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These PPT visuals are 100% editable as per your requirements. It contains 65 deeply researched slides. Instant download option available to save your precious time. Suitable for standard as well as widescreen on almost all devices. Can be opened in Google Slides also. Can be used by marketers, organizations, sales person.The multipurpose, editable and convertible deck constituents are Sales Performance, Sales Reports, Sales Review and much more.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Sales are the most important part of any business. It brings in revenue and profits. Hence, it's very important for a business to monitor sales activities. Sales Reviews help you do the same.

Sales Review formats can vary from business to business as one business may focus on a particular sales-associated element that may not be as relevant for others. An optimal solution to avoid this problem is to create a fresh sales review document from scratch. However, this is not easy. Drafting a review document requires time, energy and financial resources. 

What's the solution, then? 

The best solution in such a case is to use a pre-designed and all-inclusive sales review. Thankfully, SlideTeam's 100% editable sale review template is here to help. This template includes everything you need to showcase the eccentricities of the entire sales domain, including a business overview, financial highlights, and more. So, check out what this template offers in the coming sections.

Template 1: Business Overview

Offering a business overview is quite crucial in a sales review. The overview allows your audience to understand the main highlights of the corporation, such as its performance, the domain of your business, and more. This Business Overview slide helps you showcase your business's financial highlights, the overall distribution of the revenue according to countries, the track record of any quarter, the overall structure of the team, and the products offered to the buyers. You can include as much information within these highlights as you need.

Template 2: Financial Highlights

This financial highlight slide allows you to showcase in-depth information on the business's financial position and performance in previous years. Use it to showcase the changes in Revenue, Gross Profits, Gross Profit Margins, Net Profits, Net Profit Margins, and Earnings Per Share in three consecutive years. It includes bar and line graphs for better understanding.

Template 3: Revenue Split- By Country 

Gain the confidence of your stakeholders in your business by showcasing your organization's country-wise revenue split. This slide lets you present the actual numbers and other related details to showcase the revenue distribution in various countries. Within this template, you can showcase the revenue from countries like Russia, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, and the USA.

Template 4: Quarter Track Record 

Use this PPT Template to highlight the track record of the business revenue within the previous quarters. For a feasible comparison of facts and figures, you can compare the data of up to five quarters of the precious years. The data is presented in line and bar graphs for your business and audience to comprehend. If required, you can also add explanatory texts below the graphs for a better understanding.

Template 5: Sales Performance Dashboard 

Using this sales dashboard, you can present data related to the overall revenue generated in the previous years, the total number of new customers gained by the business, the overall gross profit of the organization, and the performance of customers satisfied by your products and services. Apart from that, you can also use some charts to showcase sales comparisons, sales within any product category, and rankings of your products across different countries.

Template 6: Sales Rep Performance Scorecard 

Use this PPT Template to present an analysis of your sales representatives' performance. This slide allows you to simultaneously compare the performance of multiple sales representatives in your organization. For extensive results, the comparison of representatives is done using two grounds, including the Date (YTD) percentage of Sales Drivers Target (x-axis) and the YTD percentage of Sales Target (y-axis). You can pin out the names of the sales representatives on the graph to showcase where their respective performances stand.

Template 7: Sales KPI Performance Summary 

Showcase the entire summary of the sales performance KPIs for your audience with this PPT Slide. You can add bar/line graphs and charts for Revenue comparison, Quantity Comparison, Product Sales Mix, Regional Sales Mix, Top 4 Markets (for sales), Top 4 Products (sold), and Top 4 Channels (for sales).

Template 8: Sales Process Map

This PPT Slide helps introduce your audience to the entire sales process, from lead generation to conversion. It showcases the sales process using a tabular format. The columns represent Activities, Process Owner, Sales Activity Lead, and Sales Activity Support. The rows showcase the four steps of the process: Lead Generation, Solution, Deal Closing, and Program Launch.

Template 9: Sales Activities Dashboard 

If you want to present a detailed presentation of your business's sales activities, this slide will help you immensely. You can represent everything from the Total Activities to closed Activities, Activities Per Won Deal, and Open Activities to showcase the growth or shrinkage in the data compared to the previous year using green and red arrows, respectively. Also, you can use a bar graph to showcase the top ten potentials generated from the activities.

Template 10: Sales Performance of Competitors 

Stress from competitors is quite sensitive for any business. A sales review template is ineffective and weak if it does not represent the competitor's performance in previous years. This slide allows you to showcase the overall performance of the competitors in three previous years. You can compare the data of a maximum of four competitors for extensive understanding. Use this PPT Template to help your audience ascertain whether your business's sales performance has been adequate, sub-par, beyond expectations, or otherwise.

Sales Review and Analysis: The Game Changer for Your Business 

A sales review is a smart and efficient way for a business to understand the previous year's sales performance and patterns and monitor the KPIs and competitors' performance for deeper analysis. Using the information from a sales review, the business and its audience can understand what's working and what's not in the sales domain and work further for improvements as the scope allows.


The purpose of the Sales Review presentation is to provide an overview of the company's business performance, including financial highlights, sales performance, and project updates.

The Business Overview section includes information on revenue split by country, quarterly track record, team, product offering, financial highlights, and overall highlights.

The Sales Performance section provides details on sales by region, sales performance dashboard, sales revenue by product, sales budget vs. actuals, key sales performance metrics, quarterly sales review, and sales KPI performance.

The key metrics discussed in the Sales KPI Performance section include top 4 markets, top 4 products, top 4 sales channels, quantity and revenue comparison, and product sales mix.

The Future Perspective section covers the business process roadmap, product roadmap, opportunity timeline, and major obstacles that the company may face in the future.

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