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Top 10 Weekly Sales Report Templates With Samples and Examples

Top 10 Weekly Sales Report Templates With Samples and Examples

Kanica Sharma

Kanica Sharma

November 24 2022

Have you ever made an investment in the stock market? As you ponder this, one thing is clear plunging into it without adequate knowledge is akin to gambling. As a risk-mitigating strategy, don't you conduct research and read various reports before investing your money in a company's stock? We can bet our bottom dollar you do. The sales industry isn't any different. It is just as  slippery and even riskier than the stock market. If you make a mistake, you risk losing potential customers to your competitors.


In the field, with the pressure of ensuring you will not have a day where you draw a blank, you, as a sales professional, require lots of patience. On top of that, you need to remember and use a lot of information to make the sale. A sales report is the best way to obtain this information and then disseminate it among all your team members and field raiders. 


Good sales managers know the importance of sales reporting because it provides insight into the process and serves as the foundation for successful sales operations, strategy, and analysis. It is the process of tracking information at each stage of the sales process and analyzing it to predict your company's success and zero in on areas for improvement. Again, there is more to measuring your company's growth than just the raw sales number. Businesses must master what is driving those sales to figure out how to maintain these as the market expands. 


A data-driven approach that provides a more comprehensive view of the company's sales process, sales volume trends, and an overview of each sales report's action is the answer. These insightful reports shed light on the performance of the sales team. They aid in identifying opportunities and potential risks in real-time. Sales reports assist in determining what motivates a potential prospect to purchase a product and what causes them to abandon the sales process in the middle.


Do you want to make more data-driven decisions in your sales process? If this is the case, you should think about institutionalizing weekly sales reporting.


These weekly sales reports should serve as a road map for your sales effort. 


As a result, SlideTeam has some surprises in store for you. We've compiled a list of weekly sales report templates containing a wealth of information that can guide you and your team in meeting your objectives.


Let’s explore them now!


Template 1: Weekly Sales Report PPT Template


Incorporate our weekly sales report PPT Template and easily compare progress to sales targets. Use the weekly data to generate monthly sales reports that show sales performance trends over time. This design helps you prepare the scorecard while considering the margin and cost analysis of products. With this, you have sales, margin, and cost with you week-by-week. Use this to improve the numbers you want. Get it now!


Weekly Sales Report PPT Template


Download this template


Template 2: Weekly Sales Performance Report PPT Template


With our sales report design, you can boost your team's performance and generate powerful sales results. Use it as a tool for discussion and navigation, as well as to track companies' and individuals' sales performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as lead-to-opportunity ratio, lead conversion ratio, and customer lifetime value. Download now!


Weekly Sales Performance Report PPT Template


      Download this template


Template 3: Restaurant weekly sales report PPT Design


Using a weekly sales report template may be the single most powerful action you can take to increase your business's transaction scale. This slide depicts the sales report with the number of customers and food items sold on a weekly basis, which assists restaurants in identifying the days with the lowest and highest sales. Grab this layout now.


Restaurant weekly sales report PPT Design


Download this template


Template 4: Weekly Sales Scorecard PPT Theme


This PPT Template for weekly sales reports will assist you with the key metric leads and will also discuss topics like calls, demonstrations made, etc. It is critical to developing a weekly sales report that contains the most critical information on which major business decisions will be made; these are, of course, the leads created and the leads won. Get it right now!


Weekly Sales Scorecard PPT Theme


Download this template


Template 5: Organization Weekly Sales Report PPT Template


Use this weekly sales report template to highlight relevant data and figures to assist management in steering the company away from roadblocks and potholes and onto the path to success. Suitable for both small and medium-scale organizations, this is a completely editable design. Download now!


Organization Weekly Sales Report PPT Template


        Download this template


Template 6: Weekly Sales Performance Report PPT Design


How do you know if your sales team is on the right track? Highlight your company's sales operations and help align your team's and the company's goals. This design focuses on sales in and outside the office, in-office visits, file phone calls, and so on. As a professional manager, you also have space to record the variance across channels and see where you need to focus and which mode of sales you can cut down on. Download now!


Weekly Sales Performance Report PPT Design


        Download this template


Template 7: Weekly Sales Revenue Report PPT Template


A weekly sales report will help departments understand priorities and develop strategies. With our PPT Template, you can have your organizational performance dashboard ready. It's time to figure out what's working and what's not. Use this presentation template to document customer lifetime value, average weekly sales revenue, and more. Grab this design right now!


Weekly Sales Revenue Report PPT Template


        Download this template


Template 8: Weekly Product Sales Report PPT Layout


Our weekly sales reports do more than simply display data on a screen. This slide discusses the scorecards for product sustainability commitment. It includes product comparisons based on deforestation-free packaging, eco-friendly packaging, plastic-free packaging, no carbon emissions, etc. Convenient to edit; download this layout now.


Weekly Product Sales Report PPT Layout


Download this template


Template 9: Weekly Sales Update Report PPT Template


This weekly sales report template can help you assess each performance every working week. Beneficial in terms of tracking current issues that might affect sales, this slide gives you an idea of what kind of data to look at and how to highlight it effectively. As a division head, get your team to follow your lead and engage better for the future and outline your plans as well with this PP Template. Discuss last week’s results and signal the direction for the next with the use of this template. Get it now! 


Weekly Sales Update Report PPT Template


Download this template


Template 10: Weekly Status Sales Report PPT Template


If you want to run an effective sales team today, you must own your data and have a well-tested sales reporting strategy. Average deal value, sales metrics, and team manager are a few topics discussed here. Get into deep specifics like deals made, average deal value,  the new client, acquired, etc., to have it all well stitched up for your report. Use this template, work hard and enjoy the limelight. Download now!


Weekly Status Sales Report PPT Template


Download this template


Final Word


It is obvious that the significance of sales reporting extends far beyond the sales department; all departments, including marketing, operations, management, production, and, to a lesser extent, HR, are intertwined. Sales reports assist managers in training, motivating, and improving the performance of their teams, so doing them well and precisely is and should always be one of the priorities of any sales team.


P.S- Discover the essential financial summaries you need to comprehend the performance and potential of your business. Check out our blog and get going! 


FAQs on Weekly Sales Report


How Do You Make a Weekly Sales Report?


Sales reports are essential for determining how well your company meets its sales targets. To turn it into a useful, productive business document, please make sure you follow the following canons: 


  • Begin with Important Dates.
  • Begin with the most significant accomplishment.
  •  Compare sales figures 
  • Include relevant statistics and discuss issues
  • Discuss your successes and failures


How Can a Weekly Sales Report Assist You in Succeeding?


  • By analyzing sales reports, you will be able to determine the quality of your leads and the likelihood of those leads becoming actual customers. This data will also help you decide which leads should be pursued further.
  • Sales reports assist an organization in identifying its most loyal customers. They explain the organization's cash flow to its sales managers, as well as the number of prospects in the sales pipeline and the departments that generate the most revenue.
  • Using data from sales reports, it is possible to focus product offerings and sales activities, saving the organization time and money. 


Describe The Types Of Weekly Reports?


  • Marketing Weekly Report- A weekly marketing report tracks the success of all service promotion activities. These help ensure that there are no interruptions in the activities that will impede progress.
  • Weekly Expense Report- A weekly expense report tracks all expenditures for the week. The contents of this report, however, may vary depending on the purpose of the report. As a result, it's critical to comprehend the report's purpose and why the company requires it.
  • Weekly Report on KPIs- This report measures the organization's activities in specific areas. The KPIs are criteria that the company uses to determine whether it is on track to meet its goals or if it is falling short of its performance targets.
  • Weekly Report of the Project Team to Stakeholders or Others- This weekly report provides information and updates to the individuals so that they can understand where the project is at the moment and whether the project and team require assistance or intervention.


What characteristics distinguish a good report?


Depending on the decisions made, all reports are factual. This is why they are there, or these would not be needed. The following are the must-haves in a professional report that will command some attention from people of consequence in business. These are:   


  • Accuracy
  • Easy to Understand Language
  • Independent Recommendation
  • Factual Accuracy
  • Pertinence


Remember here that reports need to be relevant and timely, and their submission norms also need to be strictly followed. If this is not done, reports lose their relevance. A date report is of no use to anybody. 











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