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Top 12 To-do List Templates to Manage Work Overload

Top 12 To-do List Templates to Manage Work Overload

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

April 27 2022

In business, it is reasonable to expect your employees to work as efficiently as possible. After all, a strong work ethic stems from individuals who are conscious of the intricacies of their responsibilities.


But the problem is that even the most brilliant individuals tend to forget things and make mistakes once repetition, distraction, and tiredness set in. It’s human nature!


When you run a company, you have many tasks that you need to process and complete in time. You not only have to deliver high-quality products and services, but must also advertise, manage finances, offer customer service, and so on. Even if you hire a virtual assistant or an in-house secretary, the responsibility for the major tasks and projects ultimately rests on you.


Therefore, you need an organized and prioritized to-do list to streamline your workflow while managing your business. The challenge; however, is finding a to-do list format that suits your working style and is accessible at all times.




Here is a collection of the top to-do list templates to assist you in working productively and efficiently.


Whether you’re working on numerous ventures or simply trying to do more in less time, we offer PPT templates that can help you in completing your business activities while staying ahead of the competition. 


So trade in the uncertainty, poor communication, and lack of transparency for better execution with our 12 finest to-do list templates.


Let’s delve into them!


Template 1: To-do List Template


Usually, to-do lists are daunting and often full of technical jargon. But we’ve created this basic PPT template for a to-do list that will walk you through every step of your project from start to finish. This easy chart illustration will let you keep track of your priorities while keeping things simple. Download this classic PowerPoint design now!


To-do List Template


Download this template


Template 2: Kanban To-do List Template


Utilize this kanban to-do list PPT preset for an agile framework to keep track of every activity and collaborate with your colleagues in one spot. This board illustration makes it simple to see what is happening and what needs to be done next. This PowerPoint design’s vibrant sticky notes give it a touch of class. Get it immediately!


Kanban To-do List Template


Download this template


Template 3: To-do List Template with Calendar


Here’s an HR-specific calendar PowerPoint layout with weekly schedules and to-do lists. You can use this well-structured framework to plan and track your employees’ activities and build a robust HR system. This PPT template has a blue color scheme to make it more impactful. Download it now!


To-do List Template with Calendar


Download this template


Template 4: To-do List for Project Plan


Organize, plan, and collaborate on your project with this to-do list idea. This PowerPoint design outlines the work a project manager or team plans to complete during a project. In addition, this colorful PPT slide makes it simpler to differentiate the months based on the colors assigned to them. Download it right away if you want to establish an actionable lineup.


To-do List for Project Plan


Download this template


Template 5: To-do List for Strategy Planning


Here is a chart that depicts the to-do tasks for successful strategy implementation. This multipurpose PPT design also aids in tracking objectives and missions. Furthermore, the colors used to transition between the rows make tracking the completion of listed activities simpler. So now is your chance to grab it!


To-do List for Strategy Planning


Download this template


Template 6: To-do List Template for Sales Plan


Utilize this to-do checklist to explain necessary actions for creating a sales plan. Also, if you are looking for a simple design with more room for descriptions, this PPT template is the best pick. So download it immediately!


To-do List Template for Sales Plan


Download this template


Template 7: Monthly To-do List Template


Here comes an exciting PowerPoint design to organize monthly project tasks. With this to-do list template, you can set your priorities for weekdays, weekends, and a month in separate columns. Also, grab it now if you want to record your activities in a format that resembles a calendar!


Monthly To-do List Template


Download this template


Template 8: To-do List for Gap Analysis


Utilize this exclusive graphic that includes a particular text box for to-do things to analyze your current and future business state. This design is easy-to-understand because of its simple and organized structure. Moreover, the colors used for the frames make your gap analysis a visual treat. So it’s time to get it!


To-do List for Gap Analysis


Download this template


Template 9: To-do List Template for Employee Performance Monitoring


Utilizing this handy template can work as a supporting document for successfully monitoring employee performance. In addition, this slide can outline the many stages required for executing an essential HR department function. So download this ready-made PPT design now and customize steps as needed.


To-do List Template for Employee Performance Monitoring


Download this template


Template 10: To-do List Template for Agile Working


Here’s one of the most popular PPT layouts for to-do lists. It’s an excellent Kanban board with colorful sticky notes that help you align and connect the stages of each activity. Now is the time to get this well performing and aesthetically pleasing template!


To-do List Template for Agile Working


Download this template


Template 11: To-do List with Task Priority Status


This stunning table highlights the low, medium, and high priority tasks accurately in separate rows and columns. Through this PowerPoint layout, you can move your tasks into a progress and completed list to provide transparency in the work. Moreover, the three different colors in the slide are catchy enough to grab the audience’s attention.


To-do List with Task Priority Status


Download this template


Template 12: To-do List for Sales Meeting


With this PPT checklist, you can organize a successful sales meeting. You can use this slide to ensure that all the ideas that need discussion are addressed. This PowerPoint template is fully editable and can be designed to fit your specific requirements. So grab it now to create an effective and efficient sales team.


To-do List for Sales Meeting


Download this template


Now you know that a to-do list is not just a simple listicle but has an associated element that never lets you miss a deadline. So, download these top to-do-list templates to connect the activities and track your team’s goals and plans on one slide.


You can also connect with our team of specialists to receive tailored to-do list templates here.  


P.S: If you want to create a professional accomplishment list, go through this handy guide replete with stunning templates.

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