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Presenting Training Deck on After-Sales Stage in Sales Process. This presentation deck contains 75 well-researched and uniquely designed slides. These slides are 100 percent made in PowerPoint and are compatible with all screen types and monitors. They also support Google Slides. Premium Customer Support available. Suitable for use by managers, employees, and organizations. These slides are easily customizable. You can edit the color, text, icon, and font size to suit your requirements.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 3

This slide introduces the concept of an after-sale follow-up and highlights its importance. This stage comes after you’ve closed the sale and overcome any objections the client may have raised. The purpose of an after-sale follow-up is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Slide 4

This slide highlights the advantages of an after-sale follow-up. It helps in building trust, warding off problems, creating goodwill, increasing sales, improving negative experiences, and offering insights.

Slide 5

This slide talks about building trust as an advantage of an effective after sale follow-up. It is important to show enthusiasm towards your customer after the sale, and a follow-up can help in doing this. A follow-up helps build trust in the relationship because you demonstrate that you value the customer even after the sale has been made.

Slide 6

This slide discusses heading off problems as an advantage of an effective after sale follow-up. Sometimes, specific problems such as issues with delivery, defective items, etc. may arise after closing the sale. You can even offer technical assistance if required and answer customers’ queries which will steer clear of escalation of other problems that may occur in future.

Slide 7

This slide talks about creating goodwill as an advantage of an effective after sale follow-up. Salespeople should thank customers for their business and make them feel appreciated during the follow-up.

Slide 8

This slide discusses increase in sales as an advantage of an effective after sale follow-up. The main goal of following up after a sale is to generate more sales. Customers are more likely to buy from someone who understands their needs and provides excellent customer service.

Slide 9

This slide talks about improving negative experiences as an advantage of an effective after sale follow-up. Sometimes, when a sale doesn’t go well, and the customer walks away dissatisfied, following up can be a good exercise.

Slide 10

This slide discusses offering insights as an advantage of an effective after sale follow-up. Engaging with your customer during the follow-up can help you understand their needs and what they may require from your company.

Slide 11

This slide gives some tips for an effective after sale follow-up. Salespeople should focus on after sale, keep a record of customers’ anniversaries or certain milestones, send special offers, and form a personal connection with the customer.

Slide 12

This slide lists some important metrics every salesperson should track. Numbers don’t lie; hence a salesperson needs to track the number of calls made, emails sent, appointments scheduled, presentations made, and sales closed. These numbers give the salesperson an idea about their sales process, what works for them and what needs to be improved.

Slide 29 to 44

These slides contain energizer activities to engage the audience of the training session.

Slide 45 to 72

These slides contain a training proposal covering what the company providing corporate training can accomplish for the client.

Slide 73 to 75

These slides include a training evaluation form for instructor, content and course assessment.

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