In today’s digital age, software development permeates all facets of our lives. Retail, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, education, finance, catering, pharmaceutical, and many other industries rely on technology/software to perform routine activities like billing, B2B purchases, or filing taxes.


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Software development is a complex process that entails generating, designing, and programming applications, frameworks, and other components. This fast-expanding software industry, with solid demand and competitive job market, has its challenges. A piece of software has hundreds of possible inputs, outputs, states, or connections. Therefore, it is necessary to report on the performance of the software, in-depth, and with greater frequency.


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The Software Development Weekly Status Report Templates summarize progress made in the software development process in a week. It is a communication channel between the team and management, keeping everyone up-to-date. This blog will guide you through creating a weekly status report for your software development project. It is an excellent resource for programmers, coders, software developers, engineers, and information technology workers. Use SlideTeam’s Top 5 Software Development Weekly Status Report Templates to provide insight into what makes a software click.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


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Template 1: One-Page Software Development Status Report

Use this PPT Template as the foundation for the software development process. This one-pager demonstrates project weekly status reports with a well-defined, structured sequence of software engineering stages to produce the target software product. It specifies the plan for activities, communicates work results, and informs stakeholders on the implementation of design ideas through the schedule, scope and the budget of the project. Use this presentation to plan and build a software product. Get it now!


One page software development status report presentation infographic ppt pdf document

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Template 2: IT Team Software Development Project Weekly Status Report

Use this PPT Slide to showcase a detailed overview of the software development project that the IT team prepares. This template provides a project schedule, financial, risks, issues, and pending items for communicating the implementation of design ideas to stakeholders. It is akin to a project health card. Update the entire project’s execution on a regular basis to maintain timetable and keep everyone on track with this download. Get it now!


IT Team Software Development Project Weekly Status Report

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Template 3: Software Development Project Weekly Status Report

Use this PPT Layout to provide a weekly project status report for the software development project. This slide depicts a dashboard with a pie chart displaying the failed login rate, project status, and failed connects, to ensure stakeholders have all essential information required for decision-making. Use this presentation to convey information the project's business-critical tasks, progress, and risks. The color coding used for exhibiting status is the USP of this presentation template. Save it now!


Software Development Project Weekly Status Report

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Template 4: Website Development Project Weekly Status Report PPT

Use this PPT Template to construct a weekly status update for your IT department’s website development project. It contains information on the project’s name, code, manager, completed, delayed, planned, and project tasks, project budget, and important project risks and issues. This presentation will provide you with the most recent information on web design, web development, and database management. Easily communicate the status of the website's development with this PPT Theme. Download now!


Website Development Project Weekly Status Report

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Template 5: Software Development Team Weekly Timeline PPT

Use this PPT Template to build a weekly timeline for your software development team to maximize effectiveness. This presentation template is excellent for organizing daily tasks and tracking progress, and coordinating resources and managing schedules. This presentation includes team members, a weekly timeframe, and a daily task plan with hourly progress updates to assist in making more informed decisions. Get it now!


Software Development Team Weekly Timeline

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Keep stakeholders updated on weekly progress

The weekly status report for software development accurately describes the progress of your project over a defined time period. Use SlideTeam’s PPT Templates to keep stakeholders up to date on weekly developments.


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What is weekly status report in software testing?

In software testing, a weekly status report is a document used to track project progress. It tracks software problems or defects, their severity, project issues summary, pending work status with teams, and project milestones. This report aids in tracking the QA team’s efficiency in maintaining work flow.


What should be included in a weekly project status report?

Include the following in a weekly project status report:


  • General project and status information to control and measure project success.
  • Important project milestones for comparing project progress against project plan projections.
  • Project Summary
  • Issues and Risks
  • Project Metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of elements.


What are the different types of IT project status report?

Status Reports: Periodic updates on the current state of a project, including accomplishments, challenges, and next steps.

Progress Report: A document that summarizes the progress made on a project, including milestones achieved, tasks completed, and goals reached.

Risk Reports: Reports that identify potential risks and threats to a project, assess their likelihood and impact, and outline strategies for mitigation

Resource Reports: Reports that provide information on resources needed for a project, including personnel, material, and equipment, as well as their availability and allocation.

Gap Analysis Report: A report that identifies the gap between the current state of a project or organization and its desired state, highlighting areas for improvement and outlining strategies to bridge the gap.