary. This Presentation Template includes a project overview, and details such as project name, ID, sponsor, manager, owner, tenure, monthly cost, project deliverable timeline, etc. This PowerPoint presentation is informative and influential. Get it now and persuade your audience.


Executive Summary of a Technical Project Report


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Template 4: Executive Summary Of A Project Report Presentation Report Infographic 

Introducing this PPT Template for the project report executive summary that includes your project overview and details like the project name, ID, sponsor, manager, owner, tenure, key accomplishments, financial overview, project deliverable timeline, and key risks. Download this PPT Document and impress your investors.


Executive Summary of a Project Report


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Template 5: Business Executive Summary Report Presentation Report Infographic 

Introducing the PowerPoint Template for business summary that includes your company's overview, mission and vision, key offerings, financial highlights, market share analysis, key historical events, and competitive landscape showcasing revenue generation, number of users, and employees. Download this Report Infographic PPT to benefit from it.


Business Executive Summary Report


Download Now!


Template 6: Investment Pitch Executive Summary Report Presentation Report Infographic

Introducing the start-up company's summary PowerPoint one-pager template, which incorporates your organization's logo, goal and vision, key partners, target customers, key competitors, leadership team, customer issues, and solutions for impressing investors and stakeholders. Describe the issue facing the customer and the remedy your company is providing. Take advantage of this one-page Investment Pitch Presentation Infographic.


Investment Pitch


Download Now!


Template 7: Executive Summary Report Presentation Report Infographic PPT

The PowerPoint Template for project executive summary details includes information about the company, vision and mission statement, address, key partners, products/services, marketing strategy for growth, target market and key customers, and senior management team. This one-page business summary includes everything you need to deliver to your stakeholders. Use this PowerPoint Template for a business outline and give an impressive presentation within a few minutes. 


Executive Summary Report


Download Now!


Template 8: Financial Consulting Start Up one-Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic

This informative template represents a start-up company's summary which includes the company's goal and vision, capabilities, services, achievements, clients, CAGR report, etc. It also describes issues that the customers face and how the company solves this issue. Showcase how you plan to use or distribute the monies or resources within your organization. Compare your company with rivals and convince investors. Use this one-page report infographic to showcase your expertise in writing executive summaries. 


Financial Consulting Start Up One Page Executive Summary


Download Now!


Template 9: Project Executive Summary Details Presentation Report Infographic

The PowerPoint Template for a project executive summary includes information about the company, vision and mission statement, problems and solutions, contact information, business model, market information, sales history, competitor analysis, facts, and other milestones. A newly-minted business unit must reach out to the public and establish its presence. Download this one-page treasure-trove of a presentation template now!


Project Executive Summary Details


Download Now!


Template 10: One-Page Company Executive Summary Outline Report Presentation Report Infographic

Here is a one-page PowerPoint Template for a company executive summary, outline, report presentation, and infographic. This one-pager presents a company's profile to attract viewers. Investors make their selection after reading your organization's synopsis, so make sure it generates stakeholder interest. It allows you to represent an outline of the business. Using this one-page PowerPoint Slideshow for a company overview, present the secret to success before going into the financial highlights. Get this template now and impress your audience. 


One Page Company Executive Summary Outline Report


Download Now!




A CEO or investor might only have the time or motivation to read the financials, sought after first understanding the main parts of your organization or your objectives through an executive summary. In the end, the executive summary should notify readers of the key features of the business plan and catch up without having to read the entire document. 


These are easily customizable, and help the product manager and development team to save time by using ready-made templates dealing with different aspects of the executive summary report. Read our best-in-class summary report templates with a click here to empower managers and experts.



FAQs on Executive Summary Report



How do you write an executive summary for a report?


An executive summary always has four sections. Use these templates to create a striking executive summary. After writing your executive summary, read it to ensure it has the details stakeholders want to know, which are: 


  • Begin with the issue or need that the initiative is addressing.
  • Outline the project overview or suggested solution.
  • Asses how valuable is the solution?
  • Finish with a summary of the work's significance.


What are the five parts of an executive summary?


  • Project Overview: Give a quick overview of the financial projections, its goal, and the principal issue or problem it was meant to address in two to three sentences.
  • Background: Offer a short overview of the project's key historical events and name the specific occasion that inspired it.
  • Process: Speak about the departments involved, how they contribute, what they do, and how long it takes to complete. Each significant fact should have a level heading. For each necessary topic, compose a concise paragraph on the competitive landscape.


  • Results and Interpretations: Offer a brief explanation of the project's outcomes, core team, and main ending, along with suggestions for how the organization might use these.
  • Recommendations:
  1. Conclude and describe the results of the actual policy or strategy.
  2. The structure of an executive summary is not predetermined. Companies, groups, and instructors have to follow rules.  
  3. Examine any guidelines that provide requests or directions relating to general format, word limitations, or length constraints.


What is an executive summary example?


Here is an executive summary sample that you may use as a guide for the executive summary of your business plan as it is simpler to create something after reading an example.


  • Mission
  • Management and Company Services
  • The Competitive Advantages in the Market
  • Financial Projections
  • Required Startup Financing


What are the six things you should include in an executive summary?


  1. The complications: These are your hooks, and the first paragraph must always include them.
  2. Size of market and potential for growth: Investors seek out a sizable, expanding market share.
  3. Your edge over the competition: Determine your sustainable competitive advantages, such as particular advantages, cost reductions, or connections to the industry.
  4. Professional strategy: Who is your target market, what is the cost to build one, and who pays the price?
  5. Controlling group: Investors support individuals more than ideas, so keep that in mind.
  6. Funding and economy: Your summary revenue model and spending predictions for the next three to five years must be there.

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