Successful companies rely on satisfied employees.

Did you know that "respectful treatment of all employees" is the most significant factor in job satisfaction in the U.S.? It's true! But how are we so sure about it? The answer lies in a thoughtfully constructed employee survey.


Studies have shown that aggrieved employees are unlikely to deliver good customer service. Ultimately, improving employee satisfaction is an essential element in the overall success of your company and a foundational part of your employee engagement program.


You must measure and comprehend your employees' satisfaction levels to determine their feelings about their jobs. The best way to accomplish this is through employee surveys. These surveys are only beneficial if you can track and analyze them. With the help of an employee survey dashboard, HR executives and managers can effectively analyze it and track the satisfaction level of the employees in one place.


Benefits of an Employee Survey


  • Recognize common pain points among employees
  • Improve retention rates
  • Collect direct feedback from employees to drive improvements
  • Promote open communication
  • Quantify feedback to justify progress
  • Observe satisfaction over time for trends
  • Foresee turnover


These days, 50-75% of organizations are determined to use employee surveys and execute changes suggested by employees to keep them engaged and eventually succeed.


Employee surveys are beneficial for understanding several topics related to employee morale, happiness, and involvement with the company.

Health benefits, compensation, managers' performance, career development, and work environment: You can investigate these areas in depth with SlideTeam's well-designed top 5 employee survey dashboard templates. These content-ready PowerPoint templates are 100% editable and customizable. They provide a much-needed head-start and allow you to focus on the content rather than the design.

Let's explore


Template 1: Employee Survey Dashboard Snapshot To Develop Action Plan

Supporting employee engagement is always worth it! This PPT Slide represents a dashboard showing employee engagement surveys to create action plans. It shows engagement scores, trending indices, items that measure engagement, and distributors. If your employees report the same issues — like extreme workload or absence of training and development — it’s probably time to enforce an action plan. Download now!






Template 2: Survey Result Analysis Dashboard

Employee surveys are vital for businesses looking to understand how employees feel about their work, colleagues, and organization. This PowerPoint Slide showcases a dashboard of significant employee survey results for understanding employee engagement. It is essential to determine the motivation levels of the employees. These surveys can deliver valuable insights into areas that need improvement and help to determine potential concerns before they become organizational issues. Download now!






Template 3: Post Ice Breaking Session PPT Template

Icebreakers are fun exercises to help employees get to know one another. Managers can use them to help acquaint employees with work responsibilities and expectations. This slide presents an employee survey analysis dashboard to analyze results after the ice-breaking session. The key performance indicators are employee engagement score, participation rate, engagement score over time, etc. Download now!


Employee Survey Analysis Dashboard Post Ice Breaking Session




Template 4: Dashboard Of Employee Engagement Survey Results

This PowerPoint Slide showcases a dashboard of employee engagement survey results. This chart is linked to Excel and changes automatically based on data. It displays the total number of respondents and the percentage of engaged, in-between, or disengaged employees. Download now!


Dashboard Of Employee Engagement Survey Results




Template 5: Recruitment Data Survey Results

Even though interviews help you to know about a candidate, using survey questions during your recruitment and selection process can help hiring managers recognize a stronger fit for the position you have advertised. The following PowerPoint slide depicts survey results conducted for HR and recruited to find details related to recruitment. The slide includes using Twitter lists to find candidates, job portals to advertise positions, and social media to screen candidates. Download now!


Employee Recruitment Data Survey Results




Make Wiser Culture Decisions with Employee Survey


Everyone with employees! Whether you're a small start-up or a successful establishment, or in the tech industry, education sector, or travel business, employee surveys have something to offer everyone. Even the smallest businesses can benefit from survey dashboards, allowing employees to hear honest feedback. Make use of our expertly curated PowerPoint Templates and make your surveys influential than ever!