It’s 2024, and mutual funds remain the evergreen modes of investment, especially in the US. The gradual transition in saving money from letting it pile up in your bank account to subjecting it to risks and returns has gained the attention of masses worldwide. Stocks, certificates of deposit, 401ks, etc, could be the modern day means of multiplying your wealth if you have done your homework on your most-suited form of investment and know how to read the fine print of the factsheets.




A factsheet is the essence of a mutual fund that investors should concern themselves with. It records everything from the fund name and types to the risk, expense ratio, turn over rate, and sector diversification. In simple terms, it identifies the nature of the mutual fund that helps in the investor’s decision making as to whether they can afford to invest at the risk and returns involved.


Typically, mutual funds are amalgamations of hundreds and thousands of stocks, a feature that lowers the risk of investments in them in the event when some stocks crash. A mutual fund factsheet also enlists those portfolios such as asset classes (e.g., stocks, bonds), sectors (technology, healthcare), or geographic regions, etc, and their proportions for investors to know about and make informed decisions about investing based upon them. 


As an Asset Management Company (AMC), that creates opportunities for investments, you are obliged to create transparency about this information and make it readily available to potential investors. This document avoids legal suits and also builds a sense of reliability in your company’s operations. 


If your company is at the crossroads of inviting potential investors, you must be committed to creating an accurate and informative fund factsheet. However, in creating these detailed sheets from scratch, there could be a possible issue of misinformation or incomplete details being shared. This is why you must seek professional help in the form of our expert-designed fund factsheet.


Deliver fund factsheets that are on a par with standard formats, and avoid coming in the bad books of informed investors by downloading our fund factsheet templates today. Let’s explore the diversity in fund factsheet templates that we have for you below. 


Template 1: One-Page Core Equity Fund Factsheet Presentation Report

Use this one-page fund factsheet template to share details of your equity stocks with potential investors.This content-ready PPT Template depicts sections that clarify the investment policy, while also giving a clear idea of who should invest in it. You can also edit the fund information details, specify the risk meter and also guide the qualifying investors to the investment process. To make the template even more useful, please share a graphical snapshot of the fund’s performance over the years for investors to make informed decisions. Grab this informative PPT Layout now to share accurate equity fund-related details.



Template 2: One-Page Hedge Fund Factsheet Template Presentation Report


Download this hedge fund factsheet template to share the key highlights of this mutual fund to your potential investors. Use a medley of graphs and tables to present information of the fund’s performance, its cumulative performance and information about the fund managers. Deploy bar graphs to share the sector allocations of the hedge funds and also point out the top highlights of the investors the hedge funds will be dealing with. You may also edit the key benefits of investing to provide a wider analysis of the mutual funds that you offer for investing in. Download Now. 


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Template 3: One-Page Technology Fund Factsheet Presentation Report


If the mutual funds up for grabs are a portfolio of technology-related companies, here’s a factsheet template to share information about it. Discuss the fund objective, and details of the portfolio listed with your Asset Management Company (AMC). Specify the asset and sector allocation of the same and offer tips for the ideal investment strategy. Discuss the cumulative and year-on-year performance with inbuilt Excel-linked graphs and tables and in this way create a reason for investors to invest in your funds. Download Now.



Template 4: One-Page Income and Growth Fund Factsheet Presentation Report


One of the important things that investors concern themselves with while investing in funds is the returns. This PPT Template showcases the return on investments that will greet investors after the desired period. Share details related to the nature of the fund, the past investment results, and equity breakdown as shown with the help of pie charts and graphs. Demonstrate with an example the performance of a $10,000 investment graphically shown. Project growths based on previous performance and help your investor decide the best fund and time to stay invested for. Download now.



Template 5: One-Page Growth Fund Factsheet Presentation Report


Here’s a fun factsheet template to share key highlights of your funds. Add details like dividend frequency, average market cap, earnings ratio etc as you specify other details of the fund’s description. Add details about portfolio managers as you share how fund returns have grown under them over the couple of years. Highlight the investment growth that investors will be witnessing upon investment. Download now.


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Template 6: One-Page Dividend Opportunity Fund Factsheet Presentation Report


This one-pager Dividend Opportunity Fund Factsheet template is perfect for asset management companies to showcase fund details. Fully customizable, it enables easy presentation of key metrics, performance data, and investment strategy, ensuring investors receive clear, insightful information about dividend opportunities to make informed decisions.



Template 7: One-Page Equity Income Fund Factsheet Presentation Report


The One-Pager Equity Income Fund Factsheet template highlights fund objectives, top holdings, performance data, and market outlook, providing an overview for asset management companies (AMCs). Its customizable format allows AMCs to tailor the presentation, ensuring relevant and accurate information is conveyed. Using the PPT Template, investors can obtain clear, concise, and accessible data, which assists them in understanding the fund's performance and potential. This facilitates informed investment decisions, enhancing transparency and trust between AMCs and investors.



Template 8: Home Appliances Manufacturer Investor Funding Elevator Pitch Deck 


This Home Appliances Manufacturer Investor Funding Elevator Pitch Deck PPT Template is designed to help AMC professionals and investors understand the investment potential of a home appliances manufacturer. It highlights aspects such as market overview, business model, revenue streams, competitive landscape, and investment opportunities. AMC professionals can use this PPT Template to share insights into a potential investment opportunity with detailed financial projections and growth strategies. This report offers investors a comprehensive understanding of a company's value proposition, which helps them decide whether to invest in home appliances.



Template 9: One-Page Capital Funding Factsheet Presentation Report


This One-Page Capital Funding Factsheet Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document is a succinct and informative template for presenting essential details about a capital funding opportunity. It includes sections for company overview, funding requirements, investment highlights, financial summary, and contact details. The PPT Template facilitates quick assessment and decision-making by AMC professionals by providing a comprehensive yet concise overview of investment opportunity. For investors, it offers a clear and structured presentation of key information, enabling them to evaluate potential returns and risks associated with the investment. 



Template 10: One-Page Convertible Bond Fund Factsheet Presentation Report


Download this concise and visually appealing template for presenting essential information about a convertible bond fund. It includes sections for fund overview, investment strategy, performance highlights, risk analysis, and contact details. For AMC professionals, this presentation template serves as a guide to the convertible bond fund, helping them assess its suitability for their portfolio and make informed investment decisions. Investors can use it to evaluate the fund's potential returns and risks through a clear and concise explanation of its key features and performance metrics.



Download these content-ready fund factsheet templates and share key highlights fund objectives, performance, and returns that investors can expect upon investing. Download now.


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