If you want your investments to pay off, you need to ensure that you educate yourself about them.


Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 


Always conduct in-depth research before making an investment decision, and you will likely reap good benefits when it pays off. 


Another important part of ensuring that your investments payoff is by monitoring them. You need to keep track of all your business investments regularly. It will give you the following benefits:


  • You will get a clear picture of how your investments are performing.
  • You will know which investments are riskier.
  • You will be able to shift investments to align with your goals.
  • You will be able to make better-informed decisions.
  • You will achieve your financial and organization-wide goals.


Experts recommend that you track your investments at least once every six months, but shorter spans of three months, one month, or even every few weeks are also smart ways to stay on top of things. 


If you need help tracking your investments, SlideTeam offers effective and 100% customizable decks, curated and presented in this blog. These decks save you effort and allow you to track progress using appealing visuals, figures, charts, and graphs.


Also, consider the top 10 investment plan templates with samples and examples that help you craft the perfect investment plan and present it compellingly. 


You might also want to explore the top 10 investment templates to maximize returns and build wealth, wherein you need to alter the data to get an aesthetically pleasing template ready. 


The content is all there, you need to modify it to suit your needs. Let’s see these Investment Dashboard Templates now!


Template 1: Profit and Loss Financial Dashboard for Investment Risk

This first template helps you focus on the profit and loss incurred by your investments. You can have a look at the gross profit margin, Opex ratio, operating profit margin, and net profit margin. You can also have a look at revenue and COGS (month to month), OPEX (year to date and month to month), earnings before interest and taxes (month to month), and the entire income statement for a set period. The template uses the right graphs and charts to visually showcase these key performance indicators (KPIs). Get it now.   


Profit and loss financial dashboard for investment bank


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Template 2: Financial Waterfall Dashboard for Stakeholder Investments

If you want to track stakeholder investments, this enlightening template might help. The waterfall dashboard is simple to understand and covers all key elements like the exit value, exit date, debt uncovered, transaction fees, left exit, etc. You can also look at different components like cash dividends, converted liabilities, preference liquidation, common participation, common share price, etc. Get it now.


Financial waterfall dashboard for stakeholder investments


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Template 3: RPA KPI Dashboard for Tracking Business Return on Investment

When you make an investment, you obviously expect good returns. The same applies when you go for RPA or robotic process automation. Tracking the returns on RPA is a smart move to know whether you are getting the right returns or you need to reinvest. This template will help with that as it allows you to track cumulative time saved and money saved, and even measure productivity and set goals for the next year.


RPA KPI dashboard for tracking business return on investment


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Template 4: KPI Metrics Dashboard to Analyse Project Investment

Investing in projects is vital for all organizations, no matter how big or small they are. This PPT Deck helps you analyze the KPIs to decide whether the project investment is paying off. With this slide, you can have a look at the portfolio activity review summary, compare dividends with unrealized gains and losses, and look at the sector-wise allocation. You can also look at which sectors like healthcare, financial services, energy, technology, entertainment, and consumer electronics are more worthy of investment. Make it yours today.


KPI metrics dashboard to analyze project investment


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Template 5: Dashboard Showcasing Portfolio Fund Investment Analysis

Diversification of funds is a classic, tried and true investment strategy. If you have also adopted this strategy and you want to know the overall portfolio value, yield cost ratio, annual dividends, and unrealized gains, then this deck is for you. It also lets you see what types of investments you have, which sectors you have invested in, and which countries you have invested in. It can help you make better financial decisions, like which sectors can use more investments and which sectors/countries aren’t profitable enough.


Dashboard showcasing portfolio fund investment analysis


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Template 6: Dashboard Showcasing Portfolio Investment Performance

The simplest way of tracking your investment portfolio’s performance is by using this template. It helps you see the total tasks, the tasks completed, the tasks remaining and the tasks that are yet to be started. It also lets you track project and sort them by project manager and project name. You can also see the effort or hours put into a particular project and this makes planning simpler, as you can see overdue tasks, future tasks, and on-track tasks. Get this template now.


Dashboard showcasing portfolio investment performance


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Template 7: Digital Marketing Investment Metrics Dashboard

As per an estimate, the digital marketing industry will reach about $807 billion by 2026. So, if you also want to leverage this useful marketing tool and track the progress of each investment made toward digital marketing, then this metrics dashboard is a useful one. 


It lets you see and compare the total cost of a campaign, the number of clicks on links, total impressions, click-through rate (CTR), cost per lead conversion, total conversions, and ad impressions. The total conversion rate, cost per unique click, and cost per thousand impressions are also visible. Get it now.


Digital marketing investment metrics dashboard


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Template 8: Cryptocurrency Portfolio Investment Dashboard

As of 2023, there were more than 420 million crypto users worldwide. If your company has also invested in crypto, this dashboard helps you track it. You can segregate by assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. You can also see the recent operations, current balance, total buy, total sell, and all crypto transfers.


Cryptocurrency portfolio investment dashboard


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Template 9: Organization Investment Profit Dashboard with High-Risk Funds

High-risk returns can be a great asset, while medium-risk funds are comparatively safer, and low-risk funds are the safest but yield low returns. If you want to segregate your investments by high, medium, and low risk and want to see how many units are assigned to each category, then this deck is a good choice. You can also see the Index, your investment, current value, folio number, and ROI. Get it now.


Organization investment profit dashboard with high risk funds


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Template 10: Procurement Return on Investment Savings Dashboard

Procurement is a key business function of most organizations. It helps you get the right products, services, or raw materials that are essential for the business operations. If you also want to track your procurement investment and savings, then this deck is a smart choice. 


It lets you see the costs of procurement orders, cost reduction, cost savings, cost avoidance, and procurement ROI. You can also see the top supplies that help with cost reduction and which products are cost-effective to procure and which are not. It will help you devise a better procurement strategy. Get it now.


Procurement Return on Investment Savings Dashboard


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Final Words


It is quite evident that the colorful and visually appealing decks created by SlideTeam are the answer to all your investment review meetings. Whether you want to review investments made in funds, crypto, digital marketing, or procurement, we have a deck precisely made to help you. 


Editing these decks requires a few minutes, and you are ready with a power-packed presentation that hooks and engages the audience. 


And if you are more of a stock market investor, these top 10 stock market dashboard templates with samples and examples are worth a look. What’s stopping you? Take a look right now!