Surveying is a method of deducing results from opinions. In vogue for around two centuries since 1838, the technique involves asking volunteers to respond to a questionnaire. After answering this survey form, which is often option-based, a general opinion is inferred, saved, and showcased via survey reports.




Today surveys are popular modes of communication in the offline and online world. Survey reports are what turn those questionnaires into information, knowledge, and wisdom that can be widely shared. A survey report helps people across professions assess subjects (people) on issues concerning geographies, demographics, and other areas of study. These reports are great at collecting feedback before and after big events. Being a one-to-many type of communication, surveys become powerful means of interacting with many subjects at once. 


The business world, in particular, makes good use of survey forms and reports. With its help, customers feel heard and businesses are able to improve customer satisfaction. Within organizations, surveys help leaders interact with their employees with fairness and in a manner that makes them feel valued. Survey forms and survey reports provide a voice to members at even the bottom of the organizational hierarchy as well, leading to the creation of a satisfied workforce. Thus, fair decision-making results.


With survey reports proven to be such a valuable and versatile tool, SlideTeam has compiled its ten best survey report templates to understand behaviors, choices, and opinions of audiences, and then deduce from them. Use the information from these survey report templates, each of which is 100% editable and customizable, to make decisions, policies, designs, and changes for the better.


Template 1: Salary Survey Report PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Salary and compensation is often the source of conflict within organizations. Therefore, it is important to research industry standards and understand the expectations of your employees. Based on this salary survey report template, you can share the results of all surveys conducted to arrive at meaningful information. Analyze the total count of employees within your office space, across categories like full-time and part-time. Record data based on employee expectations, job positions, and performance and decide on the revisions, considering industry trends as well. You can even employ the content-ready questionnaire attached to this comprehensive PPT Presentation to create your survey report. Finally, you can share the interpretations, recommendations, and revised compensation based on this through analysis, again using our content-ready survey report templates of this all-encompassing PowerPoint Presentation Template. Download now.


Salary Survey Report Template


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Template 2: One-Page Customer Satisfaction Survey Product Results Presentation Report 


Share reports from a pre-conducted customer satisfaction survey with this one-page template. Prepare customer satisfaction reports of your business products and services for each individual customer with his survey report template. Mention top compliments and suggestions and depict it in percentage based on the customers surveyed. Share this valuable information using this all-in-one vibrant one-page report template. Download now.


One-Page Customer Satisfaction Survey Product Results


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Template 3: Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback Report Template for Ecommerce Website


Share information that a survey of your customers and website users reveals with this editable graphical angle-slide. Assess your customers’ satisfaction level by displaying the number of customers and their percentage with respect to visitors. Use this presentation template to showcase statistics on usability, ease of payment, product diversity, navigation, and design by tallying your customers’ ratings on them. Use color-coded charts and indexes to make this customer satisfaction survey report more understandable. The ratings scale is from highly-dissatisfied to highly-satisfied. Download now. 


Customer satisfaction survey feedback report for ecommerce website


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Template 4: Employee Challenges Survey Report Presentation Background


Use this single-slide PPT Template to report employee challenges based on a previously conducted survey. Use Excel-linked pie-charts to present the overall data on communication problems, workplace harassment, discrimination, or other performance issues escalated within your organization. You can either categorize these challenges based on employee position, gender, or other workplace factors to determine how to approach and improve these. Download now. 


Employee Challenges Survey Report Presentation Backgrounds


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Template 5: Target Audience Research Survey Report


Employe this editable survey report PPT Layout to report path-breaking research done in understanding target audiences. Report your knowledge of the age, gender, location, marital state, etc, with this content-ready PPT Design. You can add as many columns as you can based on the number of variables in which data is collected. Use this slide to tally product awareness, usability, customer satisfaction, and recommendation level that customers perceive for your business. You can then use this information to lead successful campaigns and create well-run, profitable business enterprises. Download now. 


Target audience research survey report


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Template 6: Compare Key Survey Findings With Industry Highlights Salary Assessment Report


Use this single-slide PPT Template to share the key findings of a survey on salaries and increments conducted within your organization. Base this assessment on the survey findings to report numbers and percentages of employees’ salary compared to the market rate. Tally your employee’s satisfaction and attrition toward organization based on the compensation received, with the sharing of key survey findings. Finally, report and compare your increment rates for levels of employees within your organization by comparing it to your competitors. Determine if your compensation structure is appreciated among your employees, with this detailed salary and increment survey report template. Download now. 


Compare Key Survey Findings with Industry Highlights


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Template 7: One-Page Employee Engagement Survey Results Presentation Report


Download this survey report template to share insights on the employee engagement based on a survey your organization conducted. Share data to compare and identify engaged employees from the ones who are dis-engaged. This data can also be arrived at, if the questions asked are thoughtful, sensitive and well-designed in terms of psychology. Once these status are complete, you can also present reasons for employees’ responses using the same questionnaire to enhance the experience and engagement of your staffers toward the company. Use this template to identify tools and training to revitalize the disengaged and boost their productivity in turn. Download now. 


One-Page Employee Engagement Survey Results


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Template 8: Product Target Market Research Survey Result Reporting Dashboard


Grab this graphically powerful single-slide to report data on your product’s target market survey. Track and report desirability of your product ingredients to know the in-depth appeal of your products. Share data on demographics, in terms of age, gender, education, etc. You can share data conducted on a parallel new product concept survey to understand how acceptable your products are, and whether your customers are sticking to these. Report these valuable parameters with this readymade PPT Layout now.


Product target market research survey result reporting dashboard


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Template 9: Project Management Life Cycle Stakeholders Survey Report Template


Create a project management lifecycle report based on a survey of stakeholders in it and its participants. Assess stages of the management cycle such as planning and execution, and report all questions asked in the survey. Then, record the percentage of opinions from strongly agree to strongly disagree and identify areas that need improvement. 


Project management life cycle stakeholders survey report


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Template 10: Post-Event Overall Satisfaction Survey Report Template


Create a survey report card and customize it for all those who took part in the post-event survey. Personalize it with the individual's name, along with the ratings they shared for parameters listed in the survey in a brief manner. Report their suggestions and feedback about the event and use this information to finetune events. Grab now!


Post Event Overall Satisfaction Survey Report


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With these survey report templates, arrive at conclusions faster and without major expenditure. Simply distribute these survey report templates offline via pamphlets or online via GoogleSlides and record opinions of audiences that matter.


PS: Price comparison will play a pivotal role in winning customers who consider affordability a major criteria of their shopping experience. With our dedicated PPT Templates presented in this blog, you can showcase price variability of your premium, in-demand products and how these score over your competitors.