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This complete deck is oriented to make sure you do not lag in your presentations. Our creatively crafted slides come with apt research and planning. This exclusive deck with twenty slides is here to help you to strategize, plan, analyze, or segment the topic with clear understanding and apprehension. Utilize ready to use presentation slides on Data Analytics Powerpoint Presentation Slides with all sorts of editable templates, charts and graphs, overviews, analysis templates. The presentation is readily available in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio. Alter the colors, fonts, font size, and font types of the template as per the requirements. It can be changed into formats like PDF, JPG, and PNG. It is usable for marking important decisions and covering critical issues. This presentation deck can be used by all professionals, managers, individuals, internal-external teams involved in any company organization.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Data may come across as a technical term to us but the truth is we analyze and process data in our everyday lives. From calculating the right amount of ingredients for a cup of coffee to giving ETAs of your assigned tasks, data analytics is part and parcel of our lives. Organizations employ data analytics tools to anticipate and achieve success.Identifying the right sources of data is a primary requirement for delivering accurate results and should be conveyed to teams handling these channels. For this, you need Data Analytics PowerPoint Presentation Slides to highlight the key sources of data procurement so that the relevant team will know whom to approach. 

Our complete deck on Data Analytics PowerPoint Presentation Slides offers a visually appealing way to guide your organization in identifying the correct sources of data. This data will then be sent to processing and analysis to generate valuable key insights. The data analysis thus obtained will be a fair, all-encompassing, and a reliable source of information for the organization to refer to and draw conclusions from. On this note, let’s explore the best presentation slides of this PPT Template to give you an idea of the investment you will make upon downloading it.

Template 1: Media

This slide of our data analytics PowerPoint Presentation will highlight the importance of media as a hub of data to draw insights on customer preferences and changing trends. It will emphasize on the importance of social media channels and interactive platforms in being a rich source of qualitative and quantitative data. By highlighting media as a reliable source of data, this PPT Template will guide teams in employing this important channel for data analytics.

Template 2: Cloud

With cloud-based products and services gaining significance,, it would be a missed opportunity not to leverage them for sourcing data. Highlight the significance of cloud computing, emphasizing its ability to accommodate large data files and its accessibility, making it a vast reservoir of data, on this PowerPoint slide. Highlight the fact that using cloud files to fetch data will widen the scope of information collected from sources thus validating your analysis more.

Template 3: Web

Utilize the world wide web as a data resource to guide your business strategies and assessments and point this important reservoir of data with this PPT Template. Your team can explore the plethora of researches, statistics, and news shared by verified portals to back up your data analytics report. The visuals and icons will add to the effect of conveying its importance. 

Template 4: Internet of Things

The contribution of IoT in data analytics will always be top-tier and you can convey the same with content-ready visuals of this PPT Design. Sensors, software, and other devices that gather first-hand data add credibility to subsequent analysis. performed on it thereof can be pointed out during the discussion and elaboration. During discussion, highlight the IoT devices utilized in your organization, showcasing their role in data analytics and organizational benefits. This PPT Layout facilitates easy awareness building. 

Template 5: Databases

Data is an asset and your organization can rely on previously collected, stored, and processed data that will guide future analysis. Emphasize the importance of your organizational database in guiding future analytics work. Use this slide to encourage data governance of the database and direct teams to rely on it for future data analytics. 

Template 6: Social Network Profiles

In this PPT Slide, you can focus on social media profiles being contributors to the data sent for analysis and drawing important conclusions. By examining profiles on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, garther a list of like-minded prospective clients to study their interests and to devise your business strategies. Using API integration, you can analyze relevant B2B marketers and tailor pitches accordingly. 

Template 7: Social influencers

Social influencers can serve as another source of data collection allowing you to tap into the potential of influencer marketing and use their profiles to collect important data, customer preferences, and inclinations. Blog posts, user forums, review sites, are some of the ways you can get the most out of influencer marketing contributing to your companies data analytics.

Template 8: Activity-Generated Data

Businesses can acquire additional data for processing and analysis by tracking usage, generating feedback forms, and enquiring about customer preferences. IoT embedded in applications, products, or as a part of service contract will help companies study the interest and usage of their services and products by clients. This will also be the basis of a reliable data analytics report for your company. 

Template 9: Big Data Sources

In this slide, you can summarize all the previously discussed big data sources and add to this list. Icons will support the easy visualization of the sources being discussed and you can edit the list as all of our slides are 100% editable and customizable.

Template 10: Network and In-Stream Monitoring Technologies

This PPT Slide will help you highlight the importance of network and in-stream monitoring technologies in data analytics. In this presentation design you can talk about how monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic on a computer network will help users fetch data that will be helpful in data analytics. You can point to the need for specialized hardware and/or software in collecting this important data. So, download it now!

Know Your Tools

As you help your audience know the tools for data analysis, you can assign respective teams to be vigilant about collecting the big data. Discuss the process of collecting data and how to preserve it for long without depleting its value or tampering it. Use this carefully collected data to power your analytic reports and this journey will begin effectively upon downloading this comprehensive training material titled Data Analytics PowerPoint Presentation.

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