Businesses like to be flush with funds, which is the lifeline for their expansion and growth. Yet, this critical organizational resource is seldom available without the top management exercising their logic ‘muscle’ or showcasing a business plan.


To do this major activity of raising funds, and then reporting it to their internal team to the best of their ability, entrepreneurs need to prepare professional fundraising report templates.


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These templates on fundraising reports need to be detailed and comprehensive on the funds raised, use and benefits for stakeholders. Apart from this, all businesses’ fundraising goals can also be met with ease with the use of these presentation templates.


This blog from SlideTeam is an in-depth look at fundraising and professional ways in which its uses and can be presented in a report. We meet this need of yours to a T, and even offer content-ready business models in these presentation templates.


These PPT templates are 100% customizable and editable.


Let us have a tour of this universe that could prove to the boost you need for your fundraising and reporting needs.


Template 1: Webcast Fundraising Sponsorship Proposal Example Document Report In PPT/PDF

One of the most effective fundraising report templates, which is also in sync with today’s technology is a webcast sponsorship proposal. Its major advantage is that online fundraising allows donors to give the amount easily and securely. It starts with a cover letter that lists the average size of your business audience and sponsors, already on board. Then, highlight your product and service line and provide the kind of investment sought for sponsorship and the returns a logged-in investor can expect. Two slides are dedicated to describing the details of the podcast and your company’s background and introduction. The opportunities for sponsors are delineated next in the channels you can harness for online game streaming and YouTube videos. A case study and Why Invest in Us add the necessary heft. Download this presentation template to give your fundraising efforts and report it well. A couple of additional slides help you outline a Gantt Chart and a timeline to spruce up your efforts.


Webcast Fundraising Sponsorship Proposal


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Template 2: Start-up Fundraising One-Page Sheet Through Patent Sales Representation Report

Start-ups are short of funds, but have a business model and target market in place. Use this presentation template to document your fundraising goals with patent sales as the key USP. Document to the investor and to your team the patent growth and paten benefits you foresee that makes your company an attractive bet. Report your fundraising goals and the patent products in the pipeline. Explain the value that your patented processes or products will unlock through this PPT presentation.




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Template 3: Single-Page Fundraising Pitch For E-Commerce Start-Up Presentation Report Document

Every business is on the web these days; those not on this tremendous-opportunity platform need to be there. Use this e-commerce start-up reporting pitch for fundraising to enhance your chances of getting the results you want. The practical format of the presentation template makes it easy for investors to see the problem you are solving, and allows you to outline reasons for them to sign that cheque. As is the logical next step, you list out the opportunity inherent to the business problem you are tackling. Business model and achievements around your concept add to the attractiveness of your fundraising pitch.


Single Page Fundraising Pitch for Ecommerce Startup


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Template 4: Single-Page Fundraising Pitch For New Venture Presentation Report

All major businesses of today were once just ventures that got the support from the community, significantly, investors to become household names of today. If you are one such new venture today, a professional pitch will make a world-of-difference to your fundraising efforts. Get this presentation template to outline your plans for people who will like to support you with funds. Outline your management team, execution plan and elements that give your traction. Of course, start with the executive summary for those super-busy to go in detail. Also, this presentation template gives you the space to outline people you have as advisers. This is critical, as initially, investors put their money on the people and not on the business idea.


Single Page Fundraising Pitch for New Venture


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Template 5: One-Page Fundraising Pitch Presentation Report

This PPT Presentation in A4 format is the best one-pager you can ever got online. Start on the right note, highlighting the people on your team and product with which you wish to capture market share. Financing and competition analysis comes next with your revenue model being outlined in detail. The major USP of this presentation template is the EXIT model it lists out, expressly, for investors. This displays your confidence in your abilities, the business plan and your concern for investor community. Download now and clear the path for business success!


One Page Startup Fundraising Pitch


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Template 6: Tech Start-Up One-Page Fundraising Presentation Report Infographic

This tech start-up will help put your best food forward for a fund-raising pitch with comprehensive detail. A miracle of sorts is that the SlideTeam Research Team has put all of this in a single-page. Use this presentation template to highlight your projected growth in the biggest display font. Then, document or explain how you propose to get there with the modes of marketing and the total addressable market you foresee. List the key advisors or people you have and wind-up the presentation with your successes from previous funding rounds. Make sure this is done well, as this creates a halo around you of having tasted success before.


Tech Startup One Page Fundraising Pitch


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Template 7: Fundraising Event One-pager Template Presentation Report Infographic

Events and fund-raising have always had a good relationship, with both feeding on each other. Use this fund-raising event one-pager template to solicit donations or raise funds for a social cause (the event’s major crow-puller, if you think about it). Be clear and establish your purpose with a paragraph on how the money will be used. In this instance, we have framed it as, With Your Support, We Can. List event highlights and the performer of the event as well. Take entry fee as donation opportunities and see a successful and overwhelming response.


Fundraising Event One Pager Template


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Template 8: Venture Capital One-Pager For Fundraising Pitch From Limited Partners Report

This Venture Capital one-pager fundraising pitch allows you to pitch your expertise in spotting investment opportunities and making it big. Highlight your purpose and vision, with a fund summary that lists your achievements in making money grow. Showcase the way your expertise lies in unifying investment themes and your own thesis on each of these investment opportunities.


Venture Capital One Pager for Fundraising Pitch from Limited Partners


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Template 9: One-Page Fundraising Flyer for Donation Report Presentation

Flyers remain important mediums of communication, even in today’s online world. Use this PPT Presentation, in the form of a flyer, to inspire people to contribute to charity. With the clear, discernible actions words of donate, involve and join us, we make sure there is adequate amplification of your cause.


One Page Fundraising Flyer for Donation Report


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Template 10: One-Page Post-Report Template For Fundraising Event Presentation Report Infographic

This is the report where you can display your fund-raising prowess before an internal group after the event for raising funds is concluded. Start with an event brief with name, purpose and event outlined. Then, move on to funds raised, against the target and key donors acknowledged, with their photographs (after taking their permission). Also, ‘Underscore the Proposed Use of Funds Raised’ and the payment mode through which donations came in, showcased using a pie-chart. This slide also allows you to showcase income and expense details of your organization, something that can go horribly wrong, if funds are easy to raise. Your cost of fund-raising also matters.


One Page Post Report Template for Fundraising Event


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Template 11: One-Page Fundraising Event Brochure Presentation Report Infographic

This fund-raising event brochure, in the form of a PPT fundraising slide, is meant to have your event be the toast of the town. Use this presentation template to showcase all essential details of the event fundraising gala that you wish to organize. List the event date and place with all the programme printed on the A4 brochure. Give people (who may be voluntary workers) their due importance, highlighting their role and name on the presentation template. Download now to get people interested.


One Page Fundraising Event Brochure


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Template 12: One-Page Fundraising Charity Program Template Presentation Report

This PPT Presentation is to be used to comprehensively display your sense of commitment to raising funds to charity, with attention to detail its USP. From the mailing address to what type or organization you are, everything is covered. In the location, date and time section, key in the details and find your attendance soar. Finally, coming to the point, make sure you add how your funds are going to be raised. Will it be through ticket sales or sponsorships? Clarify all this and more with a download of this template.


One Page Fundraising Charity Program Template


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FAQs in Fundraising Templates



What do you mean by fundraising?


Fundraising is a process with which you solicit funds from institutions, businesses. Individuals and other organizations for the purpose of doing something good. The purpose, could be individual good or philanthropic or charity. The key to fund-raising is almost always the level of public participation a cause can generate. For businesses, it is the investor participation and response that counts. The idea is to ensure that funds are collected, and their use is demonstrably tied to a specific cause.


How do you present a fundraising strategy?


A fund-raising strategy is an important, and very often, the only way to persuade a group of investors to back your business plan or model with their money. Its presentation is especially critical for non-profit organizations, though business proposals also need to be convincing and persuasive to the highest degree. Start with how funds are tied in to the mission and vision of the company and to the creation of more value or new value to your products and services. Then, a bit of knowledge on why you need it also helps crystallize the idea in your business. Then, if possible, list the exit strategies for investors as well to build credibility.


What are the five activities of fundraising?


Even as the field of fundraising is limitless, there are rules that define it. The five activities that work are using events to raise money; if you are tech-savvy and can leverage the power of the internet, please use crowd-funding as the best source. The third activity is to organize a 5km run or a half-marathon, with the penultimate activity being sporting events, where the maximum visibility can be had at the maximum cost. The 5th major activity that can be tried out is raising a sum of money on your own and ask local corporates to match it.


What are the major Do and Don’ts of fundraising?


The major Dos of fundraising are:


  1. Be clear about the end-purpose you need the money for, and stick to it religiously.
  2. For business purposes, always make sure there is an EXIT room for the investor.
  3. Do your due diligence before pitching your idea; only raise the funds you really need.


The Don’ts of fundraising are:


  1. Never raise money just because it is available; don’t let greed be your motive.
  2. Don’t mix philanthropy with business purpose for the ends of fundraising.
  3. Don’t overstate or understate your business potential for the sake of funds.