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Top 10 Consulting Report Templates With  Samples And Examples

Top 10 Consulting Report Templates With Samples And Examples

Minakshi Arora

Minakshi Arora

February 6 2023

Business Consultant for XYZ Corporation; the job title has a ring of pride to it. And, it is well-deserved. These professionals prepare consulting reports for clients that show the way forward for a business stuck in issues that appear difficult to resolve for the management. 


A consulting report, then, emerges as the saviour as it encompasses the solution and a business framework around the pain point of specific companies. 


At its heart, a consulting report is the distillation of practical experience and grand vision that, given time, produces the best business results. It is starkly different across businesses. 


At SlideTeam, we have curated best-in-class templates on consulting report to help you win clients and create a splash.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


If you want management consulting help, click here to access the best 15 templates to prepare the reports that make a material impact on business results.


Let us explore our consulting report templates now!


Template 1: Equity Consulting Report PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Consulting on equity is a technical domain. This PPE Presentation on Equity Consulting Report makes for an informative, but easy read to decide on stock to buy. Use this template to provide expert help to your B2B client, your team or the top brass at your company in taking buy/sell decision for future investment. The second lists the agenda as analyzing the following aspects of the company as a consultant: Financial performance of the companies, ratio analysis and financial modelling. The 56-slide complete deck also includes an executive summary, industry overview, target company highlights (shareholding pattern, SWOT analysis, a note on historical share price performance and four other critical inputs). Then, this consulting report also provides financial ratio analysis and valuation analysis. Download now to capitalize on and create brand equity for your equity consulting reports and suggestions.      


Equity Consulting Report


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Template 2: Management Consulting Proposal Example Document Report Doc PDF PPT

By far, the most common job type for a consultant, this actionable PPT Presentation on management consulting report starts with a cover letter thanking the client for getting in touch and allowing you to present, and share their valuable time with you. This PPT Slide 2 of the 33-slide complete deck also lists you two-three major competencies as a consulting company is the business for decades. Then, move on to the content ready Table of Contents, where we list seven major ways in which you plan to transform your prospect’s business. The major one, here, is Our Capabilities. Past experience section and a slide on the team allows you to back your sales pitch, and the presentation template ends with a statement of work and the display your own contract for management consulting proposal.


Management Consulting Proposal


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Template 3: Marketing Consulting Proposal Example Document Report Doc PDF PPT

If your marketing consultation plan has a targeted key plan of action, a with a key step and description mapped out in your mind, then this PPT Presentation will make your day and be ready to meet or present to your clients in minutes. Include a case study that includes your consulting report company’s introduction, background, vision and mission. Use this marketing consulting proposal to also highlight your client’s investment; then, we also include a case study to help your document your prowess. Highlight your team, (get two content-ready formats), showcase your client testimonials and end with the proposal, listing the terms of payments, contract termination terms, payment modes etc.


Marketing Consulting Proposal


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Template 4: Pre-Sales Consulting Services Proposal Report Sample Example Document

Use this presentation template to offer a specific solution to a pain point of the client of low volume in sales, and suggest actionable solutions. After an engaging cover letter, list your proposal context for pre-sales consulting services proposal. In services offered for this issue, highlight services offered that range from sales consulting, sales training, market research and any other competencies you have. Describe your plan of action over time periods (in this case, the default is monthly, but you can change it).


Pre-Sales Consulting Services Proposal


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Template 5: Retail Sales Consulting Proposal Sample Document Report Doc PDF PPT

There is a huge consulting market for retailing as businesses want to make a mark in this competitive domain and ensure that sales volumes earn profit. Start with the usual pain point of key issues like a dip in sales, amid increased cost of sales and operations. The solution segment of this presentation is content ready as well, with repositioning the brand and re-training the sales team viable options suggested. Introduction of new software can be highlighted as the focus of sales training. Again specify investment and whether it includes taxes to close the deal with an attractive-looking contract.


Retail Sales Consulting Proposal


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Template 6: Bi-Fold Management Consulting Proposal with Objectives and Services Report Document PDF PPT Template One-Pager

This crisp, short and decisive consulting report on management consulting proposal with objectives and services report is your answer to win clients. Start with a proposal agenda, the summary of your plan, objectives and integration of goals with company’s services. Use this presentation template to highlight client goals well, understand the pain points and give your best to emerge as a savior. The critical input is your management expertise.


Management Consulting Proposal with Objectives and Services Report


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Template 7: Financial Consulting Start-Up One-Page Executive Summary Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

This PPT Presentation allows you to highlight the executive summary of a financial consulting company in the form of its mission, the basics of its origin, vision and its capabilities and achievements. The specific pain points resolved of clients across industries is also showcased well in this frugal, but comprehensive document that will win you clients for sure. Showcase your clients’ photos, with permission of course, the CAGR and the achievements of your company. The typical services provided are highlighted. The unique use is the horizontal ‘Our Portfolio’ section, where you highlight the five steps you take to deliver results.


Financial Consulting Start Up One Page Executive Summary


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Template 8: Marketing Consulting Advertisement One-Pager Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Use this actionable PPT Presentation one-pager to showcase your expertise in offering digital marketing that drives results. The business model, as delineated here, is affordable monthly subscription. Branding, design and business development are all showcased as your specialties in this well-structured presentation. A coupon of discount is also offered as a one-time giveaway. ‘Why work with us’ and ‘How we do It’ aims to address concerns of clients, reassuring them that all is well, with your personalized approach. The expertise and the words are yours, the structure and the visuals from us add that element of conviction and effort that shows our commitment to the absolute best.


Marketing Consulting Advertisement One Pager


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Template 9: One-Page Management Consulting Proposal with Objectives and Services Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

There is nothing more reassuring to a client than the sight of a consultant, starting with pain points, AND THE objectives and services that their business plans to offer to get rid of those. This PPT Presentation does all this and more, with its focus on service, proposal summary and integrated approach to management consulting. Proposal contract timing and price are mentioned to signal flexibility. Showcase your confidence in your consulting prowess by mapping client goals to your services, with last-mile solution.


One Page Management Consulting Proposal with Objectives and Services


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Template 10: One-Page Hospitality Consulting Proposal with Problems and Deliverables Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

This focused consulting proposal on hospitality makes your job to showcase your expertise a breeze, and starts with a client executive summary that shows that you have made the effort to remember your client. It clarifies, at the start, that you are committed to the cause of the client and know their pain point. Your expression of this, and the client’s response to it can be the real deal-clincher. The detailed tasks, mapped to timelines of your client illustrate competence.


One Page Hospitality Consulting Proposal with Problems and Deliverables


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Template 11: Financial Management Consulting One-Page Advertisement Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

With the confident sections on ‘Why us’ and ‘Who are we’ make a flying-start to your financial consulting business with this one-page PPT Presentation. This financial management consulting one-page advertisement also helps you list your core competencies in ‘Our capabilities’ header; these could be financial strategy, working capital investment, cost accounting and management etc. Tax, financial advisories or integrated services are the key services you can highlight in the advertisement. If you do offer, we highlight the free consultation on first visit hook to the client.


Financial Management Consulting One Page Advertisement


Download Now!




Consulting has got a glamorous veneer, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of it, it is being wise for a business result, perhaps the hardest thing in the world to do. A consulting report, then, combines ruthless street-smart tools with grand business vision to help create a balance that is supreme and sublime. Yet, it doesn’t come easy, hence, the need for our templates. Another business strategy that comes near to consulting is executive coaching, find the best-in-class templates on that important solution with a click here.


PS: Strategic planning frameworks are also needed as a consulting report is approved for implementation. Get the world’s best templates on strategic planning framework from SlideTeam; these have expert approval. Access these with a click here.



FAQs on Consulting Reports



What is a consulting report?


A consulting report is a business services proposal that offers solutions to problems or pain points of specific clients. It is a specialized document that contains a plan of action and outlines the steps to be taken to resolve those business pain points. It is a high-level engagement from a client that wants expert, practical advice in a hands-on manner. A consulting report is typically geared towards sharing of specialized knowledge of processes and tools that a business consultant has, with the management team of a client in need of help for thorny troubles and problems. It is usually for a pain point, but a consulting report can also point the way to newer, greater business opportunities. 


What should be included in a consultation report?


A well-organized, client-winning consultation report starts with a formal cover letter of around 200 words that addresses the client by name and must include a table of content, if the number of slides (pages are over 15). Then, list the project context, the objectives of it and the range of services you offer as a business consulting company. The spine of the consultation report comes next with the process you follow for a consulting proposal. In Your Investment, you list the expectations from the client, before listing your team, with photographs and a brief description. Testimonials, a real-life case study and the contract page follows. End with the Next Steps and Contact Us pages.    


How do you write a consultancy report example?


A consultancy report example needs to ensure that it is always written with the client in mind. The cover letter must list the core competencies. Then, there is the problem statement and the client executive summary that is the real clincher, and establishes the base for a sound relationship and discussion on whether the problem statement is properly understood in the minds of the consultant, as this is high-level once-time intervention we are talking about. An example is digital transformation of retail, when end-to-end solutions are warranted, including staff training and recruitment or retrenchment. 


What is the purpose of a consultancy report?


The purpose of a consultancy report is to resolve a client’s business pain point and offer a way out of a problem; sometimes, it might also be aimed at spotting business opportunities or creating new avenues. A consulting report, be it any business, is a blueprint of the future of operations, revenue model, staffing needs and customer mapping and experience as well. Highly-knowledgeable hands-on individuals usually go on to become consultants as it requires back-of-the-hand expertise of business concepts.

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