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Top 10 Business Analyst Templates to Manage and Secure Your Checklists

Top 10 Business Analyst Templates to Manage and Secure Your Checklists

Gunjan Gupta

Gunjan Gupta

March 11 2022

It’s no surprise that millennials hold the majority of positions within today's technology-based economy. This group has been heavily influenced by new innovations, statistics, and whatnot. With data being the new gold standard for business, we have a new way of looking at everything from our personal lives to strategies, especially when the competition is fierce and unforgiving. 


Economic conditions and battled circumstances have become important elements for determining success and failure for many organizations  —  especially those who have succeeded through innovative pursuits! 


But, what’s more to these companies? And how should we help them stay competitive in the marketplace while meeting objectives (and making money)? The solution comes down to one thing: business analysis! 


Business analysis has emerged as a core practice since the dawn of the 21st century. It is a vital field for anyone looking to start or expand their career in business. In fact, many experts believe that business analysis will be one of the most in-demand fields in the years to come.


But who is responsible for documenting the business market environment, processes, and systems? Of course, a business analyst!


Although there are different types of business analysts, they all share one common goal – helping businesses achieve their objectives. Therefore, whether a business analyst is working in IT or another field, having a strong skill set can make them an invaluable asset.


In this article, we will study 10 templates that business analysts can use and incorporate in their presentations before getting started on any project. 


Template 1: Business Analyst Representation


Business analysts can use this template to document the outputs of their work. This will help them produce consistent, high-quality reports with defined sections and subheadings for each task. These include business analysts presenting data, business analysts establishing budget, business analysts drafting graphs, and many more. All the 12 slides in this layout are fully editable so download and use them as per your needs. 


Business Analyst Representation PPT Deck


Download this template 


Template 2: Career Statement Sample CV Template for Senior Business Analyst


Highlight your work abilities and impress the recruiters by using this career statement sample CV template for senior business analysts. In this high-quality resume, you can mention data, capture modelling technologies, and skills that have been used in project execution. You can also deploy it as strong business optimization and reporting tool to explain your achievements, skillsets, and more to get noticed. 


Career Statement Sample CV Template for Senior Business Analyst


Download this template 


Template 3: Business Analyst Icon for Assessing Technology


This is a business analyst template that is perfect to show off your data and present important insights into your roles and responsibilities. Utilize this creative slide to highlight the major dwellings of your projects, programs, and other abilities. It sets the tone right, with ample space to add your desired information and present it like a pro. 


Business Analyst Icon for Assessing Technology


Download this template 


Template 4: Key Responsibilities of Business Analyst


Provide a standard structure to document your outputs and key responsibilities with this creative PPT slide. Use this business analyst template to showcase and present information on various tasks, such as collecting and preparing company requirements, planning requirements, analyzing, and more. This helps ensure discipline and adequate data coverage across organizations. 


Key Responsibilities of Business Analyst


Download this template


Template 5: Daily Activities of Business Analyst


Deploy this business analyst template to communicate wirelessly and fulfil important roles, including preparing and gathering business requirements, planning and documenting requirements, taking change requests, and more. You can use this design to deliver and explain all the tasks that a business analyst performs in an organization, thus proving to be an asset for the company. Download now! 


Daily Activities of Business Analyst


Download this template 


Template 6: Business Analyst Icon Performing Calculation for Financial Modelling


One of the challenges faced by new business analysts is how to develop their skills on different types of projects. Having predesigned slide such as the one showcased below will help you grow as a business analyst by determining various stages of development and documenting your projects regularly. This also helps avoid challenges like having no experience with certain techniques, not knowing the resources or how to meet your financial goals, and more. 


Business Analyst Icon


Download this template 


Template 7: Role of Business Analyst In Organization


Streamline your documentation with this annotated template that covers common business analysis scenarios. It is also a great pick to explain various roles and responsibilities of a business analyst, including bridging the gap between IT and company, determining requirements, delivering reports with well-informed recommendations, and more. You can also use it to showcase the work ethics of business analysts in the customer team and technology team respectively. 


Role of Business Analyst In Organization


Download this template 


Template 8: Reporting Structure With Developer Business Analyst


This template offers an excellent solution for new and experienced business analysts to save time and energy on creating a design from scratch. Regardless of your level, you'll find the necessary reporting points in this presentation that will help get this task done with minimal effort. Download now! 


Reporting Structure With Developer Business Analyst


Download this template 


Template 9: Key Activities of Business Analyst at Workplace


This template toolkit will save you a lot of time by providing an annotated template that covers key activities of a business analyst. These include preparing and gathering business requirements, analyzing model requirements, performing acceptance testing, and more. Therefore, regardless if you are new to the field, an aspiring BA or experienced — there is something for everyone in this business analyst template!


Key Activities of Business Analyst At Workplace


Download this template 


Template 10: Business Analyst Doing Product Growth


Outmanoeuvre your competition and streamline your business analysis documents with this template. This slide is useful for new and aspiring analysts so that they can start modelling right away! Download this slide and modify it as per your needs. 


Business Analyst Doing Product Growth


Download this template 


Businesses are getting more competitive by the day. And as a business analyst, you need to prepare a plan for success in this rat race, or you will end up feeling lost without any feasible strategy! Enrolling in business analyst programs is an excellent idea if you want to polish your skills and the templates presented above are a great tool to do so with ease. Because of the many perks, these designs are not only editable but also a game-changer when it comes to growing as a business analyst.


So download them right away! 


P.S: Are you struggling with analyzing your company? Do you like to be absolutely thorough with your company analysis? If yes, explore this handy blog replete with company analysis templates! 

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