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Top 5 Absenteeism Dashboard Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 5 Absenteeism Dashboard Templates with Samples and Examples

Ashima Monga

Ashima Monga

December 7 2022

Employee absenteeism is a critical problem for most organizations. To address this issue, HR professionals are encouraged to devise and implement plans for managing employee attendance and minimizing the impact on productivity. It includes analyzing employees' attendance, discipline, and commitment to the workplace. The best way to monitor and manage this is to have a consolidated Absenteeism Dashboard.


The absenteeism dashboard helps business leaders to observe the absenteeism rate, total late and under-time hours, total unproductive hours, and total absences of employees.


If you need help managing employee attendance metrics like leave type distribution, overall attendance dashboard, early vs. late logins, efficiency and productivity of workforce, you must explore our Absenteeism Dashboard Templates. With our striking templates, HR departments can analyze the causes of absenteeism and support problems and decision-making resolutions.


Top 5 Absenteeism Dashboard Templates


This blog contains the top 5 absenteeism dashboard templates for entrepreneurs to check the employees' commitment to their duties. With these mind-blowing templates, you would take appropriate steps to improve the working standards of the employees if there is a higher absenteeism rate.


Let’s explore them!


Template 1: Human Resources KPI Dashboard Showing Absenteeism

This modern dashboard leverages and combines data from all processes to help you deeply analyze it and optimize workforce management, enhance labor effectiveness, raise the turnover rate, and improve employee performance. With this design, you can also track your employees' progress, efficiency, and satisfaction level at the workplace.


Human Resources KPI Dashboard Showing Absenteeism…


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Template 2: Average Absenteeism Rate Recruitment Dashboard

The six professional charts in this template depict performance indicators of the company and the employees. The HR managers can easily customize indicators in absenteeism dashboard as per the organizational need. You can use this to monitor your data and look after attendance trends quickly including daily, weekly, monthly, and annually in one place, and make reports accordingly.


Average Absenteeism Rate Recruitment Dashboard


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Template 3: Workforce Management Dashboard with Absenteeism Rate

This template allows you to get the overview of the overall performance of  your workforce. This workforce management dashboard contains separate sections to display absenteeism rate, and the percentage change in the absenteeism rate. Besides this, the managers can see the average number of employees and the absent days.


Workforce Management Dashboard with Absenteeism Rate


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Template 4: Employee Management System Dashboard with Absenteeism Rate

Use this absenteeism dashboard template to easily see the important metrics such as the total number of active employees, leave not sanctioned, overall attendance percentage, and the number of absence days, total hours worked for a specified period. With this template you can check the performance rating of one month, the attendance rate, and identify the opportunities for improvements.


Employee Management System Dashboard with Absenteeism Rate


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Template 5: Education Dashboard with Absenteeism and Grade Details KPI

This amazing dashboard template displays valuable insights into the attendance trends of the students. Having percentage absenteeism for short-term and long-term across each class and section, this intuitive template enables you to analyze trends like normal absence or medical absence. The educators can also use this PPT template to evaluate the performance and identify the grades of absenteeism students.


Education dashboard with absenteeism and grade details KPI


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Template 6: Human Resources KPI Dashboard Showing Employee Retention Absenteeism

Make a record of pre-approved leaves, absents, assigned department, probation metrics, shift status, overtime hours, number of leave days, tenure metrics, and attendance percentage with this consolidated dashboard template. This Human Resource Dashboard Template provides information about all employees who are currently checked in, out of work, not checked in, on break, etc. The department head or project manager can predict the attendance fluctuations that can impact the production.


Human Resources KPI Dashboard Showing…


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Template 7: Staffing Dashboard Presenting Average Absenteeism Rate

This template highlights relevant developments in the departments, teams, and staff. With this, you can check employee turnover rates in a specified period and decide on any replacement of absenteeism with new ones. Besides this, you can check how many efficient employees you have, monitor absenteeism at a glance, and make informed decisions to direct staff toward progress.


Staffing Dashboard Presenting Average Absenteeism Rate


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Template 8: Workforce Assessment Dashboard with Absenteeism and Effectiveness Data

Maintain regular reports with this dashboard template and monitor the organization’s goals by tracking key workforce metrics. Before any emerging problem, you can adapt to the new trends and opportunities early on to avoid negative impacts on the business. Absenteeism report results help the leaders in doing their job better.


Workforce Assessment Dashboard with Absenteeism and Effectiveness Data


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The Final Verdict


Now you have our top Absenteeism Dashboard Templates with unique features and designs. With these dashboards, you can quickly observe your company's active employee status and productivity levels. Our innovative templates give you accurate and straightforward visualization of absenteeism analysis. Download today and use these absenteeism templates to build a powerful workforce.



FAQs on Absenteeism Dashboard



What is an absenteeism dashboard?


Absenteeism is when an employee is habitually or chronically absent from duty, work, task, or job. It refers to a frequent lack of attendance rather than unavoidable, irregular, or authorized absences. Absenteeism Dashboard reveals how many employees are absent on a specific day or in a month and how many pending approval and absences are upcoming. With this dashboard, the HR department checks the details about currently working employees and sets the recruitment procedure whenever required. There are mainly three types of absences – sickness, vacation, and other absences. However, if HR finds any dynamic absence type, it can be added to the absenteeism dashboard.



What are the components of absenteeism dashboard?


Absenteeism Dashboard comprises different components that make the information more accessible to HR. Some components are:


  • Absenteeism Rate
  • Total Late and Under-time Hours
  • Total unproductive hours
  • Cost of absenteeism
  • Total absent hours
  • Cost of unproductive hours
  • Absenteeism rate monthly trend
  • Cost of absenteeism trend
  • Employee List


How do you create an absenteeism dashboard?


Your dashboard should be categorized to make your absenteeism board more readable and understandable. Keep in mind some specific points while making an absenteeism dashboard:


  • Segmenting by Cause: Observe the evolution of absenteeism for a given period and track the causes for absenteeism over time.


  • Focus on Socio-Professional Categories: Note the absenteeism rate for a given period and examine which kind of cause of absence is more frequent among workers, managers, and maintenance agents.


  • Monitoring the severity of absences: Visualize the cause of absenteeism at which frequency it is invoked. You can also assess the attendance record based on the duration of absences, gender, and age of the employees.


  • Comparing your company with the overall industry: Absenteeism definitely impacts the company's various activities. So, evaluation is a must to check its industry situation.


  • Use HR Reporting Tool: Use the HR reporting tool to note the causes of absenteeism, working hours, the frequency of the phenomenon, its severity, etc., so you can easily focus on the action plan to solve these issues.

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