Every business generates invoices when it buys or sells goods or services. These invoices not only act as proof of those transactions, but also help in making timely payments to clients. The reverse also holds good for the invoices, where business sell goods or services, and await payments from their clients. In this case, the clients generate the invoices, and are responsible for accounts payable.


You can track your accounts payable or receivable using accounts receivable dashboard templates. Accounts receivable dashboards can help you organize and maintain records of your receivables and payables. These templates may be simple or even elegant and assist you in monitoring everything credit control.


They allow you to track accounts payable and receivable and also revenues, credit sales, customer concentration, and receivable and payable aging. These fully customizable slides provide in-depth insights about various aspects, such as accounts payable, receivable, overdue, and outstanding.


Slide Team covers five such accounts receivable dashboard templates. These templates should help you understand accounts receivable in detail.


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Now, let’s begin.


Template 1: Working Capital Dashboard with Accounts Receivable and Payable

Here’s a working capital dashboard with accounts receivable and payable. As you can see, on one side, you have the accounts payable and accounts receivable on the other side. Both the accounts payable and receivable have indicators, such as aging receivable and overdue. You also have the balance amount due by the clients and vendors and cash flow. A snapshot of how much your clients must pay and how much is overdue can help you track your accounts payable. Comparing your liabilities and equity ratios is another handy feature of this slide.


Working capital dashboard with accounts receivable and payable


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Template 2: Dashboard of Accounts Receivable Management

This PPT Set presents a dashboard for keeping tabs on your accounts receivable. Track invoices, such as unpaid, due, or overdue. Also, track how many invoices are overdue and the outstanding amount. Know what remains in your receivable account and the average accounts receivable in days.


Dashboard of Accounts Receivable Management


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Template 3 : Total Accounts Payable and Receivable Dashboard

Track your total accounts payable and receivable with this handy dashboard. Features like equity and debt-equity, current ratio, and total accounts receivable and payable aging allows you to track your accounts payable and receivable. You can also compare your net and gross working capital and get an overview of your profits and losses.


Total Account Payable and Receivable Dashboard


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Template 4 : Account Receivable Management Dashboard with KPIs

This PPT Layout gives you an overview of accounts receivable and lets you track your accounts receivable, overdue, and how much cash you currently have. Know your accounts receivable by year, outstanding by status, average outstanding in days, and payment outstanding in days. Track overdue in terms of cash or percentage. Also, know your outstanding status regarding on-time payments, overdue, and bad debts. Track each metric as a percentage or cash value with this template. 


Account Receivable Management Dashboard with Various KPIs


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Template 5 : Accounts Receivable Dashboard Age Summary

Here is an accounts receivable dashboard template that lets you track the age of your accounts receivable. Track accounts receivable metrics, such as debtor days, bank balance, and total dues. Also, track your top five customers by sales and amount due. Compare total sales invoices against paid ones and know the average credit terms. Get this slide today.


Accounts Receivable Dashboard


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Final Word


Accounts receivable dashboard templates are one of the best ways to track your accounts receivable and payable. These templates let you track and assess metrics related to accounts receivable, including total accounts receivable, overdue, total dues, accounts payable, and balance amount. Download today!


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