Dealing with Difficult Customers Training Module on Customer Service Edu Ppt


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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 6 

This slide depicts an activity that customer service executives can do during a training session to deal with a difficult customer.

Instructor Notes: This exercise is made to empathize customer care executives with difficult customers.

  • The goal here is to explain why the customer became difficult to handle for example, the difficult customer may have had a bad experience
  • Make the customer care executive step into the shoes of a difficult customer, so that they can relate better to the customer next time
  • Allow groups to share the message, the backstory they created, and their appropriate customer service response

Takeaway- Customers are not typically rude, demanding, or vague. Typically, they will have had a negative experience that has caused them to be this way. It's important to remember that when you're confronted by one of these customers, there would have been a chain of events that led them to act the way they are. Knowing this will assist you in remaining objective and solution-focused when these customers seek your assistance.  

Slide 9 

This slide provides information regarding the different types of difficult customers faced by service agents. The major categories are aggressive customer, complainer, indecisive customer, impatient customer, and know-it-all customer.

Slide 10 

This slide tabulates the multiple types of difficult customers, such as aggressive customer, complainer, indecisive customer, impatient customer, and know-it-all customer. It also includes information regarding the different strategies to deal with them.

Slide 12

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the ECA framework to deal with difficult customers. The major components of the model are empathy, control, and advocacy.

Slide 14

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the exercise for dealing with difficult customers with empathy.

Instructor's Notes:

The key objectives of the exercise are as follows:

  • Analyze why difficult situations were developed
  • To see what others have experienced and learn from their situations as well

Exercise is conducted to make the session more interactive. There are no right or wrong answers.

Slide 15

This slide highlights the checklist that agents can use to deal with difficult customers empathically.

Slide 17

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the exercise to take control of a difficult situation to handle difficult customers.

Instructor's Notes:

Each person's answer will be unique. There are no correct or incorrect solutions in this exercise.

Slide 18

The slide contains a checklist to guide service agents on how to take control of the situation and deal with difficult customers.

Slide 20

This slide showcases the question for training session attendees when they turned a challenging customer into brand advocate.

Instructor's Notes:

Each person's answer will be unique. There are no correct or incorrect solutions in this exercise.

Slide 21

This slide provides information regarding the checklist to convert angry customers into brand advocates.

Slide 23

This slide provides information regarding the top reasons for bad customer service. It also includes details of approaches to fix them.

Slide 24

This slide showcases techniques to manage the poor customer service engagements along with the impact and outcome.

Instructor Notes:

The companies that miss out measuring customer service fail to gain the below benefits:

  • Do not get insights into how your business is performing
  • Unable to know your customers’ perception of your products & services
  • Not able to identify the gaps between business and customers

Slide 27

This slide presents seven customer services scenarios.

Instructor’s Notes:

The slide depicts the different role plays that will help to understand the customer service scenario

Slide 28

This slide covers an issue that the customer is facing after ordering the product. The customer has still not received the products 

Instructor’s Notes:

The essential thing to do is apologize and convince them that you are trying to resolve the problem. Also, offer comprehensive and open information to the client as to why the cargo was delaying. A fantastic method to settle the problem is to provide the consumer with a discount on their next order or free delivery.


Representative: Please accept my heartfelt apologies. Late delivery may be pretty inconvenient. I can tell you that we are doing all in our power to fix this matter for you. The cargo was suspended due to a natural disaster at our fulfillment site in California. As an apology, we'd like to offer you a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Slide 29

This slide covers the issues customer is facing in terms of specific characteristics in gaming computer 

Instructor’s Notes:

The important thing to do was to convey customer to either return or exchange the computer and assure them that you will working on resolving the issue. A perfect way to resolve the situation is to offer a discount or exchange offers on the order or free shipping to the customer. 

Representative: Hello! That is not an issue. Can I schedule your call with our technical expert wherein she can check and resolve the issue? If that doesn’t work, you can return the computer and take a new one. Many of our clients are enthusiastic gamers, and they praise this new model. Why don't you try talking to our technical expert and tell us what you think?

Slide 30

This slide covers the issues with the angry customer who is facing issues with his project due to software malfunction

Instructor’s Notes:

Must placate an angry customer. The representative mustn't react to the consumer and keep their cool before attentively listening to the customer and calming them down.

Scenario 1: Issue is on the client side

Sorry you’re experiencing this issue and we are sorry for your troubles. I’ve looked into your account and the problem seems to be that you’re still using the older version of the software on your system due to which you are creating this glitches and system failure. I can share a link from where you can download the new version

Scenario 2: Issue is on the company’s side

Sorry you’re experiencing this issue. Due to server wide issue, you are facing this issue, but we assure you that the issue will be fixed as soon as possible. You will receive a communication from us as soon as the issue gets resolved.

Slide 32

This slide covers the concern customer showed on a specific product and wants to know when will it return

Instructor’s Notes:

Customer Care representative should not provide incorrect information, but also not lose the customer. If she can think quickly on the feet, she can talk to the customer, gauge his/her preference and suggest a suitable alternative which is available.

Representative: Hello! We understand the concern about the product but we are short on supply due to supply issues that leads to late delivery of the product. But don’t worry we have a very similar range of products. You might want to have a look at model XXX, YYY. I have shared their links with you on the email. I am sure you will like them equally.

Slide 33

This slide covers the complaint customer did about the product purchased and showed the problem with the product

Instructor’s Notes:

A product flaw should be corrected immediately since it spoils the customer brand experience. We also risk losing the customer forever if we don’t fix it immediately. Alternately, customer life time value can significantly increase if any product flaw is fixed immediately 


We're disappointed to hear that. We don't hear about this problem often; therefore, it might have resulted from a manufacturing error. We are happy to send you a replacement immediately

Slide 34

This slide covers the concerns from customer regarding new updates and features in the product

Instructor’s Notes:

Few consumers will proactively provide product recommendations, but when they do, they should be treated carefully. These ideas should be recorded by the customer service professional and forwarded to the appropriate authority within the company.

Scenario 1: Company can add more functionality

Greetings! Thank you for submitting your feature request. To improve our product, we are open to fresh suggestions from our consumers. Kindly inform us what particular flexibilities you are seeking so that we can serve you better. 

Scenario 2: Company cannot add more functionality

Greetings! Thank you for your feature request. We appreciate every customer suggestion, but we cannot implement it soon due to limited resources. Several clients have made similar demands. As a result, we're taking it extremely seriously. You'll be alerted as soon as we're ready with an enhanced version.

Slide 36

This slide depicts the summary of dealing with difficult customers training session.

Slide 56 to 70

These slides depict the energizer activities to engage the audience of the training session.

Slide 72

This slide highlights the cover letter for the training proposal. It includes details regarding what the company providing corporate training can accomplish for the client.

Slide 75

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the multiple types of courses offered by the training company.

Slide 77

This slide indicates the major deliverables that the corporate training firm will provide to the client. The key deliverables highlighted are session plans, PowerPoint deck, evaluation material, and training handouts.

Slide 79

This slide represents the multiple additional services offered by the training firm to the client, such as webinars, planning journals, and e-learning design solutions.

Slide 81

This slide tabulates the major deliverables offered by the training company to the client along with their associated costs.

Slide 82

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the multiple additional services offered by the training firm along with their cost details.

Slide 84

This slide provides an overview of the corporate training firm's vision and mission statements, core values, and key clients.

Slide 86

This slide highlights the major awards and recognition won by the training firm for their exceptional service to clients.

Slide 88

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the trainer and their respective designations.

Slide 89

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the employees’ names and their respective designations.

Slide 91

This slide provides information pertaining to testimonials given by satisfied clients of the training firm.

Slide 92

This slide highlights the testimonials from multiple satisfied clients of the training firm providing information regarding congratulatory messages, client name, and company details.

Slide 94

This slide showcases the case study for the training proposal. It includes information regarding the problem faced by the client and solutions offered by the training firm. It also covers details of the results and client testimonial.

Slide 96

This slide provides information regarding the contract terms and conditions of the training proposal. It also includes details of deliverables that the training company will provide to the client.

Slide 98

The purpose of this slide is to provide the contact information of the corporate training firm. It includes the firm’s official address, contact number, and email address.

Slide 99

This slide highlights the training evaluation form for instructor assessment. It also includes sections to fill details of training information and attendee details.

Slide 100

This slide showcases the questions for the assessment of the training content by the attendees.

Slide 101

The slide indicates the evaluation form for course assessment. It also includes questions pertaining to the future actions of the attendees.

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