Projects are the way to success. For any business to succeed and grow, it's quite crucial to frame the new plans and projects timely.


It's a fact that the actual success or failure of the project can only be determined at the end. However, no business will ever want a project to fail or even derail from the track. Hence, there are always certain metrics that can help you keep the plan on track at all times.


Get a comprehensive overview of your project’s progress using our ready-made monthly project status report templates.


Some techniques to achieve the same include dividing the project into milestones or parts, keeping track of the projects, etc. These parts will also help you track the real-time progress of the project. Progress tracking is crucial because if any discrepancies are found, then the required changes can be channeled to get the plan back on track. However, introducing the changes or even tracking the progress of any plan is easier said than done.


With SlideTeam’s Monthly Chart Templates, plan out a month or months’ worth of work, while also keeping yourself from being overwhelmed.


Therefore, SlideTeam’s content-ready and custom-made PPT Templates are here to help you. These PPTs are 100% editable and allow you to modify the data and content as per your requirements. These ready to use templates are viable for different kinds of businesses in multiple industries. Hence, check out the PPTs, and then use the ones you like the best for your organization.

So, let’s get cracking.


Template 1: Monthly Report PPT Template Bundles

Bringing you premium PPT Templates to cater to your monthly progress report requirements. This entire set of PPTs is suitable for businesses of all kinds. With the help of this PPT, you can show the progress in the form of percentages. This will help your audience get an idea about the project proceeding with ease. One of the slides in the PPT is also suitable for a social media activity update and more. Download this template and create the monthly progress report of your choice with ease.


Monthly Report


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Template 2: Monthly Project Status Report PPT Template Bundles

The second PPT on this list is also a bundle of multiple slides. With the help of this docket, you can easily showcase multiple projects and their progress reports feasibly. From the social media activity update to the financial risk status report and beyond, this premium PPT covers a lot of aspects. Hence, quite suitable for multiple projects. Using the PPT, you can represent the progress in the form of a pie chart and other forms of graphic representation. You can also show the monthly progress report according to priorities so that the important ones can be handled first. So, download this template right away and get a bundle of slides at your fingertips.


Monthly Project Status Report


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Template 3: Online Campaign Monthly Progress Review

The next monthly progress report PPT is suitable for all kinds of online campaigns. The structure of the PPT is quite simple yet all-inclusive. Here, you can divide the progress of the project into various months of a particular year. In the right pane, you can showcase the key insights related to the project, and on the left pane, the actual progress. The PPT takes care of the financial stuff related to the campaign. The overall document is divided into various categories provided in the rows such as Post, Replies, Comments, Current Representatives, Current HP, social media activity update, etc. Download this progress tracker PPT and strengthen your campaign with ease.


Online campaign monthly progress review


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Template 4: One-page Monthly Social Media Status Report Template

This PPT Template is versatile and presentable. In this PPT, you can start by representing the average engagement rate to your audience. As the PPT is appropriate for social media updates, you can show the post likes and link clicks thereafter. Under the social media activity update category, you can list the changes in followers, impressions, average engagement rate, and other figures. In the next section, you can showcase the social media post statistics to your audience. Lastly, the next section of this monthly progress report can contain the new updates introduced to your business page over time. So, download this template right away and represent all kinds of social media statistics with ease.


One Page Monthly Social Media Status Report


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Template 5: One-page Monthly Progress Plan Presentation

If you are looking for an infographic solution to represent your monthly progress report, then this PPT is just perfect for you. This slide is subtle for your cybersecurity progress plans and projects. The document starts with an executive summary of the project. Then you can showcase the key stakeholders in the project to whom it may concern. The next part contains four subheads viz. Product, Value Propositions, Goal, and Strategy; representing the details according to the title. Now, it's time to showcase to your audience all the figures using infographics and bars related to the cybersecurity activity timeline. Download this template and create a smart and interactive monthly progress report for the cybersecurity project.


One page cyber security monthly progress plan


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Template 6: Monthly Business Workplan Implementation Report

Let’s take this list of the monthly progress report tacker PPTs further with another valuable addition. This entire slide is divided into five different categories or headings viz. Development Objectives, Measures, Development Activities, Resources or Support, and Time Frames. The individual headings showcase the information related to the specific title. This PPT can work more like a Workplan Implementation Plan for your business. You should show the data in this PPT according to a particular month or set of months. Download this 100% customizable content-ready PPT template to match your monthly progress report needs.


Monthly Business Workplan Implementation Report


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Template 7: Monthly Project Accomplishment Business Report

Ending this list of the monthly progress report PPTs with a color-coded alternative. With the help of this document, you can showcase the business accomplishments and the project's health. The document contains details like Project Name, Project Manager/Sponsor, Status, and Date. You can showcase the individual project progress, scope delivered, task stats, and other details. The entire document has multiple pie charts, bar graphs, and other infographics to showcase details like budget, risk, issues, timelines, etc. You can download this template and give your audience an attractive insight into the monthly progress report.


Monthly Project Accomplishment Business Report


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Monthly Progress Report- A Guaranteed Path to Success


Tracking the progress of your existing and new projects timely is crucial for bringing the required changes to them. In this ever-changing and competitive business environment, it's better to stay up to date with the real-time progress of the business projects to ensure their success. The above-provided monthly progress report templates are a simple way to ensure and track the progress using smart matrices. Give them a try and showcase to your audience the real-time project progress with ease.


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